I’m in Thailand right now, exploring, and adventuring my way around beautiful islands and meeting wonderful people. Full of Pad Thai and mango sticky rice, I’ve been thinking a lot about an idea I learned from Jen Sincero: it’s the people who decide to enjoy their lives who…enjoy their lives.

Joga from Thailand
If happiness or overall enjoyment is a decision and not something that happens randomly to a select few who are #blessed — have you made that decision? Or have you just signed up to try until things get too uncomfortable?
Following what makes your heart truly explode with color will likely take courage and will definitely cause discomfort — but if your alternative is living a ho-hom life of mediocrity — what will you choose?

The adventure is there, waiting to be taken. The magic, the freedom, the abundance, the love, and the wonder — they are all there. But so is the mediocrity, the average, and the mundane. The life you are seeking lies in the magic just outside your comfort zone.

So summon your inner child and your higher self and power of the full moon and GO FOR IT. When we play small, we not only let ourselves down — we let down everyone else too. I don’t know about you, but I want to live in a world where everyone is dancing around, completely psyched about the gorgeous dreamy lives they’ve created.

What will you do to create the life you’ve always wanted?