Summer Yin & Kava A Midsummer Gathering of Harmony

Saturday, June 26th 7-8:30PM

$55/two people

Kava included!
Yin & Kava – single

Yin & Kava – two tickets



It’s time for another Yin & Kava Sound Healing Gathering!

Why kava? It’s a South-Pacific herbal elixir used for both rituals and social fun. Kava eases the mind and relieves tension. It endows mental & physical relaxation and promotes flexibility in the body.

And its perfect pair is Yin Yoga! We hold an active stretch for longer durations to allow time for tissues to release tension.
Yin enriches us with deeper mind/body awareness.

Wrap all that up with a healing sound bath, and you seal the peace of midsummer into your internal landscape.

Imagine a wide variety of percussion, stringed and reed instruments thoughtfully sequenced & blended to deepen your relaxation and take you on a sweet sound journey.

Go within.

Allow the harmony of Yin, Kava & Sound Healing to nourish your soul this summer.

Your ceremony leaders:
Abigail – Herbal Enchantress & Yoga Teacher
Christine – Ritual Weaver & Yoga Teacher
Jeff – Music Magician & Yoga Teacher