My training at the Yoga Underground was incredibly uplifting for my mind, body, and spirit. Brittany is a deep well of knowledge and gladly answers any questions about any aspect of yoga teaching throughout the course. I got so much out of the YTT program. I have heard of students who graduate from other teacher training programs and feel that they don’t actually know HOW to teach. They feel clueless when put in front of a group of students. I left the Yoga Underground’s program knowing full well how to teach any group of students from start to finish. The program goes in depth on certain topics such as poses, breathing, and mindfulness, while also covering the basics of teaching yoga, which many other training programs often leave out. My favorite thing about the course was that Brittany, The Yoga Underground’s studio owner and extremely educated and trained yogi, teaches the entire 200-hour course, aside from a handful of days in which she hires outside professionals to come in and share some valuable information on their area of expertise. She is dedicated to seeing her YTT students succeed!