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Bali 2023


This was the perfect setting to enjoy the tropical jungle paradise of Bali. Each day was seriously magical! Swimming with dolphins, yoga overlooking rice fields, and cliff jumping surrounded by waterfalls were just a few of the highlights for me. The retreat center was out of this world and the food was delicious. I loved having everything taken care of and so I could explore Bali with Brittney.


My favorite thing about Bali was the space I had to just be me. The people I was with, the activities that were planned and unplanned, the food, the yoga, the location, the intention behind it all – everything gave me space to just BE. And it felt so damn good.


What I loved about Bali? So many things made Bali amazing–from the black sand beaches and lush green vegetation to the stunning sunrise and sunsets. The genuine kindness of the Balinese people as they took time to educate us on their culture and customs, the laughs shared as we trekked through rice fields, to waterfalls, up windy mountains, and visited sacred temples. Bali truly has a unique vibe that is unmatched. I will forever cherish the life chats and laughs shared around dinner tables and in the vans as we traveled to our excursions. This retreat had a nice balance of yoga, adventures, and relaxing!


My favorite things about Bali is the amazing beach life and gracious people of Bali. Bali is truly a sacred land ❤️❤️


I appreciated how each person could make this trip their own: isolate themselves for quiet time, skip an activity if needed. But in the end, we all made such wonderful friends with each other. One of my favorite activities was hiking to the blue lagoon and jumping into the water from a rope swing. I loved having a yoga class led by Brittany again, and lounging around at the villa.


Bali was truly a life changing adventure. It was the perfect mix of adventure and time to reflect and restore. I will forever love the amazing friends I met. I absolutely love traveling with TYU retreats because I don’t have to worry about anything. Brittany knows the area and has an incredible agenda planned. I can’t wait for future retreats with TYU!


This trip brings together amazing people for a week of relaxation and connection. The villa is amazing, the excursions are super fun, and the yoga and downtime allow for the recharge away for busy life that we all need. My favorite excursions of the trip were the waterfall and snorkeling.


Thank you Brittany for planning and carrying out one of the best retreat experiences I’ve ever had. Bali is magical!!! Oh the ocean…black sands, white sands and incredible Balinese people so loving and caring. I can’t wait to see where your next retreat adventure will be.
Much love!!!


The villa was phenomenal, food was amazing, 10/10 would hang out in the pool for 6 hours a day.

Sicily 2023


The goddess retreat was a retreat. A treat that I will revisit again and again in my heart. A time to disappear in a fairytale. The food, the small towns and views, and my favorite- us girls all living together for a week, letting loose expressing our inner children.


I’ve never experienced such a magical goddess experience before. I felt so beautiful & loved every moment of the trip it’s hard to choose one moment. From wandering the streets of Ortigia, to floating in the Mediterranean sea, to eating all the different Gelato & feeling small beside the ruins of Neapolis. I fell in love with this city & a piece of my heart will always remain.


Ahh! I loved exploring Italy with such a great group of ladies. The food was exceptional, and I felt a consistent feeling of awe due to all the history naturally ingrained here.


Wow! I was not expecting such a life changing experience. From exploring the beauty in each city, to the relaxing yoga and meditation, to the immense love and support from each woman there. It made my heart swell with love and appreciation. I am so grateful for the safe space created by Brittany to have this wonderful opportunity. Thank you!!


The Sicily Goddess Retreat was truly the experience of a lifetime! There was a strong energy and connection that radiated from such a positive group of women. We adventured, explored, laughed and made incredible friendships that I am forever thankful for. Thank you Brittany, for arranging every detail with just the right amount of personal time and planned activities. It was the perfect opportunity to soak in the magic of Sicily!


I didn’t have any idea what to expect going on this goddess retreat. I can say it was 💯percent more than I ever imagined. Brittany knows how to create a space where everyone is made to feel special. I freakin love her. Dreamy meals, yoga, small town adventures, vineyards, private boat trip on the beautiful Mediterranean Sea and so much more. I love all of the women I spent time with and hope to adventure with them again soon.

