the yoga underground has been offering the best, most life-enriching, badassiest ytt programs for over a decade — but you don’t have to take our word for it!


This yoga training was out of this world amazing! Seriously life-changing! With zero yoga teaching experience and being a newer yogi myself I left the training feeling able and confident teaching yoga. This training really works! If you’re not doing the 200 hour YTT to be a yoga teacher you will leave a better Yogi yourself. My practice has improved tenfold!

You really won’t get a better training anywhere else!

The training comes with an incredible manual! I everything you learned clearly illustrated in this excellent book. So great for looking things up after the training is finished. A yoga tool for life!

If you’re doubting or wondering if you should do the training: don’t. Just do it — you won’t regret it.


I loved that we had a say in what we really wanted to learn; that it was a flexible training, no pun intended. It was fun and stress-free but I still gained so much knowledge to now go out and share with others as well as progress in my career. I appreciated the good amount of open discussion that we all got to have, and that it was a small group so we got to know each other and learn so much from each other. I feel that I definitely made great friends and professional allies that I will always be able to reach out to.


This training changed my life. I’m incredibly grateful for what I learned through this training. It was not only healing but the concepts I learned have helped me to reach my goals, dreams, and become the type of person I want to be. I think one of my biggest takeaways from this was that it has given me the tools I need to become empowered to create the life I want while experiencing this world.


There were so many things I loved about this training! Besides the fact that I was able to meet like minded people and make life long friends, I loved that I learned how to intuitively create yoga sequences! This puts me in a great position where I can adapt my classes to whatever is needed at the moment! I don’t feel like I’m limited to how I can teach thanks to this training. It was one of the best experiences of my life! Thank you so much!


I absolutely love the time I got to spend learning from Brittany! Each of the people that were in the training with me contributed something so significant and I learned something new, if not many new things, from each one of them! It was such a safe space to learn and grow and I am so beyond grateful for YTT. I know this is cliché, but it is simply life-changing. There is no other way to put it.


YTT at TYU changed my life! I found so much happiness, fulfillment, purpose, and confidence while going through it. I loved spending every evening with incredible people that really changed my perspective. Stephen’s meditation course was particularly meaningful for me, and is helping me to bring about some major life changes. I wish I could repeat YTT over and over! Worth every penny.


I love how personal this training is! Brittany is the most down-to-earth business owner you can imagine, and she sincerely gets to know each student. She focuses on tailoring each discussion to meet the needs of each student, and she’s always willing to change the day’s schedule if any student needs to spend more time on a certain topic. Brittany is an amazing example to me, and she’s inspired me to sincerely love myself and work toward expressing my true self.


I loved being with a 300-hour group of just as humble, just as open, and just as sincere people as me in this training. We learned so much together and went through a lot together.

I became so much more confident in my teaching, (with many different tools and many different types/styles of yoga) and simultaneously so much more aware of where I have space to grow, which is amazing.

I loved the way that Brittany was able to tailor the training to our desires and give us workshops that helped us with our specific goals. It pushed us all a lot in ways that we needed to be pushed! I also was pushed a lot to grow as a person, which was amazing.


The level of empowerment I experienced was unlike anything else. I came in excited, but also pretty small feeling. The body work, the philosophies, the culture at The Yoga Underground, and the people this program attracts all changed that. They made me feel seen and loved and unique and smart. And not just the pretty parts of me, the ugly too. To be able to feel your own power while standing in your full humanity? That’s the magic of yoga. And The Yoga Underground is replete with it.💯


Everything was my favorite thing. It was something i looked forward to every single day. I wish it was something I could have done for life. I not only learned so much about yoga but myself. It was the most beautiful experience I could have ever asked for in a yoga teacher training. Brittany is also the best teacher for the job, she is so beyond loving and has a beautiful knack for including everyone. Thank you so much for this training. I will take it with me forever.


I came from California for the YTT journey. What I know about YTT now is, I would have come from across the country for it- no joke. I can’t just pick one thing that was my favorite. I love the structure of the class. I love the book provided — so helpful, colorful, well-organized, and beautiful! I love the experience of diving in and teaching. It is baptism by fire with loving constructive feedback and unconditional support. I loved Stephen’s meditation class- need I say more??

I loved that Rumi was around all the time. He is the absolute best. I loved the opportunity we had to do your class as a part of YTT on Monday nights. I loved the opportunity for self-exploration during YTT. The opportunities for expansion were countless.

YTT! Sigh such a beautiful chapter of my life! Such a beautiful voyage of self-discovery! YTT facilitated a journey to cultivate a sustainable, interwoven deeper connection with my mind, body, and soul to in turn embody my most organically-grown authentic self. The resources I have to add to my toolbox are priceless. These tools I received will continue to allow me to flourish on my journey. So soulful, so peaceful, so happy, so authentically me.


My favorite part of my YTT experience was my mental and emotional journey. I have learned to love and be proud of who I am and who I am becoming.
I’m also in love with Brittany because she’s the best teacher ever and her dog is the cutest. 😉


There was a lot that I really loved about the training, I do not think I could pick just one. I loved going into detail about the technology of Yoga Nidra. It really helped me to understand exactly what is going on in terms of my experiences that I have had in the practice. I love that I now have a map to teach my friends back home in California too. I would always tell them how cool it is, but now I can actually share it with them as well as with others. Another thing I really loved was all the guest speakers that we had come, it made it clear how many more things there were to learn about to become an awesome yoga teacher. I am currently enrolled in kundalini TT 100 percent as a result of this training, and kundalini yoga is providing me a whole world of tools to add to my arsenal. A main takeaway from this training is that The Yoga Underground is the best yoga studio in all of Utah, and the more I delve into how it functions the more I think this. I love the community, Brittany is the best teacher and friend, and it is truly a magical place that I have the honor to be a part of.


This was a push start to getting myself out into the world and finding more inner confidence! I have a more stable connection with myself. Having this, I feel I can teach and give others the confidence they might need too. 🙂


I loved spending every single day with such incredible humans. I loved growing, learning, and becoming with them. Brittany’s YTT is full of positivity. I felt I could try, mess up, and try again without any fear of disappointing her. We all put ourselves out there and asked questions. I was genuinely shocked at how much I was able to learn, accomplish and experience in such a short amount of time. If you go all in during your YTT by doing the reading, being present and participating you will 100% be ready by the end of your training to be hired and teaching your very own yoga classes that are uniquely yours.


Yoga teacher training at The Yoga Underground was a pivotal experience in my life. It helped me develop skills, habits, and a perspective that has not only benefited me in my personal journey, but has also helped my students in theirs. Brittany is a gifted instructor who makes the process fun and engaging. I would do it again in a heartbeat!


The Yoga Underground not only gave me the required 200 hours(and then some) for my teaching certification, it literally gave me a new lease on life. I found a fresh sense of self, healthy body, and a clearer mind. What I gained during training is something that money cannot buy. In terms of knowledge, in terms of practice, this studio is unparalleled.
There isn’t a distance I wouldn’t travel to in order to participate and attend The Yoga Underground Teacher Training Program. There are very few times in life, very rare breeds of teachers, whom one is fortunate enough to be touched by as a student. Brittany is, and forever will be held in my highest regard. She represents all that was, all that is, and all that will be true in this practice.

Whatever your hesitation, stop. Whatever the excuse, dismiss it. The Yoga Underground will change your life in every way possible. Brittany has one of the oldest soul’s of anyone I have ever been blessed enough to meet. Her intuitive capacity for teaching and exploring remains a mystery to me. All that I know is that I am by far, a better human for being around her. As a teacher, I have never appreciated another student until taking her training. She is the very definition of unconditional love.

Thank you. Thank you on so many levels for pushing me, for holding me, for making me stand on my own two feet. You have given me the tools to not only teach, but to hone my craft. To love my own practice, to love my own habitually incorrect alignment, to breathe, to focus to forgive. Every day on the mat is another chance. A chance to try again. You have given me the strength to pursue, to engage, to believe in my inherent passion. Brittany, this is a debt that can never be repaid. This life experience is unmatched.

Thank you Brittany. Thank you for seeing the lump of clay that I was before you, and for allowing the process to mold me. You will always be my North.


I loved everything about yoga teacher training. We are incredibly lucky to learn from Brittany. I loved how we got straight to teaching, which made us nervous but was so good for us.


My favorite thing about my training experience was learning about meditation and yoga philosophy. This training was so healing, deep and meaningful to my soul, going way beyond learning the ananas. I loved spending time connecting with the many beautiful souls at the Yoga Underground studio. I can’t thank you enough for this opportunity and for creating such an all-encompassing experience!


I love learning from Brittany as she is a boss babe! She inspires me to mix passion and business. She was easy to talk to and truly wants the best from all of us.


Although there were a lot of amazing aspects of this training my two favorites of the top of my head were 1. Meditation training with Steve. 2. The connection and bond that was created between all us students and you, our teacher.


I loved this training! I walked in with a sprinkling of anxieties and walked out with a hearty helping of self-confidence! Brittany does and amazing job inviting you to step on the mat wherever you are at. It was a blast!


I love YTT because it helped me understand how I was benefiting from my yoga practice. Before my YTT the feelings of well-being kept me coming back to TYU and practicing. Now I have an increased understanding of where those feelings come from and I’m capable of creating that environment and experience for those I teach. I’m confident that the course can and does work for all types of yogis — whether they are new or seasoned there is a lot to learn in the material and lots of opportunities to apply those teachings.


I think everyone should do YTT no matter where they are on their yoga journey. I learned so much about yoga and about myself. There is no price I can put on how valuable what I learned in YTT is to me. Brittany creates an interactive and hands-on learning experience every day of class. There is no place like The Yoga Underground (in every good way possible)!!! Thank you Brittany!!


YTT seriously changed my life! I learned amazing tools that will make me a better human and a better teacher. Brittany puts so much thought into everything about these and also has some amazing guests present as well. I felt totally prepared to teach when the training was over and met some incredible people.


This course was truly transformative and enlightening! I immensely enjoyed the authenticity of the group and vulnerability that was shared. Everyone was so encouraging and friendly. The course moved quickly and was intense, but in the best kind of way, as we progressed throughout our learning experience. Brittany has a true and innate talent in the way she teaches her own classes, as well as in how she taught each of us to become and grow into the teachers we want to be, honoring our authenticity and personalities. She provided gentle encouragement, unending kindness, and motivation throughout the program. She is truly a goddess and rockstar!


