I came from California for the YTT journey. What I know about YTT now is, I would have come from across the country for it- no joke. I can’t just pick one thing that was my favorite. I love the structure of the class. I love the book provided — so helpful, colorful, well-organized, and beautiful! I love the experience of diving in and teaching. It is baptism by fire with loving constructive feedback and unconditional support. I loved Stephen’s meditation class- need I say more??

I loved that Rumi was around all the time. He is the absolute best. I loved the opportunity we had to do your class as a part of YTT on Monday nights. I loved the opportunity for self-exploration during YTT. The opportunities for expansion were countless.

YTT! Sigh such a beautiful chapter of my life! Such a beautiful voyage of self-discovery! YTT facilitated a journey to cultivate a sustainable, interwoven deeper connection with my mind, body, and soul to in turn embody my most organically-grown authentic self. The resources I have to add to my toolbox are priceless. These tools I received will continue to allow me to flourish on my journey. So soulful, so peaceful, so happy, so authentically me.