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a glimpse into the life of a tyu ytt grad

What training(s) have you done with the yoga underground?
200-hour YTT

When did you do your training(s)?
2012—as part of the very first cohort of TYU trainees!!

What was your favorite part of YTT?
Easy. The people. Brittany especially. Listen, as someone who grew up very poor in a patriarchal, misogynistic society and a religion that enforced strict gender roles and norms, do you think I had ever personally known a woman who was building a business from scratch, who had a passion and pursues it fearlessly, who followed her heart and was gracious and generous enough to bring anyone along who could keep up? Do you think I knew that that was even a possibility for a life at the time?? Abso-$&#%-lutely not.

And in a distant second: being outside as often as possible. One of our early lessons on drishti was spent hiking the Y—TWICE, back to back! Haha! Britt, do you still make students do that? (no we don’t do that, but maybe we should start again…)

What’s your life like now?​?


Teaching has opened so many doors, both personally and professionally. I was so young when I took TYU training and was at such a crossroads, and it has truly shaped my life’s path.

Most recently, after 10+ years of teaching yoga and coaching barbell training as just a side hustle, I transitioned from full time to part time at my desk job so I could commit more of myself and more of my time to helping people get stronger and feel better.

The Ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes

What do you still use that you learned in your YTTs & how?
Even more than what I learned, it was realizing how much I had yet to learn that was so life-changing.

Training at TYU is transformational not because it gives you any answers or shows you some clear path you should take; it’s transformational because it gives you a glimpse of what’s inside of yourself.

Which isn’t so different from yoga itself, right? The goal of so many other programs or workouts or endeavors is change—“improvement.” The goal of yoga is discovery. Yoga does not improve us; it gives us the tools to understand the potential that has been there all along.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve done using your YTT certification? If you could name your teaching successes like you were writing your yoga resume, what are some of the things you’d put on it?
This might sound lame—and so many yogis hate talking about money and business—but one of the coolest things I’ve done with my cert was finish grad school virtually debt-free. I taught 20 classes a week while also being a full-time student and full-time research assistant, which I do not necessarily recommend lol, but I am forever grateful for the extra income that teaching yoga has given me. It doesn’t get much cooler than making money doing something you love.

As far as coolest teaching experiences goes, there are so many! I taught a semester-long yoga course for three years at Eastern Michigan University that students could take to fulfill their physical education requirement. I’ve lead workshops covering the intersections of yoga and athletes and barbell sports, imploring the yoga world to be more evidence-based and the strength world to be more yoga-friendly. I’ve designed and run a Yoga for Kids summer camp. I’ve taught yoga at CrossFit gyms and powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting facilities, where a 300-pound squat is a warmup for an athlete but literal tears would come to their eyes in a seated forward fold (ok that only happened once but all the other times the tears were certainly there at least metaphorically).

Just sitting here smiling remembering all this stuff.

Bekah! Where can people find you?
Probably at my gym in New York City picking up heavy things 🙂 but also on Instagram @trainwithrebekah

Bekah! It’s been simply incredible traveling through this life with you. We are enormously proud to call you a TYU YTT grad!

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