I took Brittany’s training in September, 2015. I actually had missed the start date, but was informed by Brittany that she would catch me up and that I could still join. Yoga teacher training was something I had aspired towards for a couple years at that point, yet even still, I was intimidated that I wasn’t ready or good enough. However, Brittany gave me no excuse not to jump in head first and begin, and even after the first day, I began to see my body and emotions begin to heal in a way that they had never been before.

I have looked and researched into many yoga teacher training courses from Salt Lake to Provo, and I know this sounds cliche, but I honestly could not have picked a more magical program. What I wanted from a program, that I wasn’t quite satisfied elsewhere with, was that I wanted more than just the yoga poses, adjustments and Sanskrit names. I wanted the philosophy. I wanted a taste of what it FELT like to consider the true 8 limbs. This may sound selfish, but I wanted a program I could find healing and empowerment in for myself that I could emanate and share, because that is what yoga has always meant for me. It has always been a savior in my low moments.

Brittany tapped into a way of understanding that yoga CANNOT be digested, lived, or expressed without self-love and actualization, and it is clear that through her program, she made it her mission to unravel that within us more so than just giving us facts to recite and perform. What I loved the most is that she invited a host of numerous experts and educators who specialized in everything from recovery through meditation, balancing chakras, yoga expression through dance, anatomy and physiology and the science of how to get in touch with our truest temperament type based upon our phenotype. It was so unique.

To simply say that Brittany created a wonderful teacher training program would be an understatement. Honestly, it is a place of healing, of letting go, of holding on, of creating, of spreading wings, of trusting, and of flying. She cultivated Yoga Chikitsa in its most true and beautiful sense. I hold this experience close to my heart and would recommend it to all I love!