sleep: a love story


about sleep!

And here it is: my final sleep email! (for now, lol) Here is a summary of all the tips, tricks, gadgets, and information I’ve shared over the past month regarding beautiful, high quality sleep – and the reasons you should prioritize getting enough.
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daily sleep habits:

  • sunlight!
  • no phone for at least an hour after waking
  • no caffeine for at least an hour after waking
  • 15-20 minutes meditation
  • intention setting movement
The Ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes
The Ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes

daily sleep habits:

  • evening sunlight!
  • early dinner
  • no phone for at least an hour before bed
  • low light
  • hot bath/shower & cool room
  • avoid alcohol/marijuana
  • keep a consistent morning & evening routine

my top sleep gadgets:

  • the oura ring
  • hatch sunrise/sunset alarm
  • dim lighting
  • earplugs
  • blackout curtains
  • candles
  • fun bath treats
The Ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes
The Ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes

my fav sleep benefits:

  • improved cognitive performance
  • better hormonal health
  • enhanced creativity
  • stronger immune system
  • emotional & spiritual wellness
  • physical recovery
  • increased overall happiness
My friends, I know it’s easy to get obsessive with things like diet and exercise, but sleep is your number one optimization tool! Sleep is the most essential tool for longevity & brain health. I urge you to care enough about yourself + how you feel to take the time to prioritize your sleep! But at the same time, be easy with all of this – it took me months of research, trial and error, and implementing these ideas to feel like I had settled into new habits/routines where I could distinctly feel these benefits – but I promise, it is so worth it!

From my experience, the culmination of all of these benefits is increased overall happiness. (And who doesn’t want that?!) When I am getting enough high quality sleep & all of these other aspects are falling so easily into place, feeling happy is a natural side effect. I wake up each day so excited to be alive, excited to continue my journey through this wild life with more ease and flow – and I strongly believe that we all deserve to feel this wonderful!

Comments? Questions? Let me know! Email me at yogaundergroundutah@gmail.com & I will respond within 48 hours – I am here to support you on your sleep journey!