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a glimpse into the life of a tyu ytt grad

What training(s) have you done with the yoga underground?
My 200-hour & 300-hour!

When did you do your training(s)?
200-hour: 2021
300-hour: 2022

What’s your life like now?
Since my time at The Yoga Underground, my life has gone in a few unexpected directions. Career wise…I quit my job teaching dance at a public middle school, took a year off to figure out my life, then realized that I missed teaching and was unexpectedly led by the universe to teaching yoga and health at the same public middle I originally quit. The second time around has been such a good fit for me and I’m really content being back with my middle school freaks.

The Ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes

What was your favorite part of YTT?

Both of my YTTs were really cool experiences that I wish I could repeat again and again and again. Truly. I felt so much freedom to be exactly as I am and to incorporate that into my teaching unapologetically. There were so many thoughtfully curated experiences to uncover parts of myself that I didn’t even know existed or parts of myself that I didn’t recognize were hidden. When I think back to some of my favorite days on this earth, a few of them occurred during my time at The Yoga Underground.

What’s your life like now? continued:
Since I have quit teaching dance, I have been able to reclaim dance as just my own, which has been so cool. I’ve choreographed the most epic modern dance piece about the life cycle of frogs, have performed with some small modern dance companies, trained in heels dancing and burlesque, and most recently and notably, produced and performed in a jazz cabaret, complete with a live jazz band, a belly dancer, a live jazz singer, an aerial hoop performer, burlesque performers and jazz dancers. It was truly epic! I’m really proud of myself for creating such an entertaining and unique show that showcased a genre of art that I’ve always been inspired by since childhood, and that audience was abundantly stoked about. A highlight of my life, for sure. More jazz cabarets and burlesque performances to come from me!

What’s the coolest thing you’ve done using your YTT certification? If you could name your teaching successes like you were writing your yoga resume, what are some of the things you’d put on it?
My favorite way in which I’ve utilized my YTT certification is teaching restorative yoga at Salt Lake Bouldering Project. This place has been a significant source of growth and community for me. The people I teach are seriously the coolest. Very unique individuals that are so stoked to do yoga with me. I get to explore and play in my teaching because everyone I teach is so receptive and expresses sincere kindness and gratitude, which is refreshing after teaching yoga to middle schoolers! I’ve met and developed so many important friendships through the members that attend the gym, as well as staff that work there. It also happens to be located in a large warehouse building with other businesses like a hotel, snowboard/ski shops, a coffee shop, a bar, an outdoor skate park, and honestly probably more that I don’t even know about. I just love being there due to that communal atmosphere. Plus, free bouldering and access to the gym and sauna ain’t too bad.

Aside from teaching middle school, teaching and hanging out at the Salt Lake Bouldering Project, and dancing/creating, I enjoy chilling out with my 5 cats (yes, you heard me correctly) and my partner, Alex, at our place in SLC. I also fancy a good book, journaling, hiking, and an occasional bout of downtown nightlife.

I’m so immensely grateful for Brittany Andrews and The Yoga Underground community. The memories and knowledge continue on!

Follow my journey through life: @tara_joooooo and my dance/movement journey: @noodles.for.the.soul :)

We love you, Tara, and we are so excited about the incredible life you are living & proud to call you a TYU YTT grad! Make sure to check out Tara’s IGs linked above.


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