brittany’s favorite sleep gadgets!


about sleep!

In case you haven’t already heard, I am obsessed with beautiful, high quality sleep. The way I feel after a restorative night’s sleep…chefs kiss! In addition to it being so incredibly good for your body, getting plenty of awesome sleep also does wonders for your brain! Truly, adjusting my routines to optimize sleep has done more for my overall happiness, mood, creativity, relationships, overall outlook on life, ability to focus, and productivity than I could have ever imagined.

When I first started learning about sleep, it felt overwhelming! I hadn’t realized there were so many different factors that went into the recipe for a good slumber. Over the past few weeks I’ve been breaking down my morning and evening routines to make it more approachable for you (read more here!) and today, I want to talk about some sleep gadgets that I love. Keep in mind that you don’t need any of these to get a wonderful sleep – but these are things that have helped me immensely, so I wanted to share! (Also I’m not sponsored by any of these brands! These are just things I love.)

remember to check sites like poshmark, mercari, and facebook marketplace for all of these items: we love to save money, but even more than that we love to be sustainable :)

my favorite sleep gadgets:

the oura ring: I have giant heart eyes for my Oura ring! The Oura ring is the most accurate sleep tracker out there and can be especially helpful if you would like to be feeling better than you are, but you’re just not sure exactly what the problem is. Oura will break down a variety of metrics (deep sleep, REM sleep, sleep efficiency, latency, restfulness, and more) to help you understand what is happening while you’re asleep. It will also give you ideas regarding how to improve your metrics – I love how I can tweak different things in my routine and then actually see the results with my Oura! It’s been instrumental to me on my sleep journey (and I got mine cheaper on Poshmark from someone who bought one and decided they didn’t want it!)

hatch sunrise/sunset alarm clock: my mom got me this alarm clock for my birthday last year. I knew I’d love it – but I am shocked at how much I love it. It’s the best! The Hatch Restore 2 has sunset and sunrise features. So as I get in bed, I tap it, and it emits light that simulates a sunset & it plays ambient forest-y sounds. The light gradually gets softer until it turns all the way off, to help you ease into sleep. Then in the morning, it starts with a really deep red light about 30 min before you need to wake up, simulating a sunrise. The light becomes brighter over the course of the 30 min, until the time you actually need to get up, at which point it starts playing ______ (insert one of a variety of ambient noises – one thing I love about my Hatch is how crazy customizable it is!) After you’re up, you can then tap it again if you’d like to start a meditation, morning dance music, inspiring thought, etc.

My Hatch makes it so easy to leave my phone in the kitchen (hallelujah!) and truly it’s just so aesthetically pleasing. Love love love.

twinkle lights/lights on dimmers: exposure to light has a big impact on our sleep/wake cycles. We are hardwired to sleep when it’s dark and stay awake when it’s light – light even affects what hormones the brain produces. About an hour before bed, it can be very helpful to dim lights that are able to do so, but if your lights don’t have dimmers, just grab some cheap twinkle lights and spread them around! Also, put your phone away! In addition to the content on your phone stimulating your brain, (not ideal before bed, even if it’s positive) but just the light alone on your phone makes it more difficult to go to sleep and also delays the production of naturally-producing melatonin.

earplugs: are you a light sleeper? If so, grab some earplugs! I don’t typically sleep with earplugs at home because my house is very quiet, but I always bring them when I travel and often end up using them. Your brain still processes sensations when you’re asleep, and this can stop you from going into deep sleep – so the less stimulation the better!

blackout curtains: if your bedroom doesn’t get super dark, grab some curtains or wear an eye mask! This can be especially helpful during certain (brighter) moon phases or if your bedroom is close to a streetlight. Remember – the less stimulation the better!

The Ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes

my top sleep gadgets:

  • the oura ring
  • hatch sunrise/sunset alarm
  • dim lighting
  • earplugs
  • blackout curtains
  • candles
  • fun bath treats

candles: I have been a Volcano girlie for the past decade and a half – I like what I like, okay? I love to light candles in my room/bathroom 1-2 hours before going to bed, as I’m dimming the lights in my house, so the fragrance signifies sleepy time to my brain. Candlelight is so peaceful and romantic and beautiful – but on top of that, it only produces about 12 lumens per candle, while a regular 60-watt bulb produces 800! Even a dimmed 60-watt bulb produces about 400 lumens. (A lumen can be thought of casually as a measure of the total amount of visible light in a defined beam or angle, emitted from one source.) So! Dim lights are wonderful, but candles are even better:) But it’s not super realistic for most of us to light enough candles around the house every single night that produce enough light for us to do what we need to in our bedtime routines – I have found a nice combo of candles + twinkles + dim lights that feels easy to me and works wonders.

fun bath treats: remember, a hot bath or shower is a great way to naturally cool your body down before bed, and lower body temperature signals to the body to prep for sleep. (And is especially calming and effective if you’re willing leave your phone out of the bathroom!) I will forever be a lushie. I really appreciate their dedication to our sweet Mother Earth and all of their efforts in sustainability. My favorite for bedtime are the bubble bars (Sleepy is my number one!) because you just have to crumble a bit of the bar under running water and voilà! a bath full of bubbles. A little goes a long way – I can typically get 15-20 uses out of each one, so they’re quite cost-effective. If I’m feeling bougie, I throw in a piece of a melt to help my dry skin in the winter, and a few times a month I love a good magic scrub.

Try adding some of these gadgets into your routine and let me know how it goes. Remember, sleep is really the only biohack you need – and the more you prioritize & optimize your sleep, the more excited you’ll feel waking up each day. And we all deserve to feel this wonderful!

Comments? Questions? Let me know! Email me at yogaundergroundutah@gmail.com & I will respond within 48 hours – I am here to support you on your sleep journey!