Yogapalooza: a free yoga festival!


April 15-17, 2021

No registration necessary!



Join us for our 300-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training graduation with loads of free specialty classes! All classes are open to beginner’s and are first come, first serve. We have limited capacity still due to COVID, so arrive early to get a spot! Don’t have a mat? No worries! We rent them for $1!

Thursday, April 15:
10:30am Earth Day Yoga (held at Kiwanis Park, weather permitting!)
1:15pm: Chakra Dance & Kundalini Awakening
2:30pm Awaken Your Inner Child

Friday, April 16:
9:15am: Restorative Yoga for Self-Love
10:30am: Ayurveda 101
1:15pm Face & Feet Yoga
6pm Partner Yoga & Connection Date Night
7:30pm Restorative Yoga & Journaling
9pm: Yoga Disco Dance Party

Saturday, April 17:
noon: Yoga for Rainbow Teens
1:30pm: Asana & Myth Embodied: Unlocking the Creative Intelligence Within
3pm: Awaken the Queen Within

Class Descriptions: 

Earth Day Yoga: Join us for an Earth Day Inspired yoga flow and grounding meditation aimed at reconnecting with yourself and Mother Earth. weather permitting, this class will be held at Kiwanis Park just a few blocks north of the studio.

Chakra Dance & Kundalini Awakening: Let go of fears and limitations, and unlock creative potentiality as we embark upon a 7-stage Chakra journey together. This class will explore each Chakra, individually, through music, visualization, and free-flowing Yoga Dance. (Yoga Dance = yoga and dance mixed together) *No dance experience necessary! Anyone, anywhere can participate. Let loose, and let wild. Let’s create our dreams together!

Awaken Your Inner Child: Come play, imagine, and connect with me and get in touch with you inner child! A fun light hearted flow with a guided meditation to give your inner child a chance to play and heal your past.

Restorative Yoga for Self-Love: Join us for a self-love and forgiveness restorative yoga class. Come to grow, come to learn, and come to let go.

Ayurveda 101: Learn how to strengthen your immunity and prevent disease through Ayurveda! Discover your unique dosha (mind/body composition) and how you can boost your health and heal imbalances in the body through diet, sleep, stress reduction, exercise/movement and more.

Face & Feet Yoga: In this class we will work on good posture, facial movement, and massaging the face, ears and scalp. Then moving down to the feet, we’ll massage the feet and roll them out on lacrosse balls!

Partner Yoga & Connection Date Night: Enliven the connection with your favorite person in this playful date night! We will practice partner poses and stretches, discover and balance the masculine and feminine energies through breath, and learn simple rituals to deepen connection. Conversation and foot rubs highly encouraged. Bring your special someone, close friend or date, and a mat!

Restorative Yoga & Journaling: Come ready with your journal and wildest dreams! Enjoy a guided meditation with gentle asanas and conscious stream writing breaks between poses. This class is designed to give you the space to enjoy your creative mind to the fullest and connect with your heart on the mat!

Yoga Disco Dance Party: We will be turning up the jam with a fun high energy yoga flow to dance music and lasers. This class is all about fun and expressive movement, so come get your groove on.

Yoga For Rainbow Teens: In this class LGBTQ+ teens get to have a blast exploring their awesomeness in this one of a kind confidence boosting flow. Come as you are and bring your friends! All levels welcome.

Asana & Myth Embodied: Unlocking the Creative Intelligence Within

As a guide to inner-wisdom, Yoga is a practice of Union. Gain an understanding of the energetic body, through popular asanas and the story behind these Archetypal creations. Sensing, feeling, knowing the power of the Divine Intelligence that thrives within. Best thing about this class, you can take this with you into your practice, on your mat, off your mat… wherever you go.

Awaken the Queen Within: Join Kayla in this divine feminine yoga flow infused with kundalini awakening practices to encourage the wild goddess within to RISE. In this class we will experience fluidity, we will discuss the moon phases and how they impact the feminine body, and we will create a powerful sisterhood bond. This workshop will also include a mini moon phase ritual guide book to support you throughout the evolving phases, with practices that support the expansion of the QUEEN that you are! Class will close with a mini, nourishing sound bath.