My favorite parts about this retreat:
1) the orange juice – best orange juice I’ve ever had and nothing compares to it!
2) the people. Every single person I met on this trip was incredible! Our drivers/guides- just so full of energy and so much fun! The Moroccan people we met while purchasing rugs, or argan oil, or the little lady spinning the yarn. They were always so welcoming and even if we couldn’t communicate, they would kindly smile or acknowledge us. Lastly, the group of women! Definitely a diverse group but we all meshed in the best way. I enjoyed getting to meet new people out of my typical comfort circle and learned so much from each of these beautiful individuals. I didn’t realize how much I needed this feminine energy until it hit me!
3) the hotels. I just already love staying in hotels, but these stays were so charming with different Moroccan touches. I was so excited to travel to the next stop just to see what the hotel/room had to offer 🙂
4) the planned itinerary- I love traveling but I hate planning! Especially to a new location where you don’t know anything about it and also factoring in what’s affordable and what’s safe. Brittany nailed it! I loved waking up and just being able to follow the crowd and know that I would have good food and transportation. Made the trip so stress free and enjoyable.
5) the eventful and chill time- when I travel I love to see and experience as much as I can, but I also need a little down time to reset and recharge. This trip was exactly that. It was a perfect balance of trying new things, seeing and experiencing a lot, but also the time to just chill under the stars or drink some tea and chat or nap.