The advanced beginner

saturdays noon-2pm
led by Adrianne Nelson
Part One: $150 // $135 before July 15
July 20 & 21, August 17 & 18

Part Two: $150 // $135 before July 15
September 14, 21, 28 & October 5

register for both!
$275 // $250 before July 15

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An “advanced beginner” is a radiant individual with openness to learn and/or the one well versed in particular subject matter looking to ground current knowledge into “beginner’s mind”.

The Japanese term Shohin or beginner’s mind appeared in the 13th century by Dogen Zenji, revealing a mindset for fertile ground in eagerness to know, expand and signify potential for the birth of new perspectives on life, body, mind and Self.

  • This is an 8 week series split into 2 parts taken together or separately for a wide view within yoga on and beyond the mat. Each week will be dedicated to invoke an advanced relationship to practices of yoga and meditation through the lens of a beginner with lecture, movement and meditation.
  • Designed to broaden student and/or teacher erudition from beginner to advanced in an array of yogic study and practices for those interested in the depths of yoga in its origin, and theory weaving ancient texts and postural alignment techniques that has shaped yoga today.
  • Students will walk away with:
    • A deeper meaning to what yoga is historically, philosophically and can be for them
    • Tools to an enriching personal practice
    • An understanding of the human body with it’s many integral parts in union
  • Also! Caters to the yoga student: Enrolled or Interested in a yoga teacher training or the current yoga teacher looking to deepen material from a former training offering up to 16 CEs to stay up to date in yoga land credentialing.

Part 1: Yoga origins, texts, Meditation & pranayama, pose folklore, and personal practice symbolism

  • Each week navigate yoga roots, and myths through various yogic texts to further appreciate these teachings threaded in movement in pose theme highlights. Peer into what yoga was like years ago with practices that yoked sages and communities together uniting mind & body for meaning to daily life, potentially making yoga what it is Today in research and on the mat.

*Receive a certificate of completion for 8 CEs when you attend all 4!
*There will be modifications for all poses

  • Part 2*: Alignment through Anatomical and yoga therapeutic practices with body awareness for the 12 + 1 human body systems (+1 = The fascial system)
  • Furnish into the body to ground and align with awareness, wisdom and gratitude toward our integral parts. Anatomy study bound to the systems of myofascial alignment and Therapeutic practices catered to You! New to Anatomy? perfecto! *This caters to the advanced & beginner anatomist a like while Delving into surface knowledge and tools to becoming your own body worker!

Part 2 : Alignment, anatomy & yoga therapeutic practices for the 12 + 1 human body systems (+1 = The fascial system)

*Also! Receive a certificate of completion for 8 CEs
*Modifications for all poses!

About Adrianne Ireta Nelson 

A student at heart and Lover of life, Adrianne believes in the practice of self discovery and its potential to expand vitality personally, and in community through yoga that supports her studies and students. Adrianne paires her yoga education with a BS in Exercise Science from Utah Valley University with hundreds of hours working with human cadavers and mentoring anatomy college students in course study and human dissection. She has been teaching yoga & meditation since 2014 with an E-RYT 500, YACEP and over 1,000 hours teaching and training in Anusara yoga alignment, breath work, trauma-informed, anatomy, biomechanics, yoga philosophy, focused in classical and non-dual tantra, somatic yoga, meditation, pranayama, women’s health, injury comprehension/prevention, co-mentoring, & awareness. Working years in recovery and trauma-informed facilities, she found through yoga practices, philosophy and breath meditation to be a valuable ally to many of the recovery programs the clients were working to achieve. In addition, Adrianne finds delight and honor working with yoga teachers to refine what they already or want to know.

 Join her on this journey of ultimate introspection to simply advance and know yourSelf even more Deeply than you may already💗 & if you are indeed a yoga teacher this is could tap into the teachings from past trainings through beginner’s mind in furthering support yourSelf as a student and teacher alongside your fabulous yoga students.