Since I was but a wee teen, I wanted to grow up fast so I could do yoga teacher training. As I got more involved in it, I had trouble finding studios and teachers that seemed to align with how I spiritually felt Yoga really, truly was. I put off YTT until I found a studio I felt connected to. Brittany and The Yoga Underground were an answer to prayers I’ve held in my heart for many years. I had always felt that there could be better ways of teaching and practicing yoga, especially after experiencing some very dogmatic studios. I’m glad to know I was right, as now I have evidence: Brittany’s Tanha yoga. Brittany and her studio, and everything that she’s worked so hard to create within, is unlike anything I’ve experienced. She brings the Heart of Yoga to the heart of her studio, and generously shares it with anyone who is interested. I was able to witness the facilitation of healing she, and everyone there, provides firsthand, for both myself and others. I am not one to often say, “it changed my life” unless I mean it, so here goes: Brittany and The Yoga Underground really did change my life. I am forever indebted to such a wonderful community of souls! With the most amount of love that a human brain could possibly conceive and comprehend, Rosalie Jones.