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 Greetings from the land of sand dunes & olive trees, of exquisite cuisine, ancient history, and top-notch adventures! Our Sahara Goddess Retreat has been simply incredible, and we are now ready to share more – just scroll down!

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For the first time ever, we created a nomadic retreat experience: our retreat began in Marrakech, and then we made our way to Erg Chegaga in the Sahara Desert. After spending two starry nights in the Sahara, we traveled to Bab Zouina, an incredible retreat center in Ourika, at the foot of the Atlas Mountain (stopping in Ouarzazate on the way!) We then headed up to small village on the coast, Essaouira, to spend our final two nights.

Here’s just a taste of our fantastic week in our desert paradise…



My absolute favorite part of this magical goddess retreat was just exploring SO much of Morocco. I loved driving with different girls & getting to know them & experiencing the different drivers personalities. I adored the sunrises & sunsets while sitting on the dunes. I was in awe as I laid outside on a blanket and slept underneath the stars in the Sahara. The camel ride at sunset surrounded by the most perfect sand dunes then traveling to Essaouira to the beach was a dream come true. Every single detail was simply perfect.


The Ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes

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The Ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes

I’ve been a forever fan of The Yoga Underground, but Morocco was my first time doing a retreat with them. From the brightest Sahara sky stars to the chillest beach sunsets, from the jaw-dropping desert landscapes to the franticness of the souks…I had no idea what to expect when I signed up, but this trip truly made dreams that I didn’t even know I had come true!

But just as much as the actual location and adventures, it was the people who made the trip so transformative. Brittany truly has a gift of bringing really special people together. I learned so much from the other women and felt such incredible love and support from them. This wasn’t even on my radar as a possible benefit of a retreat, but the increased confidence and sense of self that has come as a result of being around such amazing people has been the most life-changing part of the trip.


everything that we did to better experience Moroccan culture was so special to me — tea ceremonies, visiting nomadic families, visiting rug and argan oil co-ops, attending traditional music performances, eating locally prepared food, and even just seeing our guides have so much fun showing us their Sahara was so meaningful and are experiences I will always treasure. being able to build those sorts of connections and experience traditions and cultures that are in some ways so different, but in other ways so centered around the same important things of life, is just one of the best things about being alive. there was a moment when everyone who was staying in the retreat center – some we knew, and some we didn’t – were all dancing and singing and laughing together under the same celestial sky, and I just was overwhelmed with this feeling like… there are so many bad things in the world like wars and poverty and death and personal tragedy. but dancing still exists. people can get together and not even know each other or not speak the same language, but for just a moment, we can dance under the moon and everything is going to be okay. I’ll remember that feeling forever.

every single minute of off roading through the Sahara, blasting Moroccan music and making up lyrics since we couldn’t understand and dancing along so hard I was bruised the next day is one of the happiest memories of my life, I have never screamed so loud or laughed so hard. my cheeks were sore for days afterwards in the happiest of ways.

there was also one very specific memory of the first time we did yoga at night, on the rooftop, the sun setting and one by one the stars coming out, and the sliver of a crescent moon rose above us, and I’ve never felt so small and insignificant, and yet so big and grand and important, as that moment. we were underneath universes on end, and we were living and moving and breathing, and it all mattered. it matters so much.

Your unwavering support, whether big or small, creates space for us to do what we love, run with our wild ideas, and build incredible things together. And, of course, we hope you’re lovin’ it, too. Thank you for getting us to, well, our own kind of moon.


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Brittany beautifully crafted the perfect escape to Morocco. The riads, the food, and the people were all perfection. The best part… the impromptu dancing and singing. If you’re looking to experience new places and build community Brittany’s retreats are the way to go. 


The Ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes



The Ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes

My favorite parts of this retreat was experiencing new cultures and meeting new people. Not only all of the sweet Moroccans but the wonderful ladies that were a part of our group. This is an experience that I don’t think I will ever forget. Also can’t wait to go on my next retreat with The Yoga Underground!


The Sahara Goddess retreat was more than I could’ve ever imagined! The ladies first off were incredible! It was amazing the love and safe space that was created. The adventures, culture, people, and spontaneous dance parties were something that brought a constant smile on my face the whole trip. A top memory was staying in the Sahara Desert and just walking in the sand and seeing endless dunes for miles without a care in the world. As you are working on yourself & surrounded by people that are doing the same and love life as much as you do something magical happens!! Forever grateful for Brittany for creating a sanctuary whether it’s in her studio or across the world for this!!


The Ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes


& love!

The Ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes

There are SO many things I loved about this Goddess Retreat! First of all, the phenomenal job that you did in coordinating each adventure, tour, accommodation, and so on was beyond anything that I could have imagined. I was able to see so much of Morocco and feel as though we were really able to immerse ourselves in the culture.

The above mentioned by itself was already amazing, and then coupled with the company of such inspiring, confident, and independent women was like nothing I’ve ever been a part of before.

I cannot express enough the gratitude I have for this experience and each individual I’ve met on this retreat. I will hold the memory of this trip fondly, forever. Thank you for creating this space for opportunities like this.


The Ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes

If only you knew how much this adventure meant to me. I appreciate you so much and can’t wait for the next adventure! I was able to really spend some time reflecting on our Sahara Goddess Retreat and found myself having to take a good amount of time to truly think of how to describe what an impact this had on me…but here goes…

Whether it be how well thought-out and planned this retreat was, incorporating adventure, fun, experiences, but also learning….about where we were and the culture…but also leaving room for the unexpected experiences….Whether it be the late night chats with strangers become friends, dancing into the night, or in the middle of the desert, surfing or just rolling down a sand dune, sunset camel rides…the laughter, the tears from individuals with such varied backgrounds, but have all come so closely together. This was an experience that I found myself reconnecting with parts of me I have put to the side, and I wish everyone could also have this experience. I am so grateful.


Morocco, you were so good to us. Exploring the Sahara with tummies full of tagine and hearts full of goddess vibes is an experience we’ll never forget. Your people are so kind, and your landscape is breathtaking. And your food? Out of this world!
We will, without a doubt, be back!
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