A week before I started the 300 hour training, someone told me it would crack me open in the best of ways. And she was absolutely right. The 300 hour yoga teacher training program at The Yoga Underground pushed my mind and soul in ways that I have both needed and longed for. Brittany was extremely attentive to us, incorporating everything that we both needed and wanted to grow as teachers and humans into the training. Every step felt well thought out and personal. It pushed me into limits that I didn’t know were holding me back, and helped me tear down those limits. I came out of this training with a better understanding of who I am, and what I value. I felt empowered to lean into my most authentic self and fully accept it. I learned how to move through uncertainty and fear with more ease, peace, and trust. Brittany’s 300 hour YTT is the epitome of trusting the process, and whatever you put into it and trust her with – you receive back tenfold. I will be learning things from this training for the rest of my life.