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vicki heal hits 500 classes!

From Thailand With Love

Our very own sweet Vicki Heal just completed her 500th class at The Yoga Underground! We are so proud of her. It’s been a privilege having Vicki in our Underground Family – scroll down to read more about this wonderful human and her journey to 500 classes!

What is your favorite yoga pose? (you can name a few if you want!)
Humble warrior. Butterfly. Laying back over blocks and the pillow – opening my heart.

In what ways have 500 classes benefited your life?
The 500 classes have been a gentle journey of learning to trust the breath and the poses to release tension and disconnect from anxious thoughts.

How have you remained consistent with your practice?
Consistency has come as a result of an initial commitment to myself – to complete at least 30 classes within a 6 month period. Then I connected with a friend and we attended together. Now, yoga is very much a part of my weekly routine and commitments, it is an appointment with myself. I feel the difference when I stop or have a gap.

The Ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes

What is something that makes you really happy?

I thought of all sorts of things like seeds, nature, quieted thoughts – not obviously connected to yoga. So, I choose β€˜Flow’. The flow which comes from a quiet mind, movement in the body, and a willingness to see miracles and experience awe.

What advice would you give to someone just beginning their yoga journey?
Several pieces of advice – find a friend to accompany you; go early in the morning; decide to attend a certain number of sessions within a three month period – I suggest 3 times per week – this allows the yoga process of connecting the breath with the movement begin to do the beneficial work of peace and inner connection. Yoga is NOT a competitive sport.

What is your favorite thing about yoga?
I often arrive at yoga with a busy, anxious mind and I leave feeling calm and grounded. My body feels attended to – flexible, yet in control.

What helps you feel peaceful/calm?
When I arrive at The Yoga Underground I actively think of leaving my problems outside the door. I connect with my mat and consider it my safe place where my anxious thoughts and behaviours are not permitted. I tell myself β€œI am here” – BE here.

What are you most excited about in 2024?
Traveling to India. Going to Italy with my husband. Working in my garden. Getting my house in order. It is difficult to pin down one thing, because there is something to look forward to each month…

In what ways are you different from when you took your first class vs. now at the 500 mark?
I am a little more flexible than when I began. My balance is so much better. I know that I can do hard things. As I breathe with the yoga practice and poses I know I can trust my body to move into a pose a little deeper and release. As my body releases my mind has learned to be more flexible, release ideas and consider new or different ones. Anxieties, have been reduced. Time feels different. I am learning to see uncertainties without panic or thinking life is out of control. Like a pose – I can hold myself calm, balanced, and breathing out the tension. Yoga now is about trusting the process of transition, inner peace, and personal growth and becoming my own best friend.

Anything else you’d like to say?
Starting yoga was the best birthday gift I gave myself. It has repaid me in subtle and beautiful ways. It has woken me up to seeing personal possibilities and in enjoying my life journey. I love yoga!

We love you, Vicki! Next time you see Vicki at the studio, be sure to give her a 500-class high-five.


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