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about sleep!

In case you haven’t already heard, I am obsessed with beautiful, high quality sleep. The way I feel after a restorative night’s sleep is…chefs kiss! In addition to it being so incredibly good for your body, getting plenty of awesome sleep also does wonders for your brain! It seems that there’s so much focus on sleep quantity – but all the new sleep research shows that quality is as important, or possibly even more important, than quantity. So, in case you need some extra motivation to prioritize your sleep, I wanted to share some of my favorite benefits of high quality sleep!
These are definitely not all of the benefits of sleep, just a few of my favorites 🙂

my favorite sleep benefits:

improved cognitive performance: Studies have consistently linked enough quality sleep with improved brain processing function, decision making, and adaptability to change. High quality sleep also helps improve learning and memory. This can benefit all areas of our lives, including relationships with others, the ability to stay focused, and the ability to live in better alignment with our values.

better hormonal health: Non-REM sleep, achieved early on in the night in slow-wave delta sleep (deep sleep) is an essential part of sleep because this is when human growth hormone is released – this stimulates cell reproduction & regeneration, and improves brain function, neuroprotection, and neurogenesis. Additionally, the majority of daily testosterone release happens during REM sleep – not getting enough REM sleep can lead to low testosterone levels which can effect various functionalities in both men & women. High quality sleep also helps us regulate stress hormones to feel more relaxed & less reactive.

enhanced creativity: sleep is crucial for creativity – sleep plays a fundamental role in creativity, as it impacts both sides of the brain, enhancing imaginative thinking and the ability to solve problems. Both non-REM and REM sleep stages are essential for creative processes. High quality sleep has also been linked to our ability to recognize patterns: seeing connections between seemingly unrelated things can help us solve problems and approach all areas of our lives with more creativity and resilience.

stronger immune system: high quality sleep helps improve our immune function and ability to fight off infection. This leads to better chronic disease prevention (helping us steer clear of things like heart disease, diabetes, etc) and increased overall health & wellness. When we sleep, our bodies produce a protein called cytokines, which target infection and inflammation, creating a stronger immune response.

emotional & spiritual wellness: are you interested in improving your ability to regulate your mood & emotions? Start by prioritizing your sleep! High quality sleep gives us an emotional buffer, lengthening the time between stimulus and response so we are better able to respond intentionally in a way that is in alignment with our values. This buffer also helps us feel more willing to resolve conflict and to feel more empathetic and open toward others, leading to more loving and stable relationships.

physical recovery: muscle recovery, injury prevention, increased balance, coordination, & speed, and muscle gain have all been linked to an increase in high quality sleep! Sleep is an essential part of muscle recovery. It is during sleep that the body undergoes several physiological changes that aid in the repair and recovery of damaged tissues.

The Ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes

my fav sleep benefits:

  • improved cognitive performance
  • better hormonal health
  • enhanced creativity
  • stronger immune system
  • emotional & spiritual wellness
  • physical recovery
  • increased overall happiness

Sleep is your number one optimization tool!
Sleep is the most essential tool for longevity & brain health. How can you get these benefits? Check out my morning sleep habits & evening sleep habits blog posts! I’ve also shared my favorite sleep gadgets to help you along your sleep journey. Be easy with all of this as well – it took me months of research, trial and error, and implementing these ideas to feel like I had settled into new habits/routines where I could distinctly feel these benefits – but I promise, it is so worth it!

From my experience, the culmination of all of these benefits is increased overall happiness. (And who doesn’t want that?!) When I am getting enough high quality sleep & all of these other aspects are falling so easily into place, feeling happy is a natural side effect. I wake up each day so excited to be alive, excited to continue my journey through this wild life with more ease and flow – and I strongly believe that we all deserve to feel this wonderful!

Comments? Questions? Let me know! Email me at yogaundergroundutah@gmail.com & I will respond within 48 hours – I am here to support you on your sleep journey!