This experience was far better than I was expecting. The first night I was trying to talk myself out of finishing it, because I was scared I wouldn’t be good at it. Realizing so much that my deep rooted story of myself is “I am not good enough.” This experience taught me so much more than, I am good enough! It pushed me in ways I needed to be pushed. The classes were motivating and my commitment to coming everyday taught me so much of what I didn’t know I needed. My personal life has benefited in so many ways that I can’t even express.

My favorite part of it was the feeling of empowerment! Empowerment and attunement to my growth as a human and a yogi. Being so new to Yoga, this was exactly what I needed to begin my daily practice and journey into moving my body freely and in a way that feels right for me. TYU provided such a safe, wonderful space for my journey! I am forever grateful!