adventure retreat

feb 23 – march 2, 2025

this retreat is sold out!

welcome to your easiest, most exotic adventure yet!

Imagine gazing at turquoise green waters in bold, deep shades that seem too beautiful to be real as you enjoy the freshest fruit you’ve ever had. Lounging on a postcard-worthy longtail boat easily weaving between rocky islands covered in magical moss, this place feels like a complete dream. You’ve never been somewhere so gorgeously remote, and yet you feel safe and totally at ease because you know that each and every detail of this experience has been curated in such a way that all you have to do is show up and allow yourself to have the adventure of a lifetime! Right outside your bungalow is one of the best places in the world to swim with the bioluminescent plankton, and as the water splashes against your thighs in bursts of sparkles it feels like you’re swimming in the stars.

As your plane lands in Krabi, Thailand, a driver will be there with a piece of paper that has your name on it. We have taken care of every little detail to give you the opportunity to explore, be present, and adventure your little heart out. Everything has already been arranged: all meals, adventures, lodging, and transportation — up to the moment you board your plane to return home at the end of the week!

This retreat is open to men & women, and our goal is to create a wonderfully cohesive, supportive group dynamic full of people with hearts wide open, ready to expand and experience and love. More an adventure retreat than a yoga retreat, we hope to establish a safe place for you to escape from your everyday life and reconnect with your truest self and sense of humanity in one of the most magical, breathtaking places in the world. I can’t wait to share these hidden gems with you!



Oh, I could write so many love song tributes to this hidden corner of Thailand! I stumbled across this specific location “accidentally” so many years ago — but what felt like an accident in the moment I can now see was totally meant to be. My first trip there, I was in utter awe so much of the time: it felt like a dream or some sort of wonderful hallucination. Bananas Bungalow is charming and quaint and the food is just excellent. Yes, it’s a bit out of the way, but because of this there’s nearly zero light pollution. This means (especially during the new moon — which is when we’ll be there!!) the stars are unreal and with the extra darkness we’ll have the best chance possible to see/swim with the bioluminescent plankton (one of the top experiences of my life).

In my opinion, the best way to experience Thailand is to allow yourself to be totally immersed in the natural, awe-inspiring beauty of the water and the islands and the people. Adventuring in this part of the world not only makes me feel alive in the best way possible — it also makes me feel like a kid again! My hope is that by giving yourself permission to feel this childlike joy, you remember what it feels like to be alive, to be human, and to be free. From my experience, this is the very best of what Thailand has to offer, and I can’t wait to watch your perspective and views of yourself and our world expand and evolve in ways that are more magical, fun, and full of dancing, sparkly turquoise waters.

sicily activities & excursions

your retreat leader

Hi, I’m Brittany! I’ve been teaching yoga since 2008 and opened The Yoga Underground in 2010. I love the way that traveling gives me the opportunity to practice my yoga off the mat, as it forces me to expand my perspective and see things (and myself) in a new and different way. Traveling has also been incredibly empowering to me; each time I navigate a new airport in a new country, the world opens up to me a little more and I feel so alive! I travel to see the world, but I also travel to see myself — and myself within the world. Our web of humanity is somehow simultaneously enormous but also quite small and intimate. Together, we all want to love and be loved, we want to share, and we want to connect. And in this way we are all the same. We are one.

Leading retreats all over the world has become one of my favorite things to do, as I love watching retreaters’ minds open as they experience things for the first time. I’d be honored for you to trust me enough to show you some of my favorite hidden gems across the world — and Thailand is now at the top of that list!

Activities and Excursions

Throughout our time in Thailand, you will have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of activities and adventures, designed to tickle all of your fancies — reconnect with your inner child as you allow yourself to explore and experience things for the first time, all in a safe and supportive group of like-minded souls.

Our recipe for the week will include:

  • Island Hopping on Longtail Boats
  • Kayaking through the Mangrove Trees
  • The Night Market in Krabi Town
  • Swimming in the Emerald Pools
  • A visit Wat Kaew Korawaram Temple
  • Hiking Tiger Cave Temple
  • A Day Trip to Railay Beach (Option to go rock climbing here!)

The Retreat Center

  • Bananas Bungalow is like a little heaven here on Earth. Ollie, our sweet German host, has been running this little center for more than 30 years. If you end up coming back to Thailand for anything, it will be for him. (I suppose I can only speak for myself – but this will be my fourth time back!)
  • Bananas is located in Tha Lane Bay, outside of Krabi Town on a quiet road. This waterfront property changes significantly throughout the day as the tides change. Giant mangrove trees surround the dock, providing the perfect place for monkeys to play. When the tide is low, you can walk quite a ways on the sand, looking for starfish, crabs, and other fun treasures.
  • The entire property is outfitted with wifi, but it’s also the perfect place to disconnect, recharge, and regroup
  • This place is magic. We will treat it as such. You’ll love what this remote bungalow has to offer.
  • all toilets have bidets, but if TP is your thing bring a roll — and all TP goes in the waste basket next to the toilet!

packing list!

