The Yoga Underground teaches a modern, energetic fusion of Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Pilates, and any other kick-ass exercise we can think of. The Yoga Underground’s classes are designed to leave you feeling strong, lighthearted, open and optimistic. Bottom line: life’s too short to take yourself very seriously!

Our Studio

The Yoga Underground is located on the Southwest Corner of Center Street & Freedom Blvd. in Provo, Utah.

Founded in 2011, to fill Utah Valley's need for an openminded, upbeat, lighthearted, kick-ass yoga studio. TYU welcomes inspiration from wherever it may come, but owes a special thank-you to the late Larry Shultz. We seek mind, body, and spirit refinement through breathing, meditation, and creative Ashtanga sequencing.

Life is Delicious

All teachers have successfully completed a minimum of a 200-hour yoga teacher training program registered with The Yoga Alliance


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The Yoga Underground is proud to offer a unique, Yoga Alliance Certified, 200-hour Ashtanga teacher training program that is not available anywhere else! The program will be taught using an experiential philosophy: a majority of the training will take place outdoors, in Utah’s beautiful Provo Canyon. This is a daily, full-immersion program designed to create the best learning and discovering atmosphere possible. Next Classes Begin Sep 16th - Oct 21st, 2015. Cost $2,000

Through TYU’s teacher training, students will:
- Develop a better understanding of their own practice
- Learn how to facilitate meaningful, well-rounded yoga classes
- Better understand human physical anatomy and energy systems
- Expand their knowledge of yoga philosophies, ethics and lifestyle practices
- Learn how to use yoga philosophies and ideas to better their lives and the lives of those around them
- Have a most supremely awesome time

The Yoga Underground's Yoga School Overview:
200 hours total, 180 with Primary ERYT, Brittany Andrews, including:
100+ hours of asana practice
30+ hours of the philosophies that surround yoga
25+ hours of anatomy and physiology
25+ hours of teaching methodology, including building sequences
20+ hours teaching practice, assisting, and observation
Yoga School is daily; M-F 10am-4pm, Saturdays- times vary

200-Hour Teacher Training, M-F 5:30 - 9:30 PM
August 3 - September 11
November 11 - December 15

Coming Summer 2016...
500-Hour Teacher Training!

Why Do Teacher Training At TYU?

From Owner, Brittany Andrews:

- My trainings are kept extremely small and intimate, I won't train more than 8 people at a time. In my opinion, students deserve a lot of individualized attention when participating in this kind of program. Most programs will take upwards of 25 students, and I think that renders that specific program generally ineffective.

- You will learn how to sequence AND teach a class! It's surprising how many trainings leave these very important factors method involves learning teaching principles and hands-on adjustment principles from the very beginning. And you'll get lots of teaching practice, with such a small group.

- The training can get as advanced as you'd like it to be -- working on basic poses? Great! Looking to nail that handstand? Fantastic! Focused on flexibility? Excellent! I don't divide my trainings into levels, because I think that's highly unnecessary and frankly a waste of your money. (Can't you tell I'm an savvy businesswoman? Ha.) I am happy to work with the students in my trainings, regardless of the "level" they happen to be at the moment.

- Once you've completed the training, you are welcome back for any subsequent trainings, free of charge.

- Lastly, I participate in 100% of my training. It's my favorite thing in the world. A lot of head instructors "outsource" the majority of their teacher trainings to other instructors, but when you sign up to train with me, you're training with me.

Praise From TYU Teacher Training Alumni:

  • The Yoga Underground Rocks!!!