My favorite part of 300-hour yoga teacher training was working with the beautiful and amazing people that I got to work with. Whenever you decide to do something life altering to better yourself, you’re bound to meet some incredible people. This training was no exception. I got to work with the greatest, most caring group of people. I felt so extremely supported and loved by all the people that I worked with. I felt free to be myself, and because I felt that freedom, I became more myself throughout the course of the training. Brittany is an amazing teacher and an amazing leader. She truly sees and cares about people and invests her time into helping other people grow and become the fullest version of themselves. I am so grateful that I was able to embark on such a wonderful, growth-filled journey with beautiful people.


I loved every minute of my 300 hr YTT. I made amazing connections with beautiful people. I learned so much from the people in my class. Britt is the most genuine teacher. She knows how to teach in an unforgettable way and push her students to be their most authentic selves. Britt creates such a fun, successful, and cohesive learning environment that welcomes growth. I love Britt I love Britt I love Britt I love Britt I love Britt I love Britt I love Britt I love Britt I love Brittneeeeeyyyyyyya. HEHE. YTT at the Yoga Underground holds so many magical experiences. I love how Britt lets the class take shape in its own way while guiding it to be the most productive. The training was full of creativity, finding and expressing ones true self, and learning how to create incredible experiences in each yoga class we teach.


Teacher training at Yoga Underground was amazing. It did wonders for my personal practice and understanding of yoga, and it helped me learn to be a better teacher. Brittany is an amazing instructor. She is knowledgeable and passionate and caring, and I feel blessed to have had the chance to learn from her and become her friend. Teacher training was a beautiful, transformative experience, and I am profoundly grateful to have taken part in it.


YTT was so many good things all squished into 5 short weeks. I reached so many of my physical goals with my personal practice and reached spiritual goals I didn’t even know I had. I got not only a greater love of yoga but a greater love of those around me and myself. Thank you Brittany for the life changing experience!


I loved everything about my 300-hour training! Brittany has such a wealth of knowledge, and she shares with her classes what will be of the most benefit to them. I loved how customized this training was to the people in my group.
I felt like I learned exactly what I came here to learn, and a lot of things that I didn’t even know I needed. I learned how to teach some new styles of yoga that I really wanted to add to my repertoire, like yoga nidra, kids’ yoga, trauma-informed yoga, and restorative yoga. I also honed and refined my skills of sequencing and incorporating a spiritual/mental element into my classes.
More than anything, though, this experience was transformational. Brittany understands that she can give us all the tools and skills in the world, but we won’t be good yoga teachers if we aren’t confident and if we don’t love ourselves. We had some workshops and guest speakers come in to help us identify and root out our core insecurities–things that keep us from progressing and improving in our lives. I left this training with a better understanding of my underlying beliefs of how I view myself and the world, and with a toolkit to transform my thought processes and beliefs. Brittany genuinely cares about us as people, and by helping us identify and work on our own insecurities, she helps us become better, more confident and competent teachers. I can’t recommend this training enough and I wish I could do it 100 more times! Definitely got more than I paid for with this training!


My experience at the yoga underground has been quite literally life changing. It was a safe environment for vulnerability, growth, and authenticity. I felt accepted and loved just the way I am. It was amazing how much information and skills I learned in such a relatively short amount of time. I 100% came out of training a better person.

Other fav things- rumi, being outside in the sunshine, flows led by brittany, the sense of intimacy in a small class, hours of nightly yoga, meditation class, just all of it! So so good. I’m already having major withdrawals. See ya for my 300 ytt!!!!!!!


My favorite thing about this YTT was finding this great community and learning everyday from the people around me. Everyone was so welcoming, accepting, and fun to be around. I learned more about yoga and life in 5 weeks than I have in years! It was a life changing experience! I’m so glad I did my teacher training here!


Obviously, if you’re willing to pay the tuition price for YTT, you’ve already decided that the certification you’ll get will be worth the money you’re investing. I came to that conclusion when I enrolled, and then was SO SUPRISED by how much more YTT benefited my entire life. I feel like YTT should be re-named, “How to Win at Life.” Not only was I given instruction, resources and opportunities to learn how to become a competent yoga instructor, I also gained an entire set of skills and understanding for how to up-level my life by about 10 notches. In addition, the studio fosters a welcome and inclusive environment and I gained important friendships and connections that are very important to me.


The number one thing that I loved about this experience was how open it was to all levels. I was nervous coming into it that this course would be too much for me, but it was so inclusive for people at any level, shape, size, age, or stage in their life. The second thing that was the absolute best about this training was that there were 12 of us. Each of us became such close friends that will last forever. I have gotten so close with all of them and we have learned and grown with each other for the past couple of months. Overall, this training is incredible and if I am still in the area, I will definitely be taking TYU’s 300-hour YTT course as well. I love Brittany and I love TYU with my whole heart.


I honestly don’t think I can pick just one thing! I grew so much as an individual and I feel so much more capable to take on life. I am grateful for my fellow teachers and for how accepting, loving and supportive they are. I learned so much about the foundations of yoga, yoga theory and about my individual practice. I am forever grateful for this experience. The Yoga Underground really enforces that yoga is for EVERY body!


My favorite thing was probably our group, Brittany included of course! I felt like we all became friends very quickly. Everyone was so supportive and kind, it made being there so much better than I imagined it would be. I just had the most beautiful, life changing experience and it really is all thanks to Brittany, Jade, Elle, Becky, Mauni, Sydney, Steven and Dean! But mostly thanks to Brittany ♥ because she made this all possible. I can’t thank her enough!! She gave me such a wonderful gift, and I will always be grateful!!


If there was another definition under leader, Brittany’s name would be there. She is an exceptional leader. She is right there with you the whole time helping you to understand, embrace and apply yourself, the Asanas, and yoga philosophy.
Doing my yoga teacher training at The Yoga Underground was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life! I will definitely be going back to her for more training! The environment Brittany has created is beautiful. At The Yoga Underground I feel centered and free.


This training opened my eyes, mind, and heart to how interconnected everything and everyone is. For the first time in my life, I truly feel like anything is possible. The community at TYU is so welcoming and I have always felt so safe there — and also for the first time, I feel deserving of that safety and a place in a community.


This was a push start to getting myself out into the world and finding more inner confidence! I have a more stable connection with myself. Having this, I feel I can teach and give others the confidence they might need too. 🙂

You never truly realize how good something is till it’s over. YTT was a special experience because I was my opportunity to do something for myself. Worth every penny.


I loved learning how to teach yoga in such a safe environment. Initially I was really nervous about messing up in front of everyone, but Brittany helped us all foster a safe space for each other where it was okay to make mistakes, get feedback and learn from each other constantly and that was incredibly valuable to me. Brittany constantly provided such helpful feedback and helped us all to develop our our own individual style as a teacher rather than getting us all to teach a certain way. That was so refreshing and really helped me to step into my own personal power and uniqueness.


Yoga Teacher Training at the Yoga Underground is personal, flexible, and accessible. Not only did we receive sound instruction based in historical principles, scientific studies, and traditional approaches, but we were able to make it our own. This training takes you where you are at—even if you feel somewhat of a novice—and you decide what you want to get out of it.

It was a joy to work with the instructors and the fellow trainees. Over the course of five weeks, I saw each one of us blossom in beautiful ways. The Yoga Underground has become a home of learning, growth, and friendship for me.


YTT with Brittany was a sacred and total life altering experience for me. She created such a safe space for true connections/true friendships to grow and to thrive… and she really just taught us how to be our authentic selves WITHOUT FEAR (…something that is already deeply embedded in The Yoga Underground community: total authentic teachers being totally and authentically themselves. Always.) It was an experience that I will cherish forever and ever and ever, and one that I fully recommend to anyone.


I loved EVERYTHING about my training experience. But if I had to sum it all up into one thing that would be… self love. I learned to love myself through the things taught, the people I met and the fact that I faced my biggest fear. Being the center of attention. The one in front of people. It mortified me. I almost wanted to quit when I found out I had to teach a class open to the public! But I did it! I did it…. And I lived to tell the tale lol and I am soooo excited to do it again. I’m excited to look stupid, to learn, to grow… and I’m just so excited to continue on my yoga journey. Thank you soooo much for being YOU Brit!! You are amazing. And I’m so grateful for you and everything I learned on my YTT journey. Xoxoxo


Can I say everything about this was my favorite? I really loved this so much! I liked the balance between hands on practice and classroom setting learning. There was a good mix of both in there. I loved that we had a chance to use the studio to practice teaching before our test — I feel like that is something that really helped me for my test. I also really enjoyed the workshop with Dean about inversions, it has really inspired me to work on my inversions everyday and allow myself to stop making excuses for why I “can’t” do something. Brittany, you are an amazing teacher and it has been such a joy to learn from you. Thank you again!


Teacher training at The Yoga Underground was more than a certificate for me. Being my second teacher training I wish I would have made it my first. Thank you, for the priceless knowledge and experience. Thank you, for the skills, the laughs, and the confidence.


I took Brittany’s training in September, 2015. I actually had missed the start date, but was informed by Brittany that she would catch me up and that I could still join. Yoga teacher training was something I had aspired towards for a couple years at that point, yet even still, I was intimidated that I wasn’t ready or good enough. However, Brittany gave me no excuse not to jump in head first and begin, and even after the first day, I began to see my body and emotions begin to heal in a way that they had never been before.

I have looked and researched into many yoga teacher training courses from Salt Lake to Provo, and I know this sounds cliche, but I honestly could not have picked a more magical program. What I wanted from a program, that I wasn’t quite satisfied elsewhere with, was that I wanted more than just the yoga poses, adjustments and Sanskrit names. I wanted the philosophy. I wanted a taste of what it FELT like to consider the true 8 limbs. This may sound selfish, but I wanted a program I could find healing and empowerment in for myself that I could emanate and share, because that is what yoga has always meant for me. It has always been a savior in my low moments.

