I had my 200-hour training on my list of goals for years, and it only took me a few moments at the Yoga Underground to realize that this was where I wanted and needed to spend my time learning and growing. Not only did I learn how to sequence a beautiful class, I learned how to use my voice, adjust and guide people in positions, teach breathing and meditation, how to use music appropriately in classes, and so much more. However, the greatest thing I learned was that my own yoga journey is just beginning! There are so many things that I needed to be taught a firm foundation on, as well as several things that I was pushed to on an advanced level as well. I was only practicing yoga a few times a week before my training, and now it’s motivated me to practice every day! On top of that, I was teaching full classes just a week after my training. You can look forward to becoming comfortable teaching almost immediately and also a teacher that people love! Brittany and the Yoga Underground is an amazing place to be. I would suggest this training to anyone and everyone. If not for the purpose of teaching, but the sole purpose of finding something special inside of yourself.