Spring Equinox Gathering

Saturday, March 23rd, 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm

$14-$22 sliding scale (22 people)

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Join Jessica on a spring equinox yoga experience designed to harmonize with the season’s essence. Tap into the rejuvenating and creative energy of spring as more light returns to our days.

The class will include:

• Playful nature-based yoga including imaginative symbolism through poses, group activities and games

• Purposeful intention setting encapsulated in the planting of native Utah seeds

• Culminated in deep meditation—designed to welcome the youthful spirit of your inner child into your everyday life

As fresh seeds are sprouting, and new creatures are being born into the world, it is the perfect time to harness the creative energy of spring, inviting you to cultivate dreams and aspirations for the upcoming year.