Not Your Mom’s Primary Series: Part traditional Primary Series. Part More Fun.

kick.asana: An upbeat, Ashtanga-inspired class that builds strength as well as flexibility. Fairly fast-paced, this class will raise your heart rate and leave you with a smile on your face – guaranteed.

kick.asana 2: Slightly faster, slightly more upbeat, and slightly more fun than its predecessor. Exhilarating and lighthearted, you’ll have no choice but to enjoy yourself. Come get your asana kicked like it’s never been kicked before…

rock.asana: Flow-y, groovy and smooth, this Vinyasa fusion class is not unlike the first lick of an ice cream cone on a hot summer day: more refreshing than you’re expecting, and usually exactly what you need.

Second Series: Traditional Ashtanga Second Series. A knowledge of Primary Series is helpful but not necessary. Full of chest-expanding backbends, this class will open you up in new and different ways with each class.

PowerHour: Slightly slower-paced, this class focuses on building strength by holding poses and working deep into muscles. Deep tissue strengthening + deep tissue stretching = an hour of power!

Lunchtime Yoga!: Lunchtime Yoga offers a shorter class (45-50 minutes) for those who'd like to fill their lunch breaks with excitement, breath, and movement. Leave stress and frustrations behind as you unwind -- prepared to return to the office invigorated, yet calm and peaceful. (As they are shorter, LY Classes are cheaper!)

Sunday Funday: Breath. Move. Groove. Connect. Give. Stretch. Meditate & smile your way into the new week! (Sunday Funday is a free, donation-based class. Donations are given monthly to local charities.)

Come Fly With Me: Fast-paced, upbeat class with a focus on flying & building the necessary strength, courage and knowledge to do so. Full of inversions, handstands, and arm balances, this class will leave you feeling light as a feather.

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The Yoga Underground is located at 78 W. Center Street in Provo, in the top level of the United Studio of Self Defense.