Underground Ecstatic Dance

led by rosalie jones
june 9, 9am-9:45am

priced as a regular sunday class!
$10 drop-in // included in all our unlimited memberships

* Available for registration 48 hours in advance

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Underground Ecstatic Dance is an embodiment practice, or movement meditation, that cultivates and strengthens mind-body-spirit connection, through releasing one’s body to move freely and spontaneously to the music playing. Through Underground Ecstatic Dance, we uncover our innate capacity for creativity, authentic expression, joy, and intuitive presence.

Multiple studies have shown strong evidence supporting the efficacy of dancing as a potent mood booster, pain reliever, and an awesome antidote to feeling lonely and disconnected.

The best part about Underground Ecstatic Dance? There’s no way to do it right or wrong, and there’s no such thing as being “good” or “bad” at it! Instead, we attune to the feelings in our body as we move, rather than the thoughts about how the dancing looks.

Ecstatic dance at The Yoga Underground sets itself apart from traditional ecstatic dance by exploring a wide range of genres musically, instead of solely using electronic music. Through thoughtfully curated playlists, we journey through the vast array of human emotions. Our bodies can be incredible instruments by aiding in processing of emotion through expression, and dancing is one of the most potent forms of physical expression. This practice can take many shapes: joyful, sorrowful, playful, serious, soft, rigid, slow, fast, sexy, weird…. you get the point. Your body will guide you, if you trust it, to move in the ways it wants and needs you to move.

Show up however you are, release whatever you need, and find space and play within through Underground Ecstatic Dance!

In order to nurture a safe and supportive environment we abide by three rules:

1. No talking

2. No phones

3. No intoxicants

These rules help us stay in an embodied and connective state with ourselves and those around us.