Brittany tapped into a way of understanding that yoga CANNOT be digested, lived, or expressed without self-love and actualization, and it is clear that through her program, she made it her mission to unravel that within us more so than just giving us facts to recite and perform. What I loved the most is that she invited a host of numerous experts and educators who specialized in everything from recovery through meditation, balancing chakras, yoga expression through dance, anatomy and physiology and the science of how to get in touch with our truest temperament type based upon our phenotype. It was so unique.

To simply say that Brittany created a wonderful teacher training program would be an understatement. Honestly, it is a place of healing, of letting go, of holding on, of creating, of spreading wings, of trusting, and of flying. She cultivated Yoga Chikitsa in its most true and beautiful sense. I hold this experience close to my heart and would recommend it to all I love!


Teacher training helped me start amazing relationships with other people in my community striving to spread the joy and peace of yoga! I know I will be friends with these people for a very long time. We shared our stories and contributed to each other’s stories as well.
I was soooo grateful for the affordability of this course in comparison to other local courses and I was blown away by the value. I feel like I got such a holistic view of yoga and my potential as a yoga teacher. The books were perfectly relevant and I loved that you brought in others like Stephen and Dean to help teach. I would 100% recommend this teacher training to anyone interested in deepening their yoga experience, becoming an instructor, or needing to do some guided soul searching!


Certifying with The Yoga Underground was truly a life changing experience for me. I loved the variation and diversity of Brittany’s training. I appreciated that not only did I learn about the history of yoga and the power of meditation and mindfulness, but that I was also able to learn how to teach and sequence a yoga class. Brittany is an amazing teacher and mentor. She is so down to earth and her energy and zest for life is infectious! I have created life long friendships with my fellow YTT trainees. I am a better version of myself thanks to what I gained from this experience! I highly, highly recommend to anyone who is interested in doing a yoga training to do it through The Yoga Underground!


My favorite part of training was the bonds that I made. I know that I have 12 new people in my life for good. The friendship and community that you get built into the class is something I couldn’t have paid enough for. I also LOVE the classes with Stephen. I didn’t realize that would be a weekly course and I learned so much about myself through his observations, class participation, and moving through his workbook. Seriously, all of it was life changing.


My favorite part was the teacher, Brittany. Thanks to her I feel comfortable to express myself just like I am, with no judgment or feeling awkward because I don’t fit in somebody else perspective. I mean when people introduce themselves all have a mask to protect their insecurities. To not look vulnerable, so don’t get hurt. So Brittany Andrews create the space to feel comfortable with your self and you don’t need masks, you are in a safe respectful environment and are not at risk to be hurt.


I loved my YTT! It was fast-paced but taught me to trust myself in every aspect of my life. I have the resources, community, and support system to deepen my own practice and bring yoga to others in a loving and accessible way that is unique to me. Brittany’s thoughtful and expansive training has permanently changed my heart and life for the better and in ways I had not expected.


My favorite thing about the training was the students I trained with! I loved our class. Everyone had different stories about life experiences relating to limiting beliefs, self-defeating behaviors, forgiveness, which allowed me to see life from a different lens. The knowledge I received from the conversations and engagement in training was amazing 🙂


My favorite thing about the experience was the attention to personal development. I now have tools that I can use in my life to continually increase my spiritual awareness and emotional growth. The experience also empowered me to teach yoga in real-life situations. I’m grateful I have an outlet to share my experience with others as I teach the physical practice of yoga.


Last summer I did yoga teacher training with Brittany at the Yoga Underground and it was one of the best months of my life. I learned so much, not only about yoga, but about life and myself. I went into teacher training not knowing for sure if I really wanted to teach or if it would just be a way for me to improve my practice. Well, my practice inevitably improved, but I also found a LOVE for teaching and spreading the happiness, peace, and physical and mental strength (that comes from yoga) with others. Brittany is one of the most amazing people and teachers that you will ever meet with the biggest heart. She will provide you with the knowledge, confidence, and strength that you need to vastly in improve your yoga practice, as well as your ability to spread all that awesomeness to others through teaching. Your life will absolutely improve by doing yoga teacher training at the Yoga Underground. Definitely recommend it!


I’ve wanted to do a yoga teacher training since I graduated college four years ago. While I loved the idea, I was also so intimidated, thinking I needed to be a certain type of person, have a certain type of body, or even have reached a certain level in my yoga practice. After a friend did her training with Brittany at The Yoga Underground, she convinced me I could do it. After the first day, all of my fears dissipated. Brittany’s program welcomes all levels and all types. Her curriculum is designed to help you better know yourself so that you can be a more effective, authentic teacher. The program is so well-rounded; I not only gained knowledge about Ashtanga yoga and how to better my own practice, but also learned life-changing lessons about meditation, teaching techniques, and methods to better know and understand myself and my students. I love that Brittany focused so much on us becoming the type of teacher we naturally are, not trying to fit any kind of stereotype or expectation.

The teacher training at The Yoga Underground completely changed my life. Once I finished, I had the confidence and knowledge I needed to build my own sequences and teach classes, but most importantly I’ve enjoyed better health, less stress, and honestly a more joyful life. I cannot say enough about this program and the passion, love, and fun that Brittany so naturally brings to it every day. You will not find a more compassionate, positive environment to deepen your practice, increase your self-knoweldge, love, and awareness, and transform you into a yoga teacher.


I really enjoyed learning from Brittany and expanding my yoga skills while growing personally. And getting this experience alongside amazing people! It was awesome.


My favorite thing about my training experience was how personal and hands on it was! If there were things I didn’t understand or needed extra help on, I always felt like my needs were being met. And meeting as a group physically every day was very beneficial. The people I met in my training are some of the best people I’ve ever met!


This training was so much more than just learning how to teach yoga, or how to sequence. It was a training on how to succeed in life through learning to truly love and be your authentic self. Being able to dedicate this time to my own growth and self development has changed my life forever, and will ultimately help me to be an amazing yoga teacher. This training was everything I was expecting and so, so much more! It was worth every penny and I loved every minute! Thank you so much Brittany!! I love you and am so grateful to you and your beautiful studio! This was a dream come true and I will carry what I have learned in this training with me for the rest of my life!


When I was looking to do the yoga teacher training, I was hoping to deepen my physical and contemplative practice and learn how to help others find health and wholeness in their bodies and minds. Not only did Brittany do a wonderful job accomplishing both aims, she provided a space where each of us could flower and develop. The spirit tribe at TYG is one of Utah’s most beautiful gems.


Everyone told me that I would love my teacher training, but I had no idea how much it would change my life for the better. From the moment I stepped into class, I felt safe, supported, and free to explore myself. I was very nervous and worried that my personal yoga practice was not advanced enough to complete a teacher training, but the wonderful group of people in my class and the workshops held helped me gain more confidence than I could have ever expected in such a short time frame. By the second week of class I felt confident enough to invite my friends to the studio for a practice class. I had the chance to teach 3 separate practice classes during the 5 weeks of my YTT, and I felt so confident and empowered during each of them. I made lifelong friends during the training and I am so grateful for the love and support I received from the other students and of course from you and Stephen. Overall, this class enriched my life in too many ways to count. I was given practical tools to help in my yoga ventures as well as my personal life. It was so much more than a course on teaching yoga, it was a beautiful exploration of mind, body, and soul. I can’t wait to continue my education in the 300 hour training next month!


This training was FUN, enlightening, engaging and challenging. It was more than just learning the basics of yoga. The training itself embodied the essence of what the practice of yoga is…a journey of self discovery and spiritual awareness through the body and mind!


YTT taught me about being a yoga teacher but literally changed my world. I loved the life long connections made and the knowledge I’ll be using forever! So thankful for Britt! cheezzzy but true.


I really enjoy and admire that you being the owner of Yoga Underground, Brittany having so much on your plate, take time out of your busy schedule to train us/others. You are accepting and loving of every individual and have a honest desire to help each and everyone to reach their fullest potential. One of my favorite things to have learned was the law of attraction as well. I have a greater understanding on how to not only communicate and understand my needs but I have learned how to better communicate with others, and how to let others know that they are being understood. I also love how you have us immediately immerse ourselves the first week in teaching each other what we have learned. A great hands on experience, Thank you.


I LOVED YTT! It has honestly been one of my favorite experiences ever, and by far the most life-changing. I now know more than I ever have about myself- body, mind, and spirit. It has been empowering to say the least 🙂 Thank you!


If you’re considering taking the 200-hour yoga training, The Yoga Underground and Brittany are a fantastic choice. The program is a life-changer in confidence, mental health, and physical well being. You are never to old to improve!!!


I loved learning how to teach yoga in such a safe environment. Initially I was really nervous about messing up in front of everyone, but Brittany helped us all foster a safe space for each other where it was okay to make mistakes, get feedback and learn from each other constantly and that was incredibly valuable to me. Brittany constantly provided such helpful feedback and helped us all to develop our our own individual style as a teacher rather than getting us all to teach a certain way. That was so refreshing and really helped me to step into my own personal power and uniqueness.


Teacher training at the yoga underground is a thoughtful fusion of yoga instruction and inward reflection. The small groups create a very open and social atmosphere while also allowing for times of quietness and contemplation. Before training started I was expecting a physical challenge. While I did get stronger, the greater challenge was to slow down, be still, and think about who you are and where you want to be. This type of spiritual guidance expands beyond yoga practice and can be relevant to many other aspects of your life and inner self. Gaining a deeper understanding yourself will help you to better connect with others and be a more effective teacher. My favorite thing about Brittany’s training is how individuality is strongly encouraged as you find your own teaching style and voice. I feel equipped to create flowing, unscripted sequences and cultivate a space with a warm, welcoming atmosphere for all levels. I highly recommend training at The Yoga Underground, it is an invaluable investment and an experience you will cherish.


I almost didn’t pursue my YTT because of cost, but now that I’ve completed The Yoga Underground’s YTT I can honestly say I got more than my money’s worth. The principles I learned and the growth that took place (emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical) were seriously priceless. I’m forever grateful for the knowledge you shared and the way you changed my life. You changed the trajectory of my life for the better. THANK YOU!


Certifying with The Yoga Underground was truly a beautiful experience. Going into the process I worried if I would be ready to teach successfully in such a short 5 week time period. I finished this program not only capable but with ability and excitement to continue on my journey. The teacher Brittany brought professionalism, fun, and an abundant amount of passion and connection. This is a fantastic opportunity for everyone.


