members only: handstands for dummies!

june 16, 6pm

led by Jake Gillins

(free for members)

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Have you ever wanted to handstand, but have no idea where to even begin?

In this workshop we will explore the fundamentals of the handstand. This workshop is designed for everyone, but will emphasize the foundations of handstand, so beginners will find this workshop especially beneficial.

Some things you will learn are valuable warm ups and exercises designed to prepare the body to balance upside down and effective handstand drills both on and off the wall. You will also receive a practice protocol where you will learn about different types of handstand entries, when it’s appropriate to practice these entries in a yoga class, and finally a realistic path to follow after the workshop that will eventually lead you to being able to handstand if you follow it.

The goal of this workshop is to teach you the tools necessary to begin (or polish the foundations of) your handstand journey, and you will walk away with a clear path to travel on your own after the workshop. No handstand experience required, just a playful attitude and a mind free of expectations! Having a notebook to write down the practice protocol and your phone to record videos of certain drills is a good idea. Hope to see you soon!