Yes, it was incredible.


This yoga retreat was just MAGICAL. I felt so much love from everyones’ energy!! The independence that Brittany allowed us to have was empowering — knowing that we will get out of this dreamy trip whatever we put into it! The breathtaking views, old alleyways, fresh food, juicy yoga & entertaining people that were filled with so much love & laughing till we were on the ground made the trip! I hope that my future is filled with more experiences & people like this!


Sicily retreat could not have been more perfect! It was the best balance of adventure and relaxation. I loved exploring a new city every day and being able to come home to our amazing villa each night. It was so nice splitting up the go-go go with yoga, massages, and meditation. I left feeling motivated and rejuvenated! BEST WEEK EVER❤️❤️❤️

Britt, I cannot thank you enough. I can’t put into words how much I needed this experience. Love and miss you already!!


Brittany puts so much thought and effort into her retreats, and Sicily was no exception.
The schedule was a perfect balance of rest and play that included daily excursions to make sure we got the full taste of Sicily. Everything was taken care of for us, so we just got to show up and enjoy! You’re bound to meet some of the best people on the planet when on a retreat with Brittany because she has cultivated such an incredible, diverse, and down to earth community. Connecting with these amazing humans over gelato and exploring medieval towns is a memory I’ll never forget.

You’re a freakin unicorn.
Let me come on all your retreats.


I had the most amazing time at TYU’s Sicily Goddess retreat! What a group of incredible humans! The retreat was a perfect mix of relaxing/reflecting and exploring/adventuring. Our evening at the vineyard and walking amongst the 2,000 year old ruins is an experience I will never forget!


Some of my favorite things about this retreat was all the exploring, all the people, learning about how they live and their accents hahaha. And how flirty and forward the boys are. The foood omg. So amazing. The girls in our group!! It was so fun getting to know everyone and laughing so much everyday. Everyone was constantly building each other up and just having a good time together. Yoga every morning!! All of it was just a dream.

thailand 2022


Thailand was magic! I absolutely loved the variety of adventures we got to go on. The stunning beaches and scenery were my absolute favorite.

Hailey and Jocelyn

We both had never climbed and were a little nervous. The retreat group cheered us on and we made both made it to the top of our route. Climbing at Railey Beach was something we’d never had experienced
without joining the adventure retreat!


I loved showing up on this retreat, knowing that I could trust all the details to Brittany, and have a unique, magical adventure without any of the stress and the hard work of planning a trip. We experienced the rich Thai culture and landscape all while staying outside of crowded touristy centers in our own private stretch of beach hidden in the mangrove trees. We enjoyed bustling night markets, sparkling blue waters, picturesque longboats between rocky islands, thick jungle with clear spring pools, mystical kayaking routes, sparkling night swims, and majestic temples.


Thailand was magical! From hiking through jungles to swimming in emerald pools to traveling by long-tail boats, it was so many of my dreams come true. We got to see places that I only ever thought I’d
experience by looking at my calendars! Though extremely hard to pick, I think my favorite thing was kayaking through a mangrove forest next to cave-like cliffs that were some of the most majestic things I’d ever seen!


Thailand was a dream. Dreams come true! Swimming under the new moon with the glow of bioluminescent plankton engulfing the body is pure magic. Exploring hot springs and depths of the jungle was connective medicine for the soul. I feel incredibly grateful for the experience and connections built.


I loved the Tiger Cave Temple. Climbing 1,267 stairs was well worth the view. It seemed we were floating above the clouds. The sunset lighting the Buddha. Absolutely spectacular!


If you want to be on a continuous secret mission of adventure with other like-minded souls, take a retreat with Brittany. I have never been more carefree on a trip while having the time of my life.
Turquoise waters during the day while on long tail boats while looking at jaw dropping mountains & splashing in glittering water that’ll make you want to laugh & cry during the night. Thailand is definitely a vibe.