I think my favorite part was having a tea ceremony in the woods.

I liked dipping my toes into so many different styles of yoga. I’m glad I have so many more tools in my belt now on what I can teach.

I would describe this training as more of a journey of self-exploration than the typical ‘how to teach yoga’ kind of yoga training.


My all time favorite thing about my training was that it gave me confidence to be me. I enjoyed how we were taught to really look within, find who we are, and our own journey of happiness and peace.


Teacher training at TYU was an amazing experience. Not only did I learn a lot about the physical practice of yoga, but I gained emotional and spiritual insight as well. Brittany structured the training so that the pace was quick but with a fun and encouraging atmosphere. If you’re thinking of doing yoga teacher training, do it here!


My favorite part was how quickly we got into teaching each other. I was really scared at first but I believe that it helped me out way more than it would have if we waited longer to teach. My other favorite part was the ladies and the lasting friendships we all earned. I think we got really lucky with our group of ladies and I am so thankful for that.


My favorite part of training with Brittany at the Yoga Underground was getting to see Rumi everyday of course. I especially loved how each lesson, and practice was thoroughly explained to us, and then was offered to us to experience and interpret ourselves. I felt free to be my most authentic self, and safe enough to be vulnerable. Throughout the entire training, I felt deeply loved, and genuinely cared for. Brittany is the most delightful teacher! She is inspiring, and encourages the most authentic and unique version of you to blossom! If I could take this training on repeat, I would.


Honestly literally every day was my favorite, I am not kidding Brittney! Off the top of my head sitting here typing this, one of my favorite parts was when Alex came in and analyzed out personalities, it was so interesting to hear his point of view on all of that. Being someone who is already obsessed with astrology and thinking about why people are the way they are, it was so interesting to hear a different point of view on how people are the way they are and why some people don’t get along, or why some people have so much anxiety! Also, doing so much yoga led by you was amazing, the consistent practicing has made me more flexible and all around better at yoga and I am very thankful for that!


I loved the inward journey. So much growth from meditation to deeper understanding of postures, and the amazing friendships along the way. The most personal growth I have gained in a one month period by far.


Yoga teacher training invited a sense of expansion into my life that is not just cool and dope and good, but is now totally essential to my sense of self. This training provided the content and experiences necessary to bridge turbulent worlds and establish a sense of serenity in my internal universe. I felt that Brittany was 100% committed to my growth and the growth of all my sisters in the group. Everything she did was for our benefit. I’m UBER grateful for all the shining souls I got to associate with every day! I met some of the most wonderful, beautiful, genuine spirits and fostered connections that I feel on a cosmic level. My life is TOTALLY different than it was before YTT. If you’re longing for your heart to go boom-boom and reach nearly explosive levels of love and connectivity, DO IT NOW!!!


Going into this I was hoping this class would give me clarity and guidance to a healthier more mindful life path. I had no idea what a complete mind, body, and spiritual journey this would turn out to be. It changed my life completely and I am forever grateful. I believe everyone, even those not interested in “yoga”, would benefit from Brittanys 200 hr ytt class.
Thank you a million.


Brittany was a wonderful instructor. Her energetic personality made learning easy and fun. Her hands on approach to teaching yoga was incredibly efficient. This course is well worth your time!


YTT at the yoga underground is by far the best place a person could go to deepen his or her personal practice or become certified.. Or both! there is a balance between learning the physical practice and the ideas/origin of yoga that creates a great foundation to continue learning from. By the end of YTT, I felt excited and ready to teach classes and confident that I was trained well enough to know what I’m doing. And the place just has great vibes. 🙂


The Yoga Underground offers an incredible 200 Hour Teacher Training. The training accepts varying levels of experience, which allowed me to participate and excel in the program despite having little background. The Yoga Underground cultivates a positive, outstanding environment in which I was able to be inspired and motivated to learn and grow. I love this training because it helps you become an actual yoga teacher. After helping to master foundational concepts, poses, build a personal yoga philosophy and improve on your practice, Brittany capitalizes on developing good teachers. This sets the training apart from many other options. I had the opportunity to teach consistently. Although it was scary at first, it expedited my growth and gave me confidence to teach a real class. Brittany is engaging and makes everybody feel comfortable and capable–a feat that she has successfully achieved at the Yoga Underground.


My favorite thing was growing as a person with an amazing group of people. All of us being on different parts of our journey but coming together to grow in different and unique ways. Some coming to learn to teach while others might not want to teach yet and grow themselves and their personal practice. I gained a teacher and guru for life that I can rely on and come back too when I need it. Aside from the entire experience being life changing and upping the overall satisfactory-ness to my life, it was so much fun. I felt like I was able to be myself around my class and Brittany. I learned so much about yoga and me. I didn’t plan on teaching but now teach every week at a studio I love so much, have met the kind of people I want in my life, and my overall happiness has grown to new heights. I would wish this opportunity for anyone and everyone to experience it. From not even wanting to teach and just needing to get out of a rut before I started, I now love teaching, and hope to grow and come back for the 500hr training and specialize in prenatal.


My favorite thing about Yoga Training… There are too many to say! One thing I loved is the resources you brought in. I felt as though we got a great range of knowledge from a lot of people. I never felt bored. It was a good mix. I felt that knowledge was continually given and my mind expanded. I feel like a different person after doing yoga training. I’m super grateful I chose your training!:)


It’s hard to say what my favorite thing was in YTT, because I loved it SO MUCH! I signed up for this yoga training thinking I would just learn about yoga teaching—and I did– but the education and opportunities for deepening my understanding for my personal practice as well as learning more about my self-improvement and spiritually was unexpected and unparalleled to anything I’ve completed.

I love yoga so learning so much about it was my dream. I loved learning more about mediation—this was something that I really didn’t know much about prior to beginning. And I completely love the hands-on approach to teaching and how much teaching practice we got while going through the program. I could see the growth in myself and others from the first week of teaching to the last.

Brittney is an amazing instructor. I love the practical (instead of ideal) approach she takes to yoga. She helps everyone to feel that they can come as they are and that we are enough! Also I admire how she helps people to feel good about the practice they just did—in spite of whatever their body had to offer that day—and that she taught us to consider that as we are leading our classes.

Learning about how to teach different personality types was something that I’d never even considered, but it makes such a huge difference.

I also love that she keeps the classes pretty small so that we get a lot of individual attention. And I love the type of people she attracts to this program. The group dynamic was warm and welcoming and encouraging. I hope to stay in touch with everyone from the class!


My favorite parts were all of the many teachers you brought in to teach us different styles of yoga. Also coming back the next day to have you teach us with the five of us was such a precious memory I’ll always cherish! I loved learning so much from you and from your teacher friends equally. The yoga nidra weeks were so memorable as well and felt like a cute cabin sleepover that we learned so much in. It was like a mini retreat and I could cry of how much I loved that and the whole training. I am so grateful I got to do this 300 hour training!


I had an amazing experience over the last few weeks, I wish it never had to come to an end. Brittany made it so enjoyable and fun, and I learned a lot about not only the material, but myself! Thank you for this opportunity, now all I can think about is when I can save up enough money for the 300 hour class! 🙂 Thank you so much!


This class was so much more than learning how to teach yoga to me. It was an extremely important step in my personal yoga journey and I learned so much about self love, being who I am, and creating the life I want. I will forever be grateful for the space you created. Thank you.


My favorite thing about YTT at TYU was making new friends on my very first day!! As soon as I arrived I felt so welcomed — but we were all so quiet at first which I think is hilarious because by the end you couldn’t get us to stop talking! We all worked really well as a team, which made the learning environment very easy and natural. I feel like we were able to gain a lot of information in a such a short period of time. Best of all this training really taught me how to be one with myself, which is kind of what it’s all about. I couldn’t imagine doing my training anywhere else.


My favorite thing about this whole experience was how much trust and support I felt from you, Brittany, and the women in our group. It was an environment where I could express myself and grow. Sometimes when you asked us to do something I would think “there is no way I can do that.” Or, “this is going to turn out so bad!” and then after we did it I would feel so awesome! The feedback was so helpful, and I always felt so grateful that you even believed I could do that in the first place! By the end of the training, I had a clear vision of what direction I wanted to go, how I can continue to improve, and what some of my strengths are.


I loved 200 YTT so much!!!!! It was great to learn about lots of adjustments and right poses. I have been doing wrong whole time on some poses!! lol. It was amazing time to learn and grow in Yoga. It seemed busy but at the same time it was so relaxing. Thank you so much!! You are a great teacher!!


My favorite part of Yoga Teacher Training is a hard thing to pinpoint, but I would have to say it was the people. I developed a genuine care for each and every soul that I was with throughout the training, and I also developed even more love for the Yoga Underground as a little bubble of safety where I can be my full self. It was just an amazing experience all around, and I can’t thank Brittany enough for it.


I loved my whole YTT experience. I really liked how the classes were small so we all felt like we really got to know each other. It was such a good experience to be able to learn how to help my mental and physical self as well as help others!!


The Yoga Underground’s YTT is transformational. In a short period of time, my understanding of what yoga is and what yoga can be exponentially expanded. This training sets you up with the tools to continue to learn on your own. I am excited to continue to learn how to honor my body, mind and soul through yoga. I look forward to taking more courses offered through The Yoga Underground!


This yoga teacher training was truly life-changing. I can honestly say this is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I have tools to understand myself better, dive deeper into yoga philosophy, and help other people. I honestly can’t express how much I appreciate everything! Thank you so much Brittany!! <3


Yoga Teacher Training at The Yoga Underground was life-changing! I looked forward to it everyday and didn’t want it to ever end. Not only did it strengthen my own physical practice and my ability to teach, but I found that my relationships were strengthened and I had more direction and clarity everyday. I loved Stephen Nibley’s meditation classes and have had many opportunities open up to me since applying the things I learned from him. I can’t recommend YTT at TYU enough! It was completely transformative-emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.


At every turn, I was excited to find we were learning more than I ever expected. I loved having a weekly meditation class. I loved Brittany’s wealth of information on healing the back and the emphasis on mobility over “cool tricks”.


