a new happiness hack!

from brittany

today, I will care the very most about how I feel.

Here’s a new happiness hack for you:
start every morning by saying “today, I will care the very most about how I feel. Today, I will look for reasons to feel good — and I will find them.”

And then watch your whole life change.

This has been one of my main mantras over the past six-ish months. I love to say it right when I wake up, especially when I’m walking Rumi during the sunrise.

It took a minute to get used to, though; when I first heard the idea, it not only sounded selfish (oh, how gloriously well we’ve been programmed to ignore our own needs!) but it also sounded like a waste of time & effort. “I have a lot of things to get done, and prioritizing how I feel doesn’t seem productive??


I’d done enough inner work at this point to recognize the importance of this idea, so I decided to give it a shot. Also, I wanted to be feeling better than I was – which made me more open & willing.
I’ve noticed a few things while consciously implementing this idea:

-prioritizing how I feel motivates me to do things like get enough high quality sleep, meditate, eat amazing food, and say no to things I don’t wanna do — all of which continue to perpetuate me feeling good!

-when I care about how I feel, and take care of myself so that I feel good, I approach all the things throughout my day from a happier, more optimistic place — generally yielding happier, more optimistic outcomes.

The Ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes

Prioritizing how I feel has been one of the best forms of self-love I have come across. It’s a way to actively show myself that I am my own top priority, and that I matter just as much as everyone else matters.

-I am so much more productive! This took getting used to — because things like sleep, meditation, walks outside during the day, etc take time – but crazy enough, they make more time than they take!

-everything feels easier. I believe I am more productive with this mindset also in part because daily tasks just *feel* so much easier! When I’m vibing high, excited for life, moving though my day feels like floating effortlessly downstream. When I put myself last and feel like shit, crossing the tiniest things off my to-do list feels like frantically paddling upstream but getting nowhere.

-There are ALWAYS reasons to feel good.

So my challenge to you is to say that as soon as you wake up, for a week. Try to make it the very first thing your active mind repeats. Maybe even say it a few times out loud! “Today, I will care the very most about how I feel. Today, I will look for reasons to feel good & I will find them.” And then let me know how it goes, if you’re up for it! (For added joy, try saying that first thing in the morning, walking outside, looking at the sky)

Now it’s time for another AMA: ask me anything:)

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Here’s the game plan:
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I can’t wait to hear from you!

brittany :.)