My YTT experience isn’t something that can be summed up in a short paragraph or a few sentences. It was an experience that inspired me to evolve into a beautiful version of myself that I have come to admire each day. I learned the skills and confidence to teach a class by the end of 4 weeks, as well as carry out that confidence in the real world to pursue what I truly love. Brittany does an amazing job at showing each person that walks through those teacher training doors how to love themselves through the journey of YTT because it’s not an easy walk through the park. After YTT I felt like my understanding of yoga took leaps and bounds of growth and I understood the culture of yoga, the development, and how I can apply it to my own individual self. YTT has been on of the greatest experiences of my life because of the culture that Brittany has created in her classroom, it’s something you can’t put to words. I encourage everyone to try a class and if you are wanting to pursue teacher training, to ask Brittany about it and have a conversation with her! You will be able to feel exactly what she has to offer just by being around her.