My yoga teacher training experience at the Yoga Underground was absolutely priceless. Brittany is an incredible teacher, and is an expert when it comes to building creative sequences and crafting an effective class. I learned so much from practicing with her daily and gleaning from her wisdom and experience in our class discussions. Her curriculum is designed to give her students fundamental knowledge base in Ashtanga Yoga while also providing a wide variety of experiences, allowing each student to find their own individual direction in the broad world of yoga. Each day of training was enlightening, educational, and so much fun!

The two most valuable things I took away from her training were 1) the teaching experience — Brittany is skillful at teaching her students how to teach, and provides many opportunities for them to practice teaching in the training; and 2) the confidence to be an authentic teacher. Brittany has a gift for helping people discover their voice as a yoga teacher, encouraging them to “own” their individual style and strengths that they bring to a class. With these two skills, I felt confident pursuing teaching opportunities immediately after receiving my certification. My current students often comment on how much they enjoy my style of teaching and approach to yoga — I give all the credit to my training at The Yoga Underground!


I loved how comprehensive teacher training was! I feel like I learned a lot more than I was expecting to which was so great. I also loved the community that you create with the other people in class. Its a long time to spend with people and it was so fun to come out with so many people who love you and want to see you succeed. I also definitely think Brittany truly wanted all of us to come out of training as better yoga teachers, but in general better people. I loved every second of it!


My favorite part of the YTT experience was getting to know all of my classmates better. We all had different skill levels and were able to help each other out from different angles of experience. Having yoga as a common ground between all of us was the perfect setup for magic to happen in the studio!


My favorite thing about my YTT experience through TYU was the inclusion and focus on balance of core skills necessary to realize the full benefits of a regular yoga practice that can be tailored to fit individual needs. I felt the material covered was relevant and current and loved learning and discussing origin and history as well as techniques and benefits of physical, mental, and spiritual yoga. I feel that the training provided the tools necessary for application of the lessons learned and direction for continued learning and growth.


I started YTT in hopes of becoming a decent teacher. Little did I know, I would leave a good teacher and even better human being!


I started teacher training excited to learn more about yoga, and ended having learned the most about myself. I loved the entire experience, start to finish


The words “amazing” and “life-changing” are often overused or misused nowadays. However, when I say these words to describe yoga teacher training at The Yoga Underground I mean them in their entirety. It was life-changing. I live my day-to-day life differently now because of what I learned. I have grown to understand, love, and accept myself better. I have less stress and anxiety and I am an overall happier person. Brittany is an amazing teacher and has created a curriculum that caters to all kinds of people. She knows how to connect and encourage you in the ways that will best help you. I went into teacher training thinking I would only learn about how to teach yoga but I came out of it with a different and improved perspective on living. I would highly recommend this training to anyone.


My favorite thing about the class was the emphasis on learning by doing, it was always so scary at first, but got to the point of actually being fun! Also it was a way better way to learn than just talking about it!


Honestly, getting this certification has changed my outlook on life and how I want to be as an
individual. When I signed up for certification, I thought I would just learn how to teach classes, which I was so excited about! However, I’ve learned more about yoga, the world, and myself than I could have ever imagined! I wish everyone could have the opportunity to go through Brittany’s certification process. I truly believe the world would be a better place for it!

On top of all of the amazing things I learned, I’m proud to say I’m leaving training feeling very confident in my abilities to teach a class and help others live more mindful lifestyles. Plus it was so fun!! I definitely want to get my 300-hr through TYU!! Loved every minute of it!


I learned how to simultaneously take control of my life and learn to be at peace with letting go of control. This was an incredible experience full of growth and love.


The Yoga Underground training was so awesome. With the small class size, it allowed Brittany to be able to help us one on one in learning about and perfecting our practice. I cherish the friends and new memories that were created and the experience that I now have.


My favorite part about this training is I feel like it has given me the tools to be a better version of myself. From the books we read, to teaching yoga, to the meditation classes, overall it made me see that my life what I make it.


Oh, that’s easy! Rumi was my favorite part of my training experience.

Ok, well that is true. But also, I loved learning from Brittany, Steven, Dean, Adrienne, and other people in the class. We had such an amazing group filled with unique individuals who all had something to contribute to the experience. I already miss our class so much.

I also loved learning in such a way that I could adapt everything into my own way of doing things, staying true to myself and my own yogi philosophies as a teacher.

It was really a special experience, and I wouldn’t have done it any other way.

Thank you, Brittany,! (and Rumi) <3


I loved the opportunity for the intense deep learning that was packed into the short time we had together!.The amount that I learned and that I personally changed was tremendous. I will never be the same.


200 hr YTT training was so much more than I expected. I was humbled and grew so much as a person both on and off the mat. I love how Brittany teaches because yoga is about so much more than just your body. She challenges your thought process so you become closer to self love and acceptance. Through mindful movement you learn how to take the lessons you learn within her class and apply them in all you do. My group of ladies were amazing and taking this course was the best decision I could make for myself.


300 HR YTT was magical! It was a phenomenal opportunity to dive deeper into yoga philosophy, asana, and myself. YTT has helped me become a better and more confident teacher and person. In addition to all of the YTT work, Brittany is an exemplar of dancing through life courageously.
My expectations for YTT consisted of learning asanas and how to sequence them. I couldn’t have imagined the incredible introspective experience, which led to exponential growth. Little to say my expectations were 100% exceeded.


My favorite thing about the training was probably how much it helped me to feel like myself again and how creative it allowed me to be. I also loved getting to know everyone and how much of a bond I feel like we all had after only five weeks. I learned so much in such a short amount of time. It was truly such an amazing experience for me and I’m so incredibly grateful I had the opportunity to be apart of the class. Thank you so much!


Yoga Teacher Training has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. I would recommend everyone to learn from Brittany. I have learned more about myself and what I can create with my life and who I am in these past five weeks then I have in years doing anything else! I have the tools to take with me for life and to create whatever I desire to do now! The energy and vibration in the teacher training room and the yoga studio, in general, is something I hope to create and/or find wherever life takes me.


I loved being able to experience teaching yoga in a low key setting where I felt safe to make mistakes. I learned a lot of different ways to style a sequence, and loved that it was emphasized that you should design it according to you and what you like, it made it so much easier.


What was my favorite part of YTT…I mean, the first and most obvious thing has to be the people, right? I think I have a small crush on every person that was in my YTT cohort and feel motivated and inspired by the ways we all showed up uniquely and differently. I’m grateful that Brittany created a space for us to show up in that way and encouraged us to connect and challenge ourselves and each other.

This YTT also did a great job exposing us to yoga from many perspectives – diving into the physical, mental, emotion, and mystical/spiritual benefits of yoga. It really did feel like we could all find many things to integrate into our personal lives and future teaching. The lessons were accessible and applicable. Thank you for such an amazing experience!


All I can say is that Brittany’s training was like eating poprocks. It’s full of surprises, delicious, and makes you feel like a kid.


Wowowow. Brittany’s YTT is life changing. I learned so much in just a short amount of time. I cannot even put into words how much I love the other trainees involved and how much love I have towards Brittany. I wish that I could hang out with all of them everyday. Brittany made the environment feel so safe and I felt as though I could be 100% myself all of the time. I went home every night from class so excited about all that I had learned and couldn’t even wait for the next day to come around. During the training, I was able to learn more about yoga, meditation, and most importantly, myself. I truly learned how to love myself and how to make time for myself to do the things that I love to do. I feel as though this training opened a whole new world for me and I truly feel like the Universe is helping me get to where I am supposed to be. If you are looking for making life long friends, learning more about how to connect to your true self, and looking to become the biggest badass really ever, this teacher training is for you. I love the studio, the other trainees, myself, and Brittany Andrews times infinity.


Such a well-rounded and comprehensive training. I feel truly ready to enter the teaching world and that is amazing.


This training has been truly transformative. I am a better version of myself than I was when I began. I love that Brittany provides a safe place for exploring ourselves and ideas as we learn and practice. My yoga practice has been enriched and deepened, and I’m excited to continue my journey, armed with confidence in the skills and knowledge I have gained here! Thank you thank you thank you!


My favorite part of training was how big of a spiritual jump I was able to make. I came into it pretty confused about spirituality. Honestly, I’m still completely confused, but I have gained a sense of peace. I know that when I meditate and practice yoga and read enlightened books, I feel peaceful. That gives me hope for a peaceful existence now and after I die. My other favorite part was gaining more faith in myself and my ability to do anything I want to do.

I wish everyone in the world did yoga teacher training. Not necessarily the teaching part, but all of the parts of learning more about the universe and laws of the universe and about yourself and trusting yourself. The egoic dysfunction of the human race would chill out a lot.


My favorite thing about this training experience has to be the absolute mindset change it has given me. My confidence in myself, my skills and ability have absolutely blossomed, and the people I have met have been some of the most beautiful, supportive, loving individuals. I have made it a personal goal to take this love and light I have gained from this training and gradually incorporate it into others’ lives. I cannot thank you enough for the love, guidance, and knowledge you have shown me.


My favorite part of this course is how it had a completely non-judgmental space. A safe space, to be our true authentic selves without viewing anyone as better or worse, but I see that happened because of you, Brittany, you didn’t put yourself on a pedestal which allowed us to feel as though there was equality, even among teacher/student relationship. Beautiful. Thank you for everything!!


My favorite thing about YTT was the safety I felt to be myself no matter who that was. I always felt encouraged and embraced, which allowed me to be vulnerable, open up, and make some life long connections which I will forever be grateful for! I really enjoyed how much focus was put on us becoming our own teachers and feeling confident in ourself and our talents and abilities. I feel like I have grown more into the person I am trying to become and I have developed a love for yoga and teaching that I feel prepared and ready to share with others.


