Teacher training at the yoga underground is a thoughtful fusion of yoga instruction and inward reflection. The small groups create a very open and social atmosphere while also allowing for times of quietness and contemplation. Before training started I was expecting a physical challenge. While I did get stronger, the greater challenge was to slow down, be still, and think about who you are and where you want to be. This type of spiritual guidance expands beyond yoga practice and can be relevant to many other aspects of your life and inner self. Gaining a deeper understanding yourself will help you to better connect with others and be a more effective teacher. My favorite thing about Brittany’s training is how individuality is strongly encouraged as you find your own teaching style and voice. I feel equipped to create flowing, unscripted sequences and cultivate a space with a warm, welcoming atmosphere for all levels. I highly recommend training at The Yoga Underground, it is an invaluable investment and an experience you will cherish.