    I was so impressed with the description of TYU teacher training that I flew to Utah and spent one whole month absolutely absorbed in this delightful, daily immersion program. I loved every minute of my training. Brittany is an immensely gifted teacher. Being in her classes opens up possibilities and feels life giving. Her infectious enthusiasm and "can do" attitude on the mat make you feel like you want to try anything and aspire to whatever is the next level for you. I instantly loved the open, high flying and yet down to earth feel of this studio. Everyone was accepted at the spiritual/physical level they were on and it was a beautiful experience watching everyone thrive and improve. With such a small group, we were able to get to know and provide encouragement for each other. We were taught and then given many opportunities to sequence and teach classes and receive valuable feedback as we grew in confidence and ability. Brittany kept everything alive and fresh by mixing it up and bringing in knowledgeable resources from the community to expand our knowledge of meditation, chakras, street and mandala yoga. We went out into the community and enjoyed yoga in the beautiful outdoors, a visit to BYU to learn from the resident physical trainer, even a day trip to Salt Lake City to attend classes at different yoga studios to broaden our horizons. It was highly evident that Brittany puts her all into her teacher trainings, expertly and magically weaving together all of these different elements seemingly into the very fabric of my being so that at the end of the training I felt different from when I first started. My month in Utah flew by and I left feeling charged up and empowered with the experience, skills, and confidence I needed to teach and share with others the life giving skills I was privileged to receive. I highly recommend this teacher training to anyone and everyone who is interested in transformation. The Yoga Underground rocks!!!

    - Shari
  • TYU Teacher Training Will Change Your Life

    In the past year since I participated in YTT at Yoga Underground with Brittany, I frequently have friends, neighbors, and co-workers ask me what I have changed in my life. They sense something is different about me. I seem happier, act calmer, and have a different countenance. Each time I hear this from a friend, I tell him or her "It was was life changing." And although the difficult circumstances of my life haven't fully changed, I have been able to make some changes that have helped me find peace and wellbeing. Of course I still have much work to do, but I love what yoga has helped me uncover in myself. I like me, and I haven't always been able to say that in my life. How did YTT get me to this place? Well, it wasn't without some hard work and dedication on my own part, but through yoga Brittany is brilliant at helping others see their potential, their gifts, and their worth. Aside from my changed self, I am loving the opportunity to bring this love of yoga, this passion for uncovering our personal truth to others around me. I came away from YTT completely ready to teach from the music to sequencing. I loved it all, from the study of the Yoga Sutras and the 8 limbs of yoga, to the study of personal meditation, wonderful guest instructors, and practicing in our beautiful outdoors. Even being challenged to reach outside my comfort zone in inversions workshops, and teaching early on in our training was beneficial to my growth in yoga as well as in teaching. I can't recommend this YTT enough! Not only is this program very affordable, but Brittany is very personable and her training well thought out. If you've been thinking about doing something like this, or even just want to know more about yoga than just the physical movement, this teacher training is for it!

    - Jill Lancaster
  • A Beautiful Experience

    Certifying with The Yoga Underground was truly a beautiful experience. Going into the process I worried if I would be ready to teach successfully in such a short 5 week time period. I finished this program not only capable but with ability and excitement to continue on my journey. The teacher Brittany brought professionalism, fun, and an abundant amount of passion and connection. This is a fantastic opportunity for everyone.

    - Holly

    More Than A Certificate

    Teacher training at The Yoga Underground was more than a certificate for me. Being my second teacher training I wish I would have made it my first. Thank you, for the priceless knowledge and experience. Thank you, for the skills, the laughs, and the confidence.

    - Kate
  • I Cherish The Friends And Memories

    The Yoga Underground training was so awesome. With the small class size, it allowed Brittany to be able to help us one on one in learning about and perfecting our practice. I cherish the friends and new memories that were created and the experience that I now have.

    - Chelsey

    TYU Teacher Training Was Amazing

    Teacher training at Yoga Underground was amazing. It did wonders for my personal practice and understanding of yoga, and it helped me learn to be a better teacher. Brittany is an amazing instructor. She is knowledgeable and passionate and caring, and I feel blessed to have had the chance to learn from her and become her friend. Teacher training was a beautiful, transformative experience, and I am profoundly grateful to have taken part in it.

    - Christian
  • Full of Surprises

    All I can say is that Brittany's training was like eating poprocks. It's full of surprises, delicious, and makes you feel like a kid.

