Balsamic Moon-Wisdom Initiated


Breath Circle led by Kathleen House

Sunday, August 16, 11:30am

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The Balsamic/Darkening Moon phase can be referred to as the “Savasana”(corpse pose) of the Lunar Cycle. A rythm of stillness, before the sliver of light of the New Moon. A sacred womb-like space in time, with a black diamond like darkness. When GROWTH gets wrapped in WHOLENESS by not overlooking, skipping or bypassing the moment when the wisdom of the entire cycle is concentrated. The lessons integrated…WISDOM INITIATED.

Breathing practices during this essential phase is a powerful portal for growth. A Sacred Circular form of breathing will be offered that’s been practiced for possibly millennia on our planet, by many cultures and creeds.This Ancient style of breathwork is known for the release of stagnant emotions and healing of a deep magnitude. Meeting powerful and expansive meditative states are common in this breath practice, alongside the JOY found in EASE.

Wrapping up the SECOND Cancer New Moon cycle in a ROW, that began on July 20th. What a gift! Take a look back to that date, and all the days inbetween…what is being asked to be released and transformed? What is completing?…What needs assimilating?…What is integrating?…What wisdom are you initiating? Getting clear before the next New Moon arrives, will do wonders for the divine flow of the journey that is LIFE! No more unnecessary baggage needed.

Wells of Wonder in Flow-Water Element

  • 11:30 – 11:50 Group Altar and Intention setting
  • 11:50 – 12:00 Light and simple movement on the mat
  • 12:00 – 1:00 B R E A T H
  • 1:00-TBD Optional shares, closing of the circle, Fire releasing ceremony

The group Altar is available for YOU! If you feel called, bring something to lay down that might be beneficial, healing and contributing to your healing and integration as well as others. Plant and Stone allies are always welcome!

Please be on time. Times are approximate, flexible and depend on the group. Time duration will vary. Looking forward to honoring the Sacred depths within.

In Love,
Kathleen Janae (aka Kat)

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