☐ bug spray
☐ sunscreen
☐ swimming suits
☐ cover-up
☐ shoes/sandals that can get wet
☐ shorts/skirts
☐ tanks/tees/dresses
☐ journal/pen
☐ toiletries
☐ snacks
☐ gadget/chargers
☐ comfy travel clothes
☐ money/documents
☐ day bag/backpack
☐ water bottle
☐ light jacket
☐ type B plug adapter
☐ passport (valid at least 6 months beyond the date exiting the US)
☐ scarf to cover shoulders at the temples
☐ towel or sarong for the beach

make sure to have any medicine you need! and anything else that could help make your travels more enjoyable. add a travel notice to your credit card so you can withdraw cash at an ATM in town for extra snacks, souvenirs, or drinks.


*itinerary is subject to change based on weather, and might be adjusted as we get closer to our adventures!

what's included

literally everything but your flight — we have taken care of it all! including:

  • waterfront bungalow accommodations
  • transportation to & from the airport
  • all delicious & fresh Thai meals
  • daily excursions including: long tail boat rides, snorkeling, hiking to secret -beaches, exploring natural pools, kayaking through the mangroves, cultural –experiences and more!

Flight Information

  • You’ll need to purchase round-trip tickets from the airport of your choice to Krabi, Thailand (KBV) that arrives by early afternoon on Sunday, February 23, 2025. (Typically it’s cheaper to fly to Bangkok and then get a separate flight to Bangkok-Krabi, just make sure to give yourself a bit of a cushion!)
  • Return Date: please select your return flight for Sunday, March 2, preferably sometime after 11am
  • When you arrive in Krabi on February 23, a driver with your name on a sign will be waiting outside the airport for you to take you on a beautiful 45 min drive to our retreat center, which is outside Krabi Town in Tha Lane Bay
  • We will gather your flight information as soon as you have it, to arrange drivers etc

Required Documents

  • All US citizens must have a passport valid for 6 months after leaving the United States
  • travel insurance is recommended but not required

Room Options

* If you have been on a retreat with us before, please add a note in your order as to what number this will be so we can add your extra retreaters club discount! Retreaters club #3, #5, #7, #9, and #10 cannot be combined with any additional discount. All free spots (#3, #5, #7, and #10) are for standard twin rooms without extension, but you can pay to upgrade your room and/or add an extension if one is offered. There are limited spots for retreaters club discount #5 & #10 and these are on a first come/first serve basis! You must email Brittany at yogaundergroundutah@gmail.com to save your spot once the retreat is announced. If the spot is already taken, you can move to discount #6 or #2 (depending on if you were on #5 or #10) and/or try again next time! If you take spot #5/#10 and cancel with less than 6 months notice before the retreat, you lose your retreaters club status and must start over.

no refunds will be made after December 1, 2024
everything must be paid in full by February 1, 2025
20% deposit is non-refundable

Pay a 20% deposit per item

thailand 2022


Thailand was a dream. Dreams come true! Swimming under the new moon with the glow of bioluminescent plankton engulfing the body is pure magic. Exploring hot springs and depths of the jungle was connective medicine for the soul. I feel incredibly grateful for the experience and connections built.


I loved the Tiger Cave Temple. Climbing 1,267 stairs was well worth the view. It seemed we were floating above the clouds. The sunset lighting the Buddha. Absolutely spectacular!


I loved showing up on this retreat, knowing that I could trust all the details to Brittany, and have a unique, magical adventure without any of the stress and the hard work of planning a trip. We experienced the rich Thai culture and landscape all while staying outside of crowded touristy centers in our own private stretch of beach hidden in the mangrove trees. We enjoyed bustling night markets, sparkling blue waters, picturesque longboats between rocky islands, thick jungle with clear spring pools, mystical kayaking routes, sparkling night swims, and majestic temples.


Thailand was magical! From hiking through jungles to swimming in emerald pools to traveling by long-tail boats, it was so many of my dreams come true. We got to see places that I only ever thought I’d
experience by looking at my calendars! Though extremely hard to pick, I think my favorite thing was kayaking through a mangrove forest next to cave-like cliffs that were some of the most majestic things I’d ever seen!


Thailand was magic! I absolutely loved the variety of adventures we got to go on. The stunning beaches and scenery were my absolute favorite.


This trip was so amazing! We didn’t have to plan anything which meant we could really relax and enjoy the magic of the whole week!


My favorite part of the retreat was the Klong Thom Hot Springs! Just as we emerged from the bamboo forest a cooling rain started to pour down. Surrounded by rain we soaked in natural hot springs fed by
waterfalls. So surreal and magical! One of those moments you’ll never forget.


If you want to be on a continuous secret mission of adventure with other like-minded souls, take a retreat with Brittany. I have never been more carefree on a trip while having the time of my life.
Turquoise waters during the day while on long tail boats while looking at jaw dropping mountains & splashing in glittering water that’ll make you want to laugh & cry during the night. Thailand is definitely a vibe.

Hailey and Jocelyn

We both had never climbed and were a little nervous. The retreat group cheered us on and we made both made it to the top of our route. Climbing at Railey Beach was something we’d never had experienced
without joining the adventure retreat!