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ariana anderson

a glimpse into arie’s journey to 100 classes:

How has yoga helped you physically?
I have always had a lot of body pain. Probably from doing sports growing up & from some health issues. Since I started doing yoga, my body has never felt better and I actually crave it. If I go a few days without doing yoga, my body usually starts to hurt. So it has definitely helped me a lot physically.

How has yoga helped you mentally/emotionally?
Just being able to focus on myself and my body, breath & mind. Knowing that it’s my practice. And that I’m doing it for myself and my growth. Yoga has given me a better outlook on myself and life & my stress levels have gone down.

How has your yoga practice changed over time?
I went from not knowing anything about yoga to loving it and becoming a certified teacher. I did the YTT with brittany at the yoga underground. I enjoy learning new things about yoga all the time. I grew up doing gymnastics & cheer, so I love that yoga helps me keep up my flexibility!

The Ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes
Why do you love yoga?

Yoga is fun, relaxing, and helps me feel more healthy both physically & mentally. It just makes me feel more positive overall.

Do you have any fav poses?
I love them all honestly haha. But I would have to say, supine twist, cow face & prone shoulder stretch are pretty great. I also enjoy going upside down, it’s fun.

What’s one thing you’re excited about for 2024?
I’m excited for change as I continue to grow and work on myself, meet fun new people, help others, and hopefully do some traveling.

What’s one thing you’re proud of?
How much I’ve grown as a person, especially since I did my yoga teacher training. And a lot of the challenges and hardships I’ve overcome.

We love you, Arie! And we are so proud of you. Thank you for being part of our yoga family!


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