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ariana anderson

a glimpse into the life of a tyu ytt grad:

What training(s) have you done with the yoga underground?
I have completed both my 200- & 300-hour yoga teacher training at the yoga underground.

When did you do your training(s)?
I did my 200-hour yoga teacher training in the winter of 2021 and then completed my 300-hour training in summer of 2023

What was your favorite part of YTT?
My favorite part of my YTT training was the constant challenge to get uncomfortable. I often had to push myself to do things that would give me the opportunity to grow. I feel like I was given the tools in training and then I had to take ownership to be willing to try new things and get outside of my comfort zone.

The Ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes
What’s your life like now?

Today I am teaching yoga 6 days a week in Hawaii. I teach at several different locations on the island of Oahu including Turtle Bay Resort, Gunstock Ranch, and a youth facility. I teach many different types of classes in a week including restorative, kids, teens, nidra, and trauma sensitive. I am working very hard to gain a lot of experience in many different types of classes to gain a well-rounded knowledge of yoga. My overall goal is to eventually obtain enough experience and knowledge to open my own studio.

What do you still use that you learned in your YTTs & how?
One of the biggest things that I use from my training is the yoga nidra outline. I was taught this in my 300-hour certification. Turtle Bay Resort first hired me because I marketed yoga nidra to them and they were very intrigued on the specific outline that I followed. I now teach a nidra class weekly at the resort and I use the outline that I learned from my training to create my classes.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve done using your YTT certification? If you could name your teaching successes like you were writing your yoga resume, what are some of the things you’d put on it?
I am an RYT 500 with 3 years and 300+ hours of additional yoga instructing expertise. My client portfolio is diverse, including but not limited to Public and Corporate Retreats, Collegiate Wellness Initiatives, and Youth Programs. I started a yoga program at a collage university and then competed in a business competition with my yoga business ideas. I pitched my ideas to investors who flew out to Hawaii for this event and I was placed in the top 5 against hundreds of
business ides.

As mentioned earlier, I am now working very hard to gain more hours and experience teaching yoga to meet my overall goal of one day owning my own studio.

If you want to know more about Sydney’s yoga adventures in Hawaii, check out her IG @saturnyogahi.

We love you, Sydney, and we are so excited about the incredible life you are living & proud to call you a TYU YTT grad! Make sure to check out Sydney’s IG linked above.


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