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Greetings from the land of vineyards & olive trees, of exquisite cuisine, ancient history, and top-notch adventures! Our Sicily Goddess Retreat has been simply incredible, and we are now ready to share more – just scroll down! Our next Goddess Retreat is already in the works – want to be the first to know? Sign up for our retreat early bird list! We’ll be announcing soon!


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While on our magical retreat, Danena Retreat Center was our home base. Renata (the owner) and her staff are just incredible, and did everything they could to make sure our stay was comfortable, fun, and full of delicious homemade food! Each retreater got picked up at the airport and driven directly Danena – easy peasy.
About an hour south of Catania, Danena is the perfect jumping off point for so many adventures!

Here’s just a taste of our fantastic week in paradise…



Our Sicily retreat could not have been more perfect! It was the best balance of adventure and relaxation. I loved exploring a new city every day and being able to come home to our amazing villa each night. It was so nice splitting up the go-go go with yoga, massages, and meditation. I left feeling motivated and rejuvenated! BEST WEEK EVER!!!





I didn’t have any idea what to expect going on this goddess retreat. I can say it was 100% more than I ever imagined.



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I had the most amazing time at TYU’s Sicily Goddess retreat! What a group of incredible humans! The retreat was a perfect mix of relaxing/reflecting and exploring/adventuring. Our evening at the vineyard and walking amongst the 2,000 year old ruins is an experience I will never forget!





I’ve never experienced such a magical goddess experience before. I felt so beautiful & loved every moment of the trip it’s hard to choose one moment as my favorite. From wandering the streets of Ortigia, to floating in the Mediterranean sea, to eating all the different Gelato & feeling small beside the ruins of Neapolis. I fell in love with this city & a piece of my heart will always remain.





The goddess retreat was a re-treat. A treat that I will revisit again and again in my heart. A time to disappear in a fairytale. The food, the small towns and views, and my favorite- us girls all living together for a week, letting loose expressing our inner children.



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This yoga retreat was just MAGICAL. I felt so much love from everyones energy!! The independence that Brittany allowed us to have is empowering – knowing that we will get out of this dreamy trip whatever we put into it! The breathtaking views, old alleyways, fresh food, juicy yoga & entertaining people that were filled with so much love & laughing till we were on the ground made the trip! I hope that my future is filled with more experiences & people like this!



Wow! I was not expecting such a life changing experience. From exploring the beauty in each city, to the relaxing yoga and meditation, to the immense love and support from each woman there. It made my heart swell with love and appreciation. I am so grateful for the safe space created by Brittany to have this wonderful opportunity. Thank you!!


Sicily, you were so good to us. Exploring your fairytale villages with tummies full of gelato and hearts full of goddess vibes is an experience we’ll never forget. Your people are so kind, and your landscape is breathtaking. And your food? Out of this world!
We will, without a doubt, be back!


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At The Yoga Underground, we are committed to expanding your perspective by showing you the world – the real yoga takes place outside the walls of the studio. When you travel with us, we will take care of every little detail so all you have to do is show up & adventure your little heart out! There is truly so much magic to experience, and we are here to lead the way..