My favorite part of the retreat was the Klong Thom Hot Springs! Just as we emerged from the bamboo forest a cooling rain started to pour down. Surrounded by rain we soaked in natural hot springs fed by
waterfalls. So surreal and magical! One of those moments you’ll never forget.


This trip was so amazing! We didn’t have to plan anything which meant we could really relax and enjoy the magic of the whole week!

Morocco 2021


Brittany’s Moroccan dream retreat surprised me in all the best ways possible. Getting to go on a vacation AND do yoga with an amazing group was magical! I will never forget this experience, and will forever cherish the moments I got to spend there.

Thanks Brittany!


Reminiscent of an Indiana Jones movie, Morocco was full of adventures, enchanting locations, sumptuous food, and a complete immersion into the lives of the Moroccan people. I will never forget tandoori beef with apricots followed by a camel ride through the desert, or the sights, sounds, and smells of the Marrakech Market, or the ocean spray on the wind while standing atop an ancient fortress wall in a city that now welcomes all in peace. We loved yoga while on a rooftop, embracing the sunshine within an oasis of relaxation and luxury, surrounded by an orchard of olive trees. We can’t wait to go back.


My time in Morocco with Brittany was absolutely incredible. Everything was so well planned out but not overly busy and we had the perfect balance of excursions and free time. I loved the accommodations and atmosphere and I didn’t have to worry about any logistics. It was a great environment for learning and yoga and fun. Everyone was amazing and it was such a comfortable and accepting environment. I can’t wait for the next one!

Bali 2019 & 2020


The Bali Goddess retreat was exactly what I didn’t know I needed. I went on the retreat wanting to reconnect with myself, recommit to my yoga practice, and visit a new part of the world. I got all of that in spades plus so much more. The villa itself was beautiful, and it was staffed by the kindest and most helpful people. The meals each day were divine. The beach we were on was so mystical. Bali was warm and green and gorgeous. I loved the relaxed pace of every day–it was the BEST break from the craziness of my daily life! I had space to relax, to meditate, to face and conquer some of my fears, and to be self-indulgent and just spoil myself for a few days. Being surrounded by so much divine feminine energy was so healing for my soul, and it filled a hole that I didn’t know was there. I left the retreat with lots of beautiful photos of all the excursions we went on, a better understanding of myself and my own needs, and some amazing new friends. I would absolutely recommend this experience to anyone!


The Bali Goddess Retreat was a magical experience that was beyond anything I could have imagined. Rivka and Brittany were so welcoming! The classes that they taught throughout the retreat were amazing, especially Brittany’s yoga nidra sessions, I felt like I was transported everytime. The excursions that we went on were really fun and perfect given the environment we were in. They did such a great job at planning everything for the trip, it made it that much more relaxing and carefree. I can’t wait to join these two goddesses on another retreat; the love and authenticity they have is so refreshing and made our environment full of vibrant energy and positive intentions. This trip was memorable in all the right ways and something I’ll never forget. Thank you both so much for sharing your time and energy!


My experience at the Bali Goddess Retreat was absolutely incredible. When women gather with a positive purpose absolute magic happens! Brittany and Rivka created a safe space where we could explore, connect, and grow as individuals and as a group. It felt so good to be lavished with encouragement. Definitely a renewal of spirits and positive energy. Thanks for hosting such an amazing retreat!


This retreat was life changing! I arrived not knowing a soul, and I left with several dear friends. We had such amazing adventures, hiking to waterfalls, snorkeling, skinny dipping, amazing food, tattoos, sight seeing and shopping. But my favorite part was the down time. Getting to know other women. What they were going through, what their goals were. I left with a great desire to not only better myself, but lift up other women in the process! Thanks Brittany and Rivka! You held such a safe space for us to adventure and to grow.


Booking this Retreat is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself! I looked forward to it for so long and it was so much more than I could have anticipated! I connected with women from all over the world that I’ll love forever! Brittany did such a good job helping us all feel comfortable, loved, and included. I’ll always cherish the memories made in Bali with all these exceptional women!