    - Alex

    By Far The Best

    YTT at the yoga underground is by far the best place a person could go to deepen his or her personal practice or become certified.. Or both! there is a balance between learning the physical practice and the ideas/origin of yoga that creates a great foundation to continue learning from. By the end of YTT, I felt excited and ready to teach classes and confident that I was trained well enough to know what I'm doing. And the place just has great vibes. :)

    - Amber
  • By Far The Best

    My yoga teacher training experience at the Yoga Underground was absolutely priceless. Brittany is an incredible teacher, and is an expert when it comes to building creative sequences and crafting an effective class. I learned so much from practicing with her daily and gleaning from her wisdom and experience in our class discussions. Her curriculum is designed to give her students fundamental knowledge base in Ashtanga Yoga while also providing a wide variety of experiences, allowing each student to find their own individual direction in the broad world of yoga. Each day of training was enlightening, educational, and so much fun!

    The two most valuable things I took away from her training were 1) the teaching experience -- Brittany is skillful at teaching her students how to teach, and provides many opportunities for them to practice teaching in the training; and 2) the confidence to be an authentic teacher. Brittany has a gift for helping people discover their voice as a yoga teacher, encouraging them to "own" their individual style and strengths that they bring to a class. With these two skills, I felt confident pursuing teaching opportunities immediately after receiving my certification. My current students often comment on how much they enjoy my style of teaching and approach to yoga -- I give all the credit to my training at The Yoga Underground!

    - Holli
  • Will Transform You

    I've wanted to do a yoga teacher training since I graduated college four years ago. While I loved the idea, I was also so intimidated, thinking I needed to be a certain type of person, have a certain type of body, or even have reached a certain level in my yoga practice. After a friend did her training with Brittany at The Yoga Underground, she convinced me I could do it. After the first day, all of my fears dissipated. Brittany's program welcomes all levels and all types. Her curriculum is designed to help you better know yourself so that you can be a more effective, authentic teacher. The program is so well-rounded; I not only gained knowledge about Ashtanga yoga and how to better my own practice, but also learned life-changing lessons about meditation, teaching techniques, and methods to better know and understand myself and my students. I love that Brittany focused so much on us becoming the type of teacher we naturally are, not trying to fit any kind of stereotype or expectation.

    The teacher training at The Yoga Underground completely changed my life. Once I finished, I had the confidence and knowledge I needed to build my own sequences and teach classes, but most importantly I've enjoyed better health, less stress, and honestly a more joyful life. I cannot say enough about this program and the passion, love, and fun that Brittany so naturally brings to it every day. You will not find a more compassionate, positive environment to deepen your practice, increase your self-knoweldge, love, and awareness, and transform you into a yoga teacher.

    - Alison
  • New Lease On Life

    The Yoga Underground not only gave me the required 200 hours(and then some) for my teaching certification, it literally gave me a new lease on life. I found a fresh sense of self, healthy body, and a clearer mind. What I gained during training is something that money cannot buy. In terms of knowledge, in terms of practice, this studio is unparalleled.
    There isn't a distance I wouldn't travel to in order to participate and attend The Yoga Underground Teacher Training Program. There are very few times in life, very rare breeds of teachers, whom one is fortunate enough to be touched by as a student. Brittany is, and forever will be held in my highest regard. She represents all that was, all that is, and all that will be true in this practice.
    Whatever your hesitation, stop. Whatever the excuse, dismiss it. The Yoga Underground will change your life in every way possible. Brittany has one of the oldest soul's of anyone I have ever been blessed enough to meet. Her intuitive capacity for teaching and exploring remains a mystery to me. All that I know is that I am by far, a better human for being around her. As a teacher, I have never appreciated another student until taking her training. She is the very definition of unconditional love.
    Thank you. Thank you on so many levels for pushing me, for holding me, for making me stand on my own two feet. You have given me the tools to not only teach, but to hone my craft. To love my own practice, to love my own habitually incorrect alignment, to breathe, to focus to forgive. Every day on the mat is another chance. A chance to try again. You have given me the strength to pursue, to engage, to believe in my inherent passion. Brittany, this is a debt that can never be repaid. This life experience is unmatched.
    Thank you Brittany. Thank you for seeing the lump of clay that I was before you, and for allowing the process to mold me. You will always be my North.

