I don’t know if this is a thing science would support…but I swear the sun in Egypt is brighter than it is in any other part of the world! I felt like I was squinting the entire time we were there, whether or not I was wearing sunglasses.

So as we’re trying to take photos in these mystical ancient landscapes, we were constantly battling light and shadow.


For the brighter the light we were in, the more the shadows danced around us.

We all have a shadow side which typically contains a combination of things about us that we might not be conscious of just yet + things that we

are conscious of but would rather not look at.

So often we allow these elements of ourselves to feel embarrassing or shameful, which then gives them extensive control over our lives.

As we travel down the path of awakening, gathering up more and more light — this very light is often what shakes us awake to darkness we also hold. Sometimes it’s tempting to hold ourselves back from the things we truly desire, because we feel unworthy. We feel our shadows are too large or dark or scary.

Something like, “I must wait until I’m fully healed to be ready/worthy of _____________”-a healthy, beautiful relationship-the job of my dreams-to travel the world -*fill in the blank with the thing you want most but believe you can’t have*


But I’m here to tell you that we will ALL be uncovering layers of ourselves that need healing for our ENTIRE LIVES.

If you wait until you’re healed, or have eliminated your shadow to allow yourself to live the life of your dreams,
it will never happen!

I believe that we can only truly be whole when we embrace and love our shadow as well as our light. Just like in Egypt, once we learned to work with the light, the shadows did really magical things. I love the depth that the shadows created there, the way they contrasted the light, and the perspective that they enveloped. The greater our ability to love, the greater our ability to feel pain — but remember that it’s what you choose to focus on that grows.
So allow your beliefs to catch up to your desires, release shame and embarrassment and embrace your whole self: shadow and light, love and pain.

Remember that it’s this full spectrum that makes you truly human, and when you acknowledge and love your whole self…well that’s a recipe for the kind of empowered, magical life that takes the world by storm and sends love and healing to all in its path.

xo, Brittany

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