Brittany! I remember seeing the phrase “lighthearted baptism by fire” on your site to describe your YTT. After having gone through YTT I could not put it better myself! The course was such a perfect blend of learning and application while being fun and a safe space at the same time! Looking back I am still blown away at how much I learned about my self and the spirital practice of yoga. Your course is created with so much intention and so many different tools and I’m left feeling so empowered to teach and to continue to learn about Yoga as an ancient source of wisdom that can also be a way of life. I’m am SO grateful that I signed up for the course and so grateful that you have created sucha an amazing learning environment!!! Xoxo


My training at the Yoga Underground was incredibly uplifting for my mind, body, and spirit. Brittany is a deep well of knowledge and gladly answers any questions about any aspect of yoga teaching throughout the course. I got so much out of the YTT program. I have heard of students who graduate from other teacher training programs and feel that they don’t actually know HOW to teach. They feel clueless when put in front of a group of students. I left the Yoga Underground’s program knowing full well how to teach any group of students from start to finish. The program goes in depth on certain topics such as poses, breathing, and mindfulness, while also covering the basics of teaching yoga, which many other training programs often leave out. My favorite thing about the course was that Brittany, The Yoga Underground’s studio owner and extremely educated and trained yogi, teaches the entire 200-hour course, aside from a handful of days in which she hires outside professionals to come in and share some valuable information on their area of expertise. She is dedicated to seeing her YTT students succeed!


I just really loved the community – being a part of a yogi community, having yogi friends that became a family, doing yoga every day with everyone, creating such a safe space in my life where I could be free to express myself and cry and try my hardest and open up. What a beautiful thing that was. I feel like I was able to deepen my practice, but also my love and appreciation for yoga in my life. I was able to get better at something I love, and that’s always such a fun feeling. I grew in confidence in myself, like yeah, this is actually something I can do, and do well at! And I just felt so much love from you and the group throughout the whole process. It truly was transformative, and it has helped me to establish a knowledge that I need yoga in my life for the rest of my life. Namaste <3


I wanted to do YTT for years, but had always been able to find a reason that the timing wasn’t quite right. I finally looked back to when I first inquired about the course and it had been over 5 years! I realized that the timing would never be perfect, so I decided to just take the plunge and sign up for the course with a friend. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. It is life changing! Brittany runs an incredible program that incorporates the perfect amount of challenge and accountability – but also allows you to have fun, create amazing friendships and experience personal growth like never before. A truly incredible journey!


I recommend yoga teacher training to everyone whether they are super into yoga or not because my experience was life changing! Not only did I expand my yoga knowledge but I expanded myself as a person. The Yoga Underground has a culture of leaving people better than they found them. In the yoga teacher training that philosophy and experience is intensified to such a beautiful level. I have become a better person because of my training and learned so much from the experience. The things you will learn are so valuable that you don’t want to pass up the opportunity. You don’t have to be at any certain level to do it. It’s something you will not want to miss out on.


My favorite thing was how well everything fit together. It wasn’t a set minute by minute schedule which gave the chance to share personal thoughts and ideas more freely. I felt like we spent just enough time on each different thing we learned, I felt comfortable to ask questions and share personal experiences, and overall I felt all questions I had about yoga before this class were answered, and opened new questions that I feel like I will find the answer to myself through more practice. The class I had was awesome, all the girls were so friendly and accepting and I know that this time has changed my life for the better.


The 300 hour teacher training has helped me become a better teacher by allowing me to dive deeper into yoga philosophy, and thus get to know better my true Self. It was a journey of self-discovery, compassion and hard work. It was one of the most important things I could’ve done for myself and all of my students. Brittany, you are a knowledgeable, creative and compassionate teacher. Our community is blessed to have you.


My favorite thing about my training experience would be learning about how I am the creator of my life. That excites me so immensely and rings true through my whole body. I learned this from all parts of the class…. from Brittany, Stephen, Adrianne, and Alex.


My favorite thing about this training experience was the opportunity I had to challenge myself. My understanding of myself and the practice of yoga utilized in all aspects of my life has been an eye opening experience. I feel empowered and inspired with a desire to share what I’ve learned and how I’ve grown with everyone!


I am SO grateful for this training. My favorite thing is that I came in wanting to improve my yoga skills and knowledge, and I not only gained that, but I gained life changing knowledge for myself, renewed passion, and a very strong idea of where I want my life to go. Another favorite, (because I believe in having more than 1 favorite) this training is amazing because you start teaching right away, so by the end, I had so much confidence to go out and start teaching immediately. Brittany creates the best environment to learn in and is an absolute badass and Rumi is the softest most loveable and handsome dog ever.


I absolutely loved learning about both the philosophies and the mechanics of yoga. I feel confident in structuring a class, and I also feel a lot more knowledgable and mindful of my own yoga practice. I’d highly recommend YTT through The Yoga Underground to anyone who might want to become an instructor, or just anyone who wants to deepen their love and understanding of yoga!


Just do it! It doesn’t matter what your level of experience or ability is. YTT with Brittany at the Yoga Underground is for everyone. And I do mean everyone, even me, middle-aged with physical limitations. It is so much more than yoga teacher training. This YTT program is life changing, period. It offered real life applications to take my life to the next level and shift unhealthy perspectives and bad patterns in my life.


My YTT experience isn’t something that can be summed up in a short paragraph or a few sentences. It was an experience that inspired me to evolve into a beautiful version of myself that I have come to admire each day. I learned the skills and confidence to teach a class by the end of 4 weeks, as well as carry out that confidence in the real world to pursue what I truly love. Brittany does an amazing job at showing each person that walks through those teacher training doors how to love themselves through the journey of YTT because it’s not an easy walk through the park. After YTT I felt like my understanding of yoga took leaps and bounds of growth and I understood the culture of yoga, the development, and how I can apply it to my own individual self. YTT has been on of the greatest experiences of my life because of the culture that Brittany has created in her classroom, it’s something you can’t put to words. I encourage everyone to try a class and if you are wanting to pursue teacher training, to ask Brittany about it and have a conversation with her! You will be able to feel exactly what she has to offer just by being around her.


Ytt at The Yoga Underground is a life changing experience! It helped me discover my most authentic, happy self!


I’ve loved learning from Brittany! I appreciated how she tailor her teaching to the individual, as well as how she just threw us into teaching right away. That was so helpful. Something I wasn’t expecting—but absolutely loved—was how much focus was placed on our own individual growth. I came planning to learn how to sequence and teach a yoga class, but this training went above and beyond that. Not only did I learn how to teach, but I also learned how I can live more authentically and improve my own life as well as the lives of my students. Thank you for everything! xxx


A week before I started the 300 hour training, someone told me it would crack me open in the best of ways. And she was absolutely right. The 300 hour yoga teacher training program at The Yoga Underground pushed my mind and soul in ways that I have both needed and longed for. Brittany was extremely attentive to us, incorporating everything that we both needed and wanted to grow as teachers and humans into the training. Every step felt well thought out and personal. It pushed me into limits that I didn’t know were holding me back, and helped me tear down those limits. I came out of this training with a better understanding of who I am, and what I value. I felt empowered to lean into my most authentic self and fully accept it. I learned how to move through uncertainty and fear with more ease, peace, and trust. Brittany’s 300 hour YTT is the epitome of trusting the process, and whatever you put into it and trust her with – you receive back tenfold. I will be learning things from this training for the rest of my life.


My favorite part about my YTT experience at the Yoga Underground was the self confidence it gave me. Those five weeks allowed me to see my body from a new and beautiful perspective. I’m so grateful for this training!


I felt like during this training there was such an amazing combo of what we wanted to learn and what Brittany saw were areas where we could use extra learning/support. I felt very seen and supported through the process and just had SO much fun!


The teachers are amazing, the classes are glorious, and they’re always doing something fun. If you want to do yoga or already practice a lot go here. Seriously. You won’t regret it.


YTT at The Yoga Ungerground is the best gift I’ve given myself. I went into the experience hoping to become better at yoga, become a better teacher, and create a bridge in my professional life. But I came away with a full heart, an open mind, an expansion of consciousness, and overall a better human. Brittany has created a safe place where anyone is welcome, no matter where they’re at on their journey in life and they will be received into a community of love, acceptance, and growth. The Yoga Underground is truly a special gem and I’m so grateful Brittany is willing to share her knowledge, gifts, and talents (and Rumi) with us.


My training at The Yoga Undergound was life changing. I learned more about myself then I ever have and You created an environment where it was ok to be whoever we are. I felt like I could try and explore new things and it would be celebrated. I gained a deeper knowledge of what it means to teach and how the differs from my own practice. Best experience ever!


My favorite thing about teacher training at The Yoga Underground is the community that was built between myself, the other trainees, the teachers, and other yoga practitioners. Everyone is friendly, non-judgemental, and supportive. With a community like that behind you, you can do anything in yoga or in life.


My favorite part was simply our safe and vulnerable discussions that we had all together. This happened both when we were together in our regular class and during our Meditation Course. These conversations created a safe environment for deep and challenging questions to be asked and honestly answered. I always came away with an expanded understanding of the intents and purposes of yoga not only as a practice but also as a lifestyle.


I had my 200-hour training on my list of goals for years, and it only took me a few moments at the Yoga Underground to realize that this was where I wanted and needed to spend my time learning and growing. Not only did I learn how to sequence a beautiful class, I learned how to use my voice, adjust and guide people in positions, teach breathing and meditation, how to use music appropriately in classes, and so much more. However, the greatest thing I learned was that my own yoga journey is just beginning! There are so many things that I needed to be taught a firm foundation on, as well as several things that I was pushed to on an advanced level as well. I was only practicing yoga a few times a week before my training, and now it’s motivated me to practice every day! On top of that, I was teaching full classes just a week after my training. You can look forward to becoming comfortable teaching almost immediately and also a teacher that people love! Brittany and the Yoga Underground is an amazing place to be. I would suggest this training to anyone and everyone. If not for the purpose of teaching, but the sole purpose of finding something special inside of yourself.


One of my favorite things about this particular YTT is how it focuses on how to teach, getting students to push past their initial blocks and hesitations so that they make that essential turn from student to teacher.


This experience was far better than I was expecting. The first night I was trying to talk myself out of finishing it, because I was scared I wouldn’t be good at it. Realizing so much that my deep rooted story of myself is “I am not good enough.” This experience taught me so much more than, I am good enough! It pushed me in ways I needed to be pushed. The classes were motivating and my commitment to coming everyday taught me so much of what I didn’t know I needed. My personal life has benefited in so many ways that I can’t even express.

My favorite part of it was the feeling of empowerment! Empowerment and attunement to my growth as a human and a yogi. Being so new to Yoga, this was exactly what I needed to begin my daily practice and journey into moving my body freely and in a way that feels right for me. TYU provided such a safe, wonderful space for my journey! I am forever grateful!


