Yin & Kava – A Winter Ceremony of Self-Care


Saturday, January 23, 7-8:30pm

$30/person or $55 for two.
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Life got you worn to a frazzle? It turns out there is rest for the weary. Get a dose of calm, grounding energy at Yin & Kava – A Winter Ceremony Of Self-Care.

Kava is an important South-Pacific herb used daily for rituals of celebration and social connection.

The root of the kava plant contains kavalactones, which offers the gift of a calm, relaxed and easy-going frame of mind. Kava’s plant medicine can:

  • Take the edge off intense emotional times
  • Allow significant release ot muscle tension
  • Give a mild, euphoric lift of the spirits
  • Be a bridge for positive connection in the community

At Yin & Kava, we’ll partake of ceremonial kava (with a modern Covid-friendly twist), then honor it’s gifts with a gentle Yin Yoga practice, winter meditation & sound bath.

Yin yoga allows time to surrender more deeply to the effects of kava by holding each pose for 3-5 minutes with mindful attention.

After a year of constant turmoil, this Kava-based event is an opportunity to dedicate more time to self-care & stillness.

At Yin & Kava, you will step away from the stresses of the external world and go inward to your source of well-being.

Tickets $30/person or $55/double
Kava included.
Space limited. Book early to hold your spot.

Your ceremony leaders:
Abigail – Herbal Enchantress & Yoga Teacher
Christine – Ritual Weaver & Yoga Teacher
Jeff – Music Magician & Yoga Teacher