Bali Yoga Retreat

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June 27 – July 4, 2021

*A non-refundable 20% deposit is required to secure your spot. You’re welcome to set up automatic payments toward the total by selecting a payment plan at checkout. There will be a $50 fee added if an autopay doesn’t go through. No refunds will be made after April 15, 2021.Everything must be paid in full no later than June 1, 2021. We recommend getting travel insurance during this time, however if the trip is cancelled due to COVID you will receive a full refund.

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Our past Bali retreats have been Goddess-themed, but this time we’d like to open it up to all Gods & Goddesses!

Days will be filled with waking up next to the ocean, blissful yoga practices, swimming, exploring, laughing, and creating!

**Receive all 30 CE Credits that you need for the next three years through Yoga Alliance!

Daily Activities

-Morning yoga taught by Brittany
-Afternoon yoga workshops
-Yoga Nidra & Meditation
-Waterfall hiking, snorkeling, & cultural activities!


(These prices include everything except your airfare & spa treatments at the villa. We will provide transportation to and from the airport, all food and activities and yoga etc.)

Private Single Bed (2)
A quaint, open-air room with two single beds
• Shared bath

Private King (3)
One big, beautiful room with three beds that opens to the ocean
• Shared bath
• Shared balcony

Private King Suite (3)
Open air private rooms with gorgeous balcony views
• Shared bath
• Shared balcony

Private King Bronze Suite (1)
Priced for two people, this is a luxurious ground floor sweet that opens to the garden
• Shared bath

Private King Silver Suite (2)
Priced for two people, these secluded suites offer more privacy in a guesthouse next to the villa
• Shared balcony
• Private bath/shared shower

Private King Gold Suite (2)
Priced for two people, these deluxe ground floor suites open to the pools, just a short walk to the ocean
• Private bath

Private King Luxe Suite (1)
Priced for two people, this magnificent second floor suite has a private bathroom and gorgeous balcony views
• Private balcony
• Private bath

Arrival/Departure Details

Please arrive at Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar no later than 4pm on February 13, and we will be transported to Villa Buddha together. Please schedule your return flight no earlier than 6pm on February 20. If your flights aren’t in this time period, you’re responsible for your own transportation to/from the Villa.

Please arrive no later than 4pm on June 27

Please schedule your return flight no earlier than 6pm on July 4

Other Notes

Once you’re signed up, you’ll be added to our private Facebook group where we can get to know each other and prepare to have the most epic time together!

Please note: we can do our best to accommodate food allergies, but all meals are served style and everyones’ specific dietary requests cannot be met.

2019 Bali Retreat

Bali Goddess Retreat

We are thrilled to report that our Goddess Retreat in Bali was a smashing success! Here’s a little rundown to get you or your favorite Goddess excited about joining us next year!

The intention of our retreat was to create space for women of all ages (we had ages 20-70!) to come together in a supportive space to explore creativity, vulnerability and self-love. We designed our retreat schedule around this intention, leaving plenty of free time for relaxing!


We had a variety of different yoga & meditation classes throughout the week, all taught by me, Brittany Andrews (@missbrittrae) and Rivka Peiffer (@rivkaloha). These classes were centered around empowerment and opening the heart in a safe, healthy way. Sometimes that included journal writing, sometimes it involved partner work, and sometimes it involved an ass-kicking vinyasa flow.


We planned the retreat schedule so every other day we left the villa for an excursion (all included in the retreat price!) We had the chance to tour the rice fields and gardens of a small village, led by a local named Putu. Putu’s grandfather was the village medicine man and taught Putu all about the power of plant-based healing. Putu’s stories were hilarious and heartfelt and honest, and as he taught us about the healing properties of clove leaves, mangosteen, cacao, and more you could feel his strong sense of spirituality that is all-pervading in the Balinese culture. It was beautiful. While we were walking and learning, Putu’s wife was back at their house preparing a traditional meal which we then enjoyed in their home.

Hiking down to the base of the Sekumpol Waterfall was another highlight of this grand goddess adventure! The roaring water was so powerful as it cascaded down the mountain. Swimming in this pool of magic was exhilarating and awe-inspiring. We had arranged to stop at a local restaurant on the way back which was a delicious way to end the day.

Toward the end of the week, we chose to take everyone snorkeling off of Menjangan Island — and it was just spectacular! We rented two private boats to take us all to the island, along with a couple guides to show us the best spots and make sure everyone was comfortable and safe in the water. Menjangan Island is part of West Bali National Park, and has calm water and a reef that is bursting with life. Thousands of brightly colored, almost fluorescent fish of all sizes scuttled about as we all turned into mermaids exploring this dreamlike underwater landscape. Our burned bums are all thanks to this snorkeling trip!

Days at the Villa

Free days spent at the villa were meant to be catered to what each Goddess needed — some chose to sleep in, some chose to party at our private pool or beach, and some scheduled spa treatments with a group of massage therapists who’d come to the villa to provide massages and scrubs and facials and pedicures. We had an excellent cooking staff who prepared and served all of our meals at the villa fresh, from things they’d gotten at the market the previous day.

