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a glimpse into the life of a tyu ytt grad

What training(s) have you done with the yoga underground?
My 200-hour & 300-hour!

When did you do your training(s)?
Spring 2022 & Spring 2023

What was your favorite part of YTT?
Rumi snuggles.
But also, the huge transformation I had as an individual. I went into my first training thinking that I would just be learning the names of poses and how to do them. I couldn’t have been more wrong! While of course, I learned the Sanskrit names for poses and how to do them, my favorite part was the deeper knowledge that came. Learning how to live authentically, how to listen to my body and my higher self, and that there is so much more available to me in life if I open myself up to the possibilities. I learned that yoga is so much more than the work our body is doing on the mat.

The Ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes

What’s your life like now?

After I finished my 300hr YTT I quit my corporate job to start my dream business as a business consultant for women running their small businesses. After a decade in the corporate world, I am finally in a place with my career that I feel passionate about. I am able to help incredible, smart, talented women and watch their success.

I also teach yoga 5 times a week close to my house in SLC and still work and collaborate with the women in my 300hr YTT. My life looks nothing like it did before doing yoga training and for that I am forever grateful!

What do you still use that you learned in your YTTs & how?
Parts of my YTT are incorporated into my life every day. The main thing I learned in YTT that has helped me live a life I love is learning how to listen to my inner knowing and be authentic to my true self. Meditation and morning pages have become a part of my routine and have helped me stay aligned with what is really important. I am able to take the Tahna practice into my teaching schedule and have been able to witness students connecting to themselves on a deeper level while listening to their bodies and finding their unique flow.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve done using your YTT certification? If you could name your teaching successes like you were writing your yoga resume, what are some of the things you’d put on it?
The coolest thing I’ve done since YTT is start my own business, Wild Lotus Consulting, where I assist women in starting or growing their amazing businesses. I have been able to work with women and watch them follow their passions and find success. It was while sitting in my 300hr YTT that I was finally able to listen to this voice in my head that had been begging me to follow this path for a while.

I get to teach a lot of fun an unique yoga classes thanks to the diverse training that comes with the 300hr YTT. I teach yin, restorative, kids yoga, yoga nidra, vinyasa, meditation, and have been able to teach an assortment of workshops (usually around my favorite topic of inner child work).

I’ve also been able to travel the world with The Yoga Underground retreats! I have gone to Thailand and Bali and have been able to bring my husband along. Now, both of our lives have been changed by The Yoga Underground!

If you want to know more about Wild Lotus Consulting follow me on instagram @wildlotusconsulting or www.wildlotusconsulting.com.

We love you, Kiley, and we are so excited about the incredible life you are living & proud to call you a TYU YTT grad! Make sure to check out Kiley’s website/IG linked above.


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