It’s hard to say what my favorite thing was in YTT, because I loved it SO MUCH! I signed up for this yoga training thinking I would just learn about yoga teaching—and I did– but the education and opportunities for deepening my understanding for my personal practice as well as learning more about my self-improvement and spiritually was unexpected and unparalleled to anything I’ve completed.

I love yoga so learning so much about it was my dream. I loved learning more about mediation—this was something that I really didn’t know much about prior to beginning. And I completely love the hands-on approach to teaching and how much teaching practice we got while going through the program. I could see the growth in myself and others from the first week of teaching to the last.

Brittney is an amazing instructor. I love the practical (instead of ideal) approach she takes to yoga. She helps everyone to feel that they can come as they are and that we are enough! Also I admire how she helps people to feel good about the practice they just did—in spite of whatever their body had to offer that day—and that she taught us to consider that as we are leading our classes.

Learning about how to teach different personality types was something that I’d never even considered, but it makes such a huge difference.

I also love that she keeps the classes pretty small so that we get a lot of individual attention. And I love the type of people she attracts to this program. The group dynamic was warm and welcoming and encouraging. I hope to stay in touch with everyone from the class!