    - Danni
  • Defintely Reccomend It!

    Last summer I did yoga teacher training with Brittany at the Yoga Underground and it was one of the best months of my life. I learned so much, not only about yoga, but about life and myself. I went into teacher training not knowing for sure if I really wanted to teach or if it would just be a way for me to improve my practice. Well, my practice inevitably improved, but I also found a LOVE for teaching and spreading the happiness, peace, and physical and mental strength (that comes from yoga) with others. Brittany is one of the most amazing people and teachers that you will ever meet with the biggest heart. She will provide you with the knowledge, confidence, and strength that you need to vastly in improve your yoga practice, as well as your ability to spread all that awesomeness to others through teaching. Your life will absolutely improve by doing yoga teacher training at the Yoga Underground. Definitely recommend it!

    - Carson Crawford
  • Best Summer I Can Remember

    I certified with The Yoga Underground this summer and it was the best summer I can remember. I learned so much about myself--and enjoyed every minute! I was nervous to certify because it had been a while since I'd practiced, but Brittany's approach is relaxed, personable, and encouraging. I quickly felt at ease and free to focus on what yoga is really about. From this course, I feel I've become a more balanced person. I feel more love for myself and compassion for others. I look at the world differently.

    - Elizabeth

    Feel Confident

    The BEST thing about Teacher Training at the Yoga Underground is that you not only increase your knowledge about Ashtanga Yoga, but actually feel confident in your ability to teach a class when you finish! Brittany offers many opportunities to practice teaching the group, to find your voice, and to learn the most optimal sequencing, as you train throughout the month. Learning in the beautiful outdoors, being inspired by multiple guest speakers, and cultivating a greater understanding and appreciation for Yoga, are just some of the bonuses!

    - Stephanie Cirac
  • Lots Of One-On-One Time

    I initially chose to do my yoga teacher training at TYU for one reason: I loved Brittany's classes and wanted to be able to share with others what she had shared with me. Now that I've completed the training, there are about a million and a half reasons why I'm glad I did it with TYU and wouldn't change anything even if I could. One of the aspects that sets this training apart is how active you get to be. It's not hours and hours of lectures in a classroom. We were actually outside more than we were inside--hiking, appreciating nature, enjoying the stillness and healing that comes from being surrounded by beauty. Another aspect of this training that is really spectacular, especially when I've spoken with other yoga teacher friends comparing training experiences, is all the one-on-one time with the instructor. The cohorts are small, so signing up for teacher training with Brittany actually means you will be working closely daily with Brittany!

    - Rebekah McClure


    The experience I had doing my training at The Yoga Underground was amazing! Besides gaining an in depth knowledge of yoga, I learned how to be an effective teacher.

    - Cherisa Jorgensen
  • You Will Grow As A Person

    I would highly recommend doing yoga and your YTT at The Yoga Underground. Brittany will transform you into a great yoga teacher. She teaches you how to actually teach and everything involved with teaching yoga. Brittany is passionate, brilliant and incredibly caring. You will grow as a person under Brittany's care. I am so grateful for all the experiences and growth I've been able to have through Brittany and her studio.

    - Karen

    An Experience That Changed My Life

    They say you should spend money on experiences rather than things, and this is an experience that changed my life. I came to know yoga and how to teach, but more importantly I came to know myself. After moving away shortly after the training I realized how much I actually learned, and I am so grateful I did my training here and not somewhere else. Brittany and all of the guest teachers taught me how finding your self, finding your voice, and having a good training can make you the best yoga teacher you can be, and the best person you can be. This was a life changing experience, one I recommend to everyone everywhere.

    - Jessica