I love traveling for so many reasons, but the main one is that it forces me to step outside my normal perspective to see the world — and myself — in a new light.

From Thailand With Love

All of the sudden my day-to-day patterns are flipped upside down as I navigate through fresh challenges. The quick thinking and problem solving essential to enjoyable travel adventures present me with the opportunity to get real up close and personal with myself.

Who am I, and why do I make the choices I make? Am I truly thriving as the most badassiest version of myself, or where could I adjust? What could I shift around in my life — or in myself — to truly ignite my triple fire heart so that I wake up every morning thrilled, grateful, and overwhelmed with excitement at the life I have created?

How I see it, it’s almost like life is like a giant boutique full of an amazing array of sunglasses. Imagine frames of all different sizes, colors, and shapes and endless lenses of every hue, opacity, and shade line the walls of this spectacular shop — and you get to choose. You get to choose the lenses through which you see yourself and the world.

Each time I travel to a new place, new frames and lenses appear in my boutique of possible perspectives, and I get to make a choice. I get to choose if I want indigo winged frames with lavender lenses — or maybe it’s time to switch to magenta frames with rainbows and sparkles.

Thailand, in all its enchanting vibrancy, has enhanced my perspective options in ways I never could have imagined at home in Utah. My perspective is now refreshed and full of hopeful turquoise velvety waters, prismatic rainbow rock formations, and a million new smiles of kindness and love — and I am so deeply grateful.

I get to head home now with the opportunity to integrate the curiosities I’ve absorbed from this new perspective and allow them to gently bleed into my thoughts and actions — never quite the same — as I continue dancing through this human adventure.

Here’s to Big Magic, and an exquisite world of endless possibilities.