There was a lot that I really loved about the training, I do not think I could pick just one. I loved going into detail about the technology of Yoga Nidra. It really helped me to understand exactly what is going on in terms of my experiences that I have had in the practice. I love that I now have a map to teach my friends back home in California too. I would always tell them how cool it is, but now I can actually share it with them as well as with others. Another thing I really loved was all the guest speakers that we had come, it made it clear how many more things there were to learn about to become an awesome yoga teacher. I am currently enrolled in kundalini TT 100 percent as a result of this training, and kundalini yoga is providing me a whole world of tools to add to my arsenal. A main takeaway from this training is that The Yoga Underground is the best yoga studio in all of Utah, and the more I delve into how it functions the more I think this. I love the community, Brittany is the best teacher and friend, and it is truly a magical place that I have the honor to be a part of.