I loved everything about my 300-hour training! Brittany has such a wealth of knowledge, and she shares with her classes what will be of the most benefit to them. I loved how customized this training was to the people in my group.
I felt like I learned exactly what I came here to learn, and a lot of things that I didn’t even know I needed. I learned how to teach some new styles of yoga that I really wanted to add to my repertoire, like yoga nidra, kids’ yoga, trauma-informed yoga, and restorative yoga. I also honed and refined my skills of sequencing and incorporating a spiritual/mental element into my classes.
More than anything, though, this experience was transformational. Brittany understands that she can give us all the tools and skills in the world, but we won’t be good yoga teachers if we aren’t confident and if we don’t love ourselves. We had some workshops and guest speakers come in to help us identify and root out our core insecurities–things that keep us from progressing and improving in our lives. I left this training with a better understanding of my underlying beliefs of how I view myself and the world, and with a toolkit to transform my thought processes and beliefs. Brittany genuinely cares about us as people, and by helping us identify and work on our own insecurities, she helps us become better, more confident and competent teachers. I can’t recommend this training enough and I wish I could do it 100 more times! Definitely got more than I paid for with this training!