The Magic

The culmination of all of this adventure and yoga and laughing and self-care was an environment where we truly got to practice and see the results of women supporting other women. It was an inspiring thing to witness each Goddess feel support rather than competition, recognizing that the success of one Goddess in no way minimized her own value. We all left this special place full dreams and plans to achieve them with the lasting love and support of Goddess sisters from across the globe.

Video Reviews

6 reviews for Bali Yoga Retreat

  1. Ashley Wintersteen, Goddess Retreater 2019

    Ya know the feeling when you jump into a cold pool for the first time? The nervous anticipation and you aren’t really sure how you are going to react once your entire self is submerged within the water. You know how much you love the water but you still get nervous anyway. Then trusting your intuition, you jump. Your entire being reacts to the crisp water as all the cells in the body react and come alive. Your mind is sharper, more energized, and you resurface with nothing but pure emotion. The goddess retreat was exactly like that. I was nervous because it was my first retreat and I knew the teachers are brilliant but am I ready to invest in the health of my soul and make the commitment to leap? Then there is also a huge factor of an all women retreat. Growing up, we moved constantly & I always was the new girl and subjected to bullying by various girls…throughout life I have always desired a strong female tribe but never was able to meet the right women to build that empowerment circle within each other. Would this be a safe space to land with my heart open? As the week progressed I could feel something fierce awakening within my soul. Both Rivka and Brittany gave me the tools to ignite my inner fire, my truest form. The beautiful ladies that surrounded them as they taught were also inspiring, open to receive love and radiate it. Within the arms of this retreat, there was no anxiety or judgment. I love the safe, empowering space this retreat created for us as women. Something clicked in all of us as we learned about each other. There was a pure sisterhood space for healing, connecting, freedom to be wild and howl at the moon if we wanted to. I built lasting friendships and support beams during this retreat and found women that align with the values that I hold. We all were from different corners of the world, different ages, different experience levels of yoga, different lifestyles, but our spirits aligned despite all of our unique differences. We are all human and we all thrive on love and need to be understood for our truest self. There was pure magic created and felt here. Just like being submerged in crisp water I resurfaced from this retreat more alive than ever before.
    – Ashley

  2. Mara

    This retreat was life changing! I arrived not knowing a soul, and I left with several dear friends. We had such amazing adventures, hiking to waterfalls, snorkeling, skinny dipping, amazing food, tattoos, sight seeing and shopping. But my favorite part was the down time. Getting to know other women. What they were going through, what their goals were. I left with a great desire to not only better myself, but lift up other women in the process! Thanks Brittany and Rivka! You held such a safe space for us to adventure and to grow.
    — Mara

  3. Abigail

    My experience at the Bali Goddess Retreat was absolutely incredible. When women gather with a positive purpose absolute magic happens! Brittany and Rivka created a safe space where we could explore, connect, and grow as individuals and as a group. It felt so good to be lavished with encouragement. Definitely a renewal of spirits and positive energy. Thanks for hosting such an amazing retreat!

  4. Stephanie

    The Bali Goddess Retreat was a magical experience that was beyond anything I could have imagined. Rivka and Brittany were so welcoming! The classes that they taught throughout the retreat were amazing, especially Brittany’s yoga nidra sessions, I felt like I was transported everytime. The excursions that we went on were really fun and perfect given the environment we were in. They did such a great job at planning everything for the trip, it made it that much more relaxing and carefree. I can’t wait to join these two goddesses on another retreat; the love and authenticity they have is so refreshing and made our environment full of vibrant energy and positive intentions. This trip was memorable in all the right ways and something I’ll never forget. Thank you both so much for sharing your time and energy!

  5. Jenny

    Booking the Goddess Retreat is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself! I looked forward to it for so long and it was so much more than I could have anticipated! I connected with women from all over the world that I’ll love forever! Brittany and Rivkha did such a good job helping us all feel comfortable, loved, and included. I had so many firsts in Bali, one of which was snorkeling and is now my favorite ocean activity! We had plenty of downtime to relax and all the excursions were fantastic! I’ll always cherish the memories made in Bali with all these exceptional women!

  6. Rachel Woerner, Goddess Retreater 2020, March 29, 2020

    The Bali goddess retreat was exactly what I didn’t know I needed. I went on the retreat wanting to reconnect with myself, recommit to my yoga practice, and visit a new part of the world. I got all of that in spades plus so much more. The villa itself was beautiful, and it was staffed by the kindest and most helpful people. The meals each day were divine. The beach we were on was so mystical. Bali was warm and green and gorgeous. I loved the relaxed pace of every day–it was the BEST break from the craziness of my daily life! I had space to relax, to meditate, to face and conquer some of my fears, and to be self-indulgent and just spoil myself for a few days. Being surrounded by so much divine feminine energy was so healing for my soul, and it filled a hole that I didn’t know was there. I left the retreat with lots of beautiful photos of all the excursions we went on, a better understanding of myself and my own needs, and some amazing new friends. I would absolutely recommend this experience to anyone!

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