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Hello my sweet


I’m back with a highlight of my answers from our last AMA: ask me anything!

So many of you asked about sleep – so that one will get a whole email itself (and maybe some videos/workshops in the future!) But here are some others I thought might be fun to share:

What is your hair care routine?

Ah! Ahhahahaa I love this question lol. I wash my hair on average every 2 weeks, just depending on how my scalp feels etc. When I wash it I have to make extra sure I get all the shampoo out lol! No conditioner!!! (You don’t want the hair to get too smooth and fall out of the dread) And then every time after I wash it, I separate each dread one by one and twist the top (so they don’t start growing together!) Takes about 24 hours to dry after each wash. And about every 3-4 months I get maintenance done at a dreadlock shop in Salt Lake, where they use a teeny tiny crochet hook to weave in new baby hairs, but I have them leave out the hairs around my face because I like how that looks

What are the three companies to freeze your credit?

LOL! Someone knows my dad is a financial planner:) This is so important! To prevent anyone from opening a line of credit fraudulently in your name, visit each of these sites and place a freeze on your credit (you have to do all three.) It’s FREE. (If you’re asked to pay you’re on the wrong site) In the future, if you need to get a new credit card, etc, you’ll just need to go to the sites and temporarily unfreeze. This will take you, in total, about 10 minutes! It’s SO worth it, I promise!

The Ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes

what’s your favorite tea? mint!

how old is rumi & why is he so well-behaved? Sweet rumi is 8.5 years young! he is so well-behaved because we did about 2 years of extensive obedience and therapy dog training, starting when he was 2! also, i am still very consistent with his training/working with him etc.

how long have you been teaching yoga? I’ve been teaching yoga since 2008!

What wisdom would you share with someone who is beginning their journey as an entrepreneur? (I get asked different versions of this question a lot.)

No matter the business/no matter what it is, my advice is to always always no matter the situation or what you’re doing or what kind of action you need to take or decision you need to make — first, make sure you’re in alignment with you. So no matter what, you’re approaching every single thing from a place of alignment, a place of abundance, a place of excitement. Getting into alignment might mean meditation (it does for me – it’s been my daily non-negotiable for the past several months and WOW has it changed my life!) or it might mean something else — but no matter what, get into alignment and THEN ____________ (insert anything lol) and you’ll be golden:)

what’s your word/theme for the year? (if you do that) and what’s one thing you’re really wanting to create in 2024?

I don’t focus on one word only, but the words im focusing on are also the things im creating this year (because that’s how I believe creation works! with my focus) and these things are:
•ease & flow
•an open & receptive state where I can follow impulses from my inner being
•appreciation, abundance, clarity
•a mindset of basking/savoring the present and my journey to each and every manifestation
•magic & love in relationships (primarily with myself, then with my family/friends/partner)
•a network or web of people (in person & virtually) who are ready to evolve, to experience more fun and more joy and more self-love
•things are always working out for me
•prioritizing how I feel above all else & look for reasons to feel good. Alignment, and then _______ (fill in the blank with literally anything I might need/want to do)

Well, that’s all for now! Feel free to email me at yogaundergroundutah@gmail.com with any other questions – we’ll be doing our next AMA soon!

brittany :.)