Trauma-Sensitive Personal Tool-kit: the integration of mental health in the body


Led by Adrianne Nelson

Saturday, March 27th, 2021
12p – 4pm

4 CE credits available through YA

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Life gets gnarly and polar sometimes, but it’s mind blowing how the more you know, the more you know.

Join me whether you are a master or not in the connection between your psycho-somatics (mind-body) well-being as we dive into, how trauma or stressful events might get “stuck” in the body and affect mental health.

My goal for this workshop is to assist anyone willing to learn more about themselves through anatomy, yoga philosophy, meditation and breathing exercises. The more I learn about all those things the more the trauma response makes sense.

We’ll cover the following, plus more:

  • Utilizing life events, for better or worse, as a springboard in rising above to recognizing the bright spark that you already are!
  • Optimize access to mental & physical freedom through meditation and yoga
  • Understand how anatomy & neuroscience can help make sense of the nervous systems’ intelligent response to stress and trauma
  • There are always choices in the duality of life, infinite opportunities in re-cognition, Yay!

**4 CEU’s will be offered to teachers in alignment with Yoga Alliance

Hi, I’m Adrianne! Throughout the past 7 years I have been teaching trauma sensitive yoga and meditation in addiction recovery centers, PC behavioral hospital, outpatient clinics and the amazing Yoga Underground in Provo, Utah. In those 7 years the power and “magic of yoga” as our lovely Kenny says, constantly reaffirms to me the importance in aiding the recovery of challenging experiences.

Always remember you are amazing and capable of ANYTHING!