My favorite thing about this class was that I developed a deeper connection with myself. It helped me to learn about myself more and in turn that made me love myself more.


I heard so many good things about ytt & wanted to do it for so long but getting to experience it personally it helped grow so much confidence in myself & seeing the world through a difference lens. Helped see how much of a blessing the world is & how our bodies & who we are just add to it! Brittany is the queen of teaching it all & im so glad we had her to help expand our brains to understand the yoga world a little bit better <3


YTT with Brittany has been transformational. It has helped me to understand how the practice of yoga can inform every aspect of our lives. I have learned so much in such a short amount of time! I really loved how active and engaging it was. We were able to really put the things that we were learning into practice and then get feedback in real time to learn and get better. I am so grateful to have had this experience.


One of my favorite parts was incorporating other teachers to come and share their knowledge and skills to broaden our view on the way to teach and to assist us in finding our niche. Kenny’s class on mobility training was one of the best for me. I’ve been learning about mobility training as well, and it was so fun, and challenging. I loved the new movements that he provided to add into my yoga classes. I also loved how you create such an open space for growth to become the best yoga teacher and person. Your classes are kept small and personal.

Another favorite part was our dyhrma code. That night was just awesome and amazing.

My main take away was growing doesn’t have to be hard, that you can have an open mindset about it, and when you are given the correct procedures, and tools to assist in that growth, and to create an atmosphere to where that growth is possible…your opportunities are boundless.


I signed up with the yoga underground to do my teacher training because of the comfort I received taking classes there. Brittany goes above and beyond to make sure you feel loved, important, and like part of the Yoga Underground family. I graduated with such a large understanding of yoga and an even bigger understanding of myself. I would highly recommend this program to anyone, even if you aren’t looking to teach. You will not be disappointed.


Yoga teacher training at the yoga underground was a most inspiring yet natural experience. In learning how to care for others as a yoga instructor, it seems I’ve also learned how to care for myself. The tools I’ve gleaned from this training are invaluable to me as a future instructor, a caring friend, a healer, and a human being. Teacher training has blessed my life and I’m so glad I choose TYU. Seriously though, it rocked. And rolled. The knowledge gained was perfect in creating a solid base to which we could mold our classes in our own individual way, in a safe, constructive environment. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.


I loved the awareness that brittanys training brought into my life. This was by far the greatest investment I have made in myself. It was perfectly challenging and purifying. Finding my own creative flow, and developing a personal practice. Worth every penny x10.


Teacher Training at The Yoga Underground has been one of the highlights of my life. I loved every second of it. The meditation and personality recognition classes should be mandatory for all people to learn to live more well-rounded lives. Everything we talked about opened me up more than I thought I could be and it helped me become a better version of myself.


This was an incredible opportunity to find myself …and a community of people who love what I love and now love me too.


I was so impressed with the description of TYU teacher training that I flew to Utah and spent one whole month absolutely absorbed in this delightful, daily immersion program. I loved every minute of my training. Brittany is an immensely gifted teacher. Being in her classes opens up possibilities and feels life giving. Her infectious enthusiasm and “can do” attitude on the mat make you feel like you want to try anything and aspire to whatever is the next level for you. I instantly loved the open, high flying and yet down to earth feel of this studio. Everyone was accepted at the spiritual/physical level they were on and it was a beautiful experience watching everyone thrive and improve. With such a small group, we were able to get to know and provide encouragement for each other. We were taught and then given many opportunities to sequence and teach classes and receive valuable feedback as we grew in confidence and ability. Brittany kept everything alive and fresh by mixing it up and bringing in knowledgeable resources from the community to expand our knowledge of meditation, chakras, street and mandala yoga. We went out into the community and enjoyed yoga in the beautiful outdoors, a visit to BYU to learn from the resident physical trainer, even a day trip to Salt Lake City to attend classes at different yoga studios to broaden our horizons. It was highly evident that Brittany puts her all into her teacher trainings, expertly and magically weaving together all of these different elements seemingly into the very fabric of my being so that at the end of the training I felt different from when I first started. My month in Utah flew by and I left feeling charged up and empowered with the experience, skills, and confidence I needed to teach and share with others the life giving skills I was privileged to receive. I highly recommend this teacher training to anyone and everyone who is interested in transformation. The Yoga Underground rocks!!!


My favorite thing about my training experience was my group of fellow YTT graduates. For 6 weeks, a real energy of compassion and acceptance was cultivated. It was truly powerful to be in an environment where everyone chose to see the absolute best in one another as well as speak affirming words of encouragement, love, and kindness. This was definitely facilitated by the attitude Brittany brought to her trainings which bled into all our group practices, activities, and deepening friendships.


Teaching training at The Yoga Underground was one of the best things I’ve ever done for my practice, my teaching, and myself. I learned so much and enjoyed every moment.


I loved how in teacher training we didn’t just learn about asanas and Sanskrit, but we learned about ourselves and our emotions. The training was well-rounded and that not only helped us teach yoga, but also enabled us to navigate life more fully and meaningfully. Brittany did so much more than show us how to teach a yoga class!


My favorite things about my YTT experience would be the life lessons I learned throughout the journey. I feel so much more confident in my abilities and myself. I learned that everyone is so unique in their own way and that we should let that shine as we practice and teach.


I loved this experience and I already miss it so much. I loved my entire class and the lifelong friendships I was able to create. The space in the classroom was so safe and kind, I felt like I was able to completely be myself and have a little bit of peace every single day. I was able to broaden my teaching ability by triple what it was when I entered my 300-hour teaching. I feel like I am such a better and well-rounded teacher because of the advanced training. I can now reach so many more groups of people and be a teacher to everyone I meet.


I feel like I mentally and spiritually aged about 30 years in the space of five weeks. Is that even possible? I don’t know but if it is it feels amazing and so full of power and joy! I feel capable to overcome any challenge that comes my way. I feel enabled to and excited to learn everything that I possibly can. I am a spiritual yoga goddess!


Oh gosh I loooooved so many things about this ytt experience. I loved getting to learn and grow with so many like minded people. I loved getting to learn with Brittany’s fun and spunky teaching style that was super laid back but still insightful and educational. I loved getting to learn way to improve myself, and how she had us jump into teaching so quickly. I was so terrified at first but the only way to get over it was to jump in, and she helped guide us through it all 🙂 I LOVE ytt training and would recommend it to everyone looking to improve themselves and meet awesome people!


My YTT was INCREDIBLE! I learned a lot about yoga, (obviously) but I also learned a lot about myself and my love for this practice. I walked away with a smile on my face, because I knew that what I learned was only a little bit of so much more that I could learn. My YTT was the best thing I could’ve ever done for myself and I highly recommend it to people who may be thinking about going down that path. Thank you Brittany for being such a positive, gracious, funny soul in my yoga journey and for helping me grow more genuinely as a person.


YTT has been one of the best experiences! I loved our YTT community and I gained so much confidence in teaching, which thanks to Brittany’s brilliant leading was easier than I thought it could be. YTT doesn’t just teach you to teach, it teaches you about yourself and how to make your life better than you thought possible.


There were so many things that I loved. I think one of my favorite things was the bond that was formed by the group of women in the training. We continue to talk and stay in touch. The friendship and support will last a lifetime. There is nothing more powerful than a tight group of women that love and support each other.


Thank you for all the time, energy, and thought put to cultivate such a beautiful YTT experience. I feel prepared to teach, confident in my knowledge and in love with yoga! I love that you pushed us to teach and to overcome our defeating beliefs. AND THE MANUAL. Too gorgeous for words. Adore you!!


My favorite thing . . . actually, the people. My favorite things about YTT are the people I met and became friends with, and the love and support we gave and continue to give each other. The knowledge of yoga will last forever, but people are precious and friendships and love are priceless. Thank you for this opportunity. Thank you for creating such a great community of yogis and loving, supportive humans.


YTT was an absolute dream and such a beautiful experience. I’ll treasure every moment of it. I loved Brittany’s hands on teaching style and the way we dived right into teaching from the very first week. It was a bit intimidating at first, but I feel like I emerged from the past few weeks with the confidence and skills to teach a yoga class. I’m so glad that I chose to do YTT and the Yoga Underground!


Since I was but a wee teen, I wanted to grow up fast so I could do yoga teacher training. As I got more involved in it, I had trouble finding studios and teachers that seemed to align with how I spiritually felt Yoga really, truly was. I put off YTT until I found a studio I felt connected to. Brittany and The Yoga Underground were an answer to prayers I’ve held in my heart for many years. I had always felt that there could be better ways of teaching and practicing yoga, especially after experiencing some very dogmatic studios. I’m glad to know I was right, as now I have evidence: Brittany’s Tanha yoga. Brittany and her studio, and everything that she’s worked so hard to create within, is unlike anything I’ve experienced. She brings the Heart of Yoga to the heart of her studio, and generously shares it with anyone who is interested. I was able to witness the facilitation of healing she, and everyone there, provides firsthand, for both myself and others. I am not one to often say, “it changed my life” unless I mean it, so here goes: Brittany and The Yoga Underground really did change my life. I am forever indebted to such a wonderful community of souls! With the most amount of love that a human brain could possibly conceive and comprehend, Rosalie Jones.


YTT 200 with Brittany was RAD. Not only did I learn a ton about yoga poses, philosophy, and meditation…. I have become a whole new person. The entire experience was transformative. I would recommend it to anyone considering it! Also, don’t be afraid if you don’t think you are ready. Brittany does a great job making the training inclusive and exciting for a large variety of skill levels. Take the leap of faith and everything will work out.


The people that this training attracts are extremely loving, open, and excited to dive into new things. Be ready for a community of people that will push you into new and better ways of being, Brittany especially!


I got so much more out of this experience than I every imagined I would. Brittany’s YTT was an experience of self-discovery, self-compassion, learning, and growth. I am so grateful that I did my YTT at the yoga underground. This training gives you the tools you need to be a great yoga teacher and the freedom to still be yourself. We learned how to sequence and actually practice teaching so much that I felt ready to go and teach classes.


