kids & family yoga training

april 26-28, 10am-4pm each day

led by jes schirmer

Early Bird Price: $333 until March 31st, 2024
Regular price: $444

*5 Scholarship opportunities available, see details below*
Application deadline March 1st

Class-size is limited to 12 students

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The world of a child is pure magic! We can savor this magic as we interact with children by encouraging play, connection with nature, empathy, self-love, increased self-esteem, positivity, and emotional awareness.

Join Jessica Schirmer in an intensive three-day training for how to tap into your inner child and teach youth and family yoga from the heart.

Jessica has spent the last eight years teaching kids and family yoga and has developed a comprehensive nature-based curriculum for teaching yoga to kids and families.

This training is perfect for you if:

• You work with kids and families and would like to bring more body awareness, nature, and movement into your career
• As a parent or caregiver, you want to learn more screen-free and connective activities to do with your littles
• You’re a yoga teacher looking to expand your scope of teaching to include kids and families
• You’re looking to tap into your inner child through nature, yoga, and connection

In this three-day training, we will learn basic techniques of teaching yoga for children, teens, families, and inner child reconnection.


• A deep dive into your own inner child through movement, play, and laughter, as well as guided visualizations and prompts.
• Guided group exploration time in nature to connect creatively with the natural environment—think of a forest school class for adults

You’ll also receive valuable resources to help you in your personal teaching journey:

• A spiral bound (perfect for use while teaching) version of “Nature Based Yoga for Kids and Families,” a manual written by Jessica that is complete with 30 hour-long-nature-based lesson plans, with 100’s of activities, pose adaptations, breath exercises, partner poses, and more! (See the book on Amazon here: https://a.co/d/71G03Tr)
• A Wild Life Yoga family partner pose deck with 52 cards.
• And more surprise goodies!

You’ll learn philosophies of teaching:

• How to teach with the 7 different learning styles: visual, aural, verbal, physical, logical, social, and solitary
• Methods for adapting poses and activities depending on student needs, ages, and class intentions
• How to incorporate the 8 limbs of yoga when teaching younger populations

Comprehensive tools for structuring your own classes including:

• Poses relative to age and ability
• Creative breath exercises
• Fostering positive body awareness
• Intuitive movement styles inspired by children and nature
• A framework for creating impactful stories illustrated by yoga poses
• Facilitating connection through partner and group poses
• Adjusting the energy flow and activity lengths in a typical class depending on needs

The intensive will be held at The Yoga Underground in Utah from April 26th-April 28th, 2024 from 10 am-4 pm with a lunch break each day.*

(*on Friday, April 26, we will meet at The Yoga Underground, and then the rest of the day will include several hours at Big Springs Park in Provo Canyon – rain or shine – so bring outdoor supplies accordingly.)
* Saturday, April 27th will include a free public family yoga class at noon taught by Jessica to demonstrate what a class looks like, including kids of all ages. Training attendees are encouraged to attend with friends and/or their own families to experience the magic first-hand.

This training will be three days filled with loads of fun, presence, and playfulness. You’ll not only come away with a clear direction to start teaching your own kids yoga classes, but you will have spent time playing with and honoring your inner child. We hope to see you there!

*Scholarship Details*
To make this training accessible to all, there will be five scholarship opportunities available. Two full scholarship, and three half scholarships (price of $222).

To apply, fill out the form below by March 1st, 2024.

Scholarship Application: https://forms.gle/Ra1rjgYJsbyR7k27A

Recipients of the scholarship will be announced on March 16th, 2024