Moon Medicine Monthly offerings on the new, full, and balsamic moons

« april 5, 9:30pm

« april 16, 6pm

« april 19, 9:30pm

We offer a sliding scale for payment for this workshop, depending on whether your finances are healing or in abundance! Thank you for contributing what you can. Each pay scale is different, to reflect the preparation + supplies + energy needed for each offering.

Step into the Art of Sacred illumination!
The Moon and her cyclical rhythms in WHOLENESS, mirror the creative process within. Every cycle offering up an array of personal Alchemy ingredients.
Here at The Yoga Underground, we honor ALL the pivotal points in the Lunar Cycle and ALL are welcome!!

Each class offers Cosmically centered Soul-Care with Ceremonial Magick! Inspired by Non-dual Tantra, Earth Medicine, the Moon & Stars above! You are STARDUST animate!

Each class you can look forward to:

  • Community WisdOM Circle/Group Altar with current cycle Astrological highlights!
  • Earth Medicine Wisdom
  • Personal intention setting
  • Meditation/Yoga/Breathwork practices aligned with the Medicine of the Moon
  • Optional Fire Releasing Ceremony….all Cosmically aligned!
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Full Moon Yoga & Ritual
april 5, 9:30pm
$17-$27 Sliding Scale
Approx 120 min

Held every Full Moon, no matter the day of the Gregorian week it falls on! No class or flow is ever the same.
Yoga and Ritual “nectar-ized” by aligning with the heavens above! An offering of a Lunar-led intentional Asana practice. Utilizing Elemental Mandala Moon Salutations, honoring the Elements found within.
A deep, reflective focus on your Circular inward journey on the Mat. With full illumination of the reflective medicine of the Full Moon above!

Bring your mat, any plant or stone allies and get ready to embrace Elemental fluid movement on the mat!

Balsamic Moon Breath Circle
april 16, 6pm
25-45$ Sliding Scale
approx.120 min

Held the Sunday within the waning/darkening phase, after the 4th quarter Moon. You’ll know it’s close when you begin to see the half moon above in the mornings! Just look up!
Cycle wrap up and New Moon prep! Release what no longer serves and make room for what does.
Come breathe in rhythm with the Divine heart-beat.

The form of Breathwork offered is often referred to as Shamanic, Connected, Whole-Breathing, and Re-birthing! It’s a Sacred circular breathing that naturally releases stagnant emotions, old ways of thinking, & unhealthy repetitive patterns. Releasing tension in the body, oxygenating the Blood, awakening dormant DNA, employing the naturally occurring DMT in the lungs. Offering up deep healing by shifting into a state of pure energetic FLOW! Activating awareness to the DIVINE INTELLIGENCE WITHIN… all through the power of the BREATH.

The Wisdom condensing energy of the Balsamic Moon & Shamanic Breathwork? A medicinal recipe of Divine proportions!
Bring your mat, a favorite blanket or 2, eye pillow, any plant or stone allies and get ready to step into the portal and energy of Spiritual INITIATION!

*Not recommended during pregnancy

*Speak to your physician before participation if you have a medical history of cardiovascular disease, angina, heart attack, high blood pressure, glaucoma, retinal detachment, history of psychosis or recent surgery.

New Moon Yoga Nidra
april 19, 9:30pm
$17-$27 Sliding Scale
approx.70-90 min

Held ON the New Moons each MOONTH!
This class offers the powerful Practice of Yoga Nidra with the gift of ROTATING TEACHERS! (Kenny Van Ausdal, Mo Carter, Christine Wright, Jake Gillins, and Kathleen House)

Bring your mat, your favorite blanket, eye pillow, any plant or stone allies and your Sacred Self!!