I love how much the class became a family almost. It became a safe space for learning and messing up and opening up to each other. That made learning really fun and it was easy to want to come to class. I also loved how open minded it was. Positive skepticism was encouraged but going in with an open mind was important. I loved all the questions and ideas that were presented by the class. It was a cool way to get our brains going everyday. There was always an element of respect for everyone, even though we all have different stories.


This training is transformative! My energetic connection to the environment around me has been nurtured and changed for the better. The friendships I formed are so tender to me. You won’t regret this wonderful experience!


My favorite thing about training was the relationships I made and the introspection I was able to experience. We learned so much about the history and philosophies behind yoga, but we also went into depth about how we can become the best form of ourselves and create the life we dream of living. Now, I am qualified and confident in my ability to teach yoga, and I have a whole new perspective on my life and the control I have over it! I loved YTT SO much! It was more than worth it.


My favorite thing about the training at the Yoga Underground was how flexible Brittany is about things. I had a work event that made me have to miss a week of the training, and she was so accommodating and allowed me to make it up, and that’s how she always was about everything. She didn’t stress about formalities or strict rules–she just wanted to make sure you learned what you specifically needed to be the best teacher you could be.


Brittany’s advanced teacher training at The Yoga Underground was transformative and effective. Being in a smaller group allowed each of us to explore our questions and go into a deeper investigation of sequencing, cueing, and adjusting. Weaved into all of this was the foundation of yoga philosophy and how to make it practical, including and especially off the mat! We were shaped into better leaders – not just teachers – by taking on valuable projects and sharing them in the community. I treasured the time forging close connections and building relationships. We rallied together and supported each other with encouragement and feedback (and lots of practice!). Having a mentor who cares about you and facilitates experiences that inspire you to flourish is what makes this one of the best YTT programs out there.


I was so scared to take this class because I did not feel like I was an ‘advanced yogi’ at all, like definitely felt like more of a beginner, but I am SOO happy that I did take it. The experiences I had in this class were literally life changing. The studio is such a welcoming environment and Brittany makes every single person feel like they belong no matter what. I highly suggest this class to ANYONE and EVERYONE. Not only people who have a desire to teach yoga.


When I first saw the rave reviews for the YTT at the Underground, I was skeptical about
how anything could possibly be that awesome. However, it turned out to be as awesome as
promised and more. Brittany is an incredible teacher who cares so much about all of her students and helping them become the best they can be, both inside and outside of the yoga studio. I learned a lot about yoga, but perhaps even more about myself. The training helped me realize my authentic self, and it taught me how I can use my strengths to benefit other people as I teach.


My 300 hour teacher training literally changed my life. I was able to connect better to myself through practices taught in class, which allowed me to make major and necessary changes in my life that have created more joy and happiness than I could have imagined. If I could just keep taking this course over and over again I would.


My favorite thing about YTT was that I came in with the attitude that I am all in and I am going to give my gifts and talents to the class generously and freely. I focused on helping my class mates win and the more I focused on doing YTT for others the more I grew. I gave YTT my best effort and what manifested was abundance, miracles and joy.


200 hr YTT training at The Yoga Underground was such a fantastic experience! I loved yoga before I attended, I thought it would be fun to learn more about it and how to teach a class. I didn’t realize how much I would enjoy the class and the energy Brittany brings to it. The class not only met my expectations but has opened my mind to so many possibilities of being apart of the Yoga teacher world. I am so excited to continue this journey.


Certifying with The Yoga Underground was truly a beautiful experience. Going into the process I worried if I would be ready to teach successfully in such a short 5 week time period. I finished this program not only capable but with ability and excitement to continue on my journey. The teacher Brittany brought professionalism, fun, and an abundant amount of passion and connection. This is a fantastic opportunity for everyone.


Truly life-changing. I thought I was there to learn how to teach others, but the amount I uncovered about myself and who I am at the core is something you cannot put a price on. Brittany is SO knowledgeable and patient and I feel SO lucky to have been able to study under her. THANK YOU!


Overall, this 300 hr YTT was a beautiful, challenging, and a holistic growing experience. I loved how it was tailored to everyone’s interests, so there was always a variety of styles and specialists to learn from. As with any YTT, I was ever so gently encouraged to break out of my comfort zone, but I always felt incredibly safe with all the other students, and with Brittany, to try new things and expand my mind to different possibilities!


Oh my gosh I don’t know where to start! This experience has really changed me. I grew into a more confident person. I learned a new skill and I’m so proud of myself!! I feel like I’ve learned a new language with the Sanskrit words!
I learned from the best teacher with the coolest dog, I gained strong relationships with my classmates, I learned so much more about my body, I was challenged, I gained a deeper love for meditation and worked through some things, I learned more about my personality, we went freakin ax throwing! The overall theme is that I am a badass! And this course has changed my life.


My favorite thing about this experience was the people I met, the friendships I made, the support system within the group, and the peace and surety it brought into my life! Eternally grateful for this experience and all the knowledge I have gained.


I am so grateful to have been a part of this training. Yes, we learned a LOT about yoga! More than that, the connections I made with my training group, new perspectives I experienced, and overall fun times have caused me to really enjoy my life.


Such an empowering experience! The 5 weeks are fun, challenging and so so so rewarding! I am so glad I got to take this class with Brittany!


I HAVE SO MANY FAVORITE THINGS ABOUT THIS EXPERIENCE. I loved the people. It was so cool that we all had different backgrounds, there were moms, mormons, non religious, from different places, with different careers or no careers, but we were all there to learn how to teach something we loved to do. Everyone was so nice and welcoming. I loved Brittanys energy and love for yoga. You could tell she does YTT because she genuinely loves yoga and educating people on it.
Brittany has created a space for everyone to practice yoga, meditate, and be completely vulnerable. YTT changed my life in an unlimited amount of ways, it gave me the confidence to be comfortable in my body in a way that I have not been before and I felt myself begin to reclaim my mind and body. I am forever grateful for Brittany, Rumi, and this beautiful studio.


I loved being taught by Brittany and Steven and getting to know my classmates on a much deeper level than I have in any other class of my life. I can honestly say that my self-confidence and respect for myself and others grew immensely with the things I learned. I would recommend this class to anyone and everyone! If you’re thinking of doing a YTT, do it here!


YTT with Brittany was a truly liberating adventure. Her years of experience show, and I felt lucky to be taught not just how to practice, but how to teach, by someone who is an open-minded critical thinker. There was room for mistakes and excellence, and we were pushed from our comfort zone every day.


My favorite part of training with Brittany and The Yoga Underground was the safe and creative environment. Instead of being molded into a yoga instructor, I felt the freedom to create my own journey as an instructor in training. I felt believed in and also received constructive criticism without feeling put down. I feel empowered to approach my yoga career unique to me.


What I have gained from this training is so much more than a certificate and the ability to teach yoga. While learning about yoga, I’ve learned more about myself, my passions, and what lights up my life. I will forever be grateful I decided to do this training with Brittany!


I absolutely loved my teacher training — it wasn’t quite what I expected — it was even better! I learned so much more than just teaching yoga…I learned about myself and others and what kind of teacher (and human) I want to be.


I honestly had no idea how much 300 hr YTT would change my life. Thanks to the magical and inspiring energy of this training, I was able to overcome some serious lies that I didn’t even realize that I was telling myself… I began TRULY believing that I am deserving of a beautiful and wonderful life… and I started fearlessly going after my dreams! Things like travelling, leading my first yoga retreat, and creating a dream teaching gig for myself.. all flooded into my life during my time in training, and I just have so much gratitude for Brittany and the way that she truly inspires her students to become the best versions of themselves. 300 hr was so empowering! My gratitude is infinite.


I am so glad that I decided to certify with the Yoga Underground–Brittany is in it not for the money, but for the yoga, and it shows in everything she does. Her passion and creativity really drive the whole certification process from start to finish. Right after finishing the course, I started auditioning for yoga teaching jobs, and I have never once been nervous or intimidated, something I have Brittany to thank for. She makes sure that every student has ample opportunities to practice teaching full classes and gives feedback on how to improve. Beyond all that, though, is the new sense of being in the world that I have. My mindset will truly never be the same, and it is thanks to Brittany for opening so many new worlds to me!


I loved loved loved learning how to deepen my own personal practice through better alignment, the history of yoga, and different yogic philosophies. I feel that taking the time to dive deeper into yoga in this way has helped me in my personal practice. For whatever reason I thought YTT would involve doing a lot more physical practice than it did, but I’m so glad we dug deep in other areas as that has allowed me to guide myself in deeping my physical practice. I can’t wait to help others deepen their own practices in similar ways.


My favorite thing about YTT was getting to meet so many amazing people. I loved all the teachers and made so many friends! I feel like I learned so much about what I am capable of. It increased my confidence in myself and helped me feel more independent and strong. It also taught me a lot about deep breathing and meditation which is helping me in so many ways. Thank you for everything brittany! You are a badass.


Ahhh I just LOVED YTT!! Seriously one of the best things I could have ever done for myself, and it was perfect timing too. I would honestly recommend YTT at the Yoga Underground to anyone who is interested, regardless of if they want to teach yoga or not. It is just a beautiful growing experience, and it has taught me so many wonderful life experiences, and has given me great friends as well:) I loved everything about it!


I loved my experience at The Yoga Underground. The Teacher Training was not only informative but enlightening. I grew in ways that I never thought were possible.


I LOVED THIS TRAINING. I loved that it was true to what I learned about yoga. More than just learning about movement and my body, I learned lots about my mind and my soul. Thanks so much, Brittany!


Wow. wow. wow. What an amazing experience. I made so many deep friendships these past 5 weeks. The atmosphere for learning could not have been any more loving and supportive. These girls are friends for life. Brittany is amazing at encouraging the best parts of yourself to shine. She is always positive in her teaching. She gently nudged all of us to do so much more than we thought we were capable of! I left the 5 week training not only confident to teach my own classes, but also excited to do so! I got my first teaching job less than a week after leaving! She explains the business side of yoga so well. Brittany is a wealth of knowledge from her many years of travel and education. She has taken all the best things she has learned and put them into this course so that we don’t have to go on our own ten year journey to learn it all; Thank you, Brittany.


I would recommend the training to anyone. It was more than I expected in multiple ways – I came away feeling confident in the teaching foundation I had received and also felt like I just learned so much about life and myself and others. It was so fun and truly